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Vin Diesel to body shamers: ‘I’ve Had the Best Body in New York for Decades’

Vin Diesel to body shamers: 'I've Had the Best Body in New York for Decades'

In case you’ve missed it, Vin Diesel had a bit of a run in with some body shamers. A photo surfaced on the internet showing the actor with a little extra cushion in the middle. He took to his Instagram account to share a picture of his abs – and that was that. Now, he’s hitting out at them again!

In a new interview with Complex magazine, Vin Diesel talked about how the “dad bod” picture went viral. He said, “That sneaky invasion of privacy feels weird. That’s not right. How do I feel about people being so focused on that? I’m okay because I’ve had the best body in New York City for decades.”

He went on to say, “It’s like, dad bod goes viral. Like really? I get it, you know. I mean, a) I don’t have to be in front of the camera for a couple months and b) I really am a dad.”

He also said that the extra cushion might come in handy like when he played a larger role in the past. He said, “Jackie DiNorscio was a character that was dealing with obesity in some ways and the whole fun of that character was to play fat Jack and play this man.”

The point of the matter? He’s not just a handsome face and he’s more than his body (Coincidentally something that women have been saying for all of this time). He added, “I am going to be making films long after I grace the covers of Men’s Fitness.”

And there you have it!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Vin Diesel blasts body-shamers with photo of his abs

Vin Diesel blasts body-shamers with photo of his abs

Body-shaming is all around us (and wrong!), but Vin Diesel is taking a stand!

The actor was criticized when new photos depicted him with a softer physique on a balcony popped up on the internet. Some called his fluff “dad bod”, but apparently he’s not taking things lying down.

He took to his Instagram account to shrug off the haters and teased a look at the above photo of his ab-fabulous body. Prior to the big reveal, he said, “It is amazing the response from the journalists who I have been talking to for the last two days in New York. Today one wanted to see the dad bod. Haha. I am wondering if I should show the picture… Body-shaming is always wrong! What do you think?”

Afterward, he shared the above picture with the caption: “The pic from yesterday… For those who wanted the show… For all the angels that love dad bod regardless… I will post an exclusive video on my Facebook when I am done with press today.”

Very nice!

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Vin Diesel Welcomes Third Child With Paloma Jiménez (Photo)

Vin Diesel Welcomes Third Child With Paloma Jiménez (Photo)

Congratulations are in order for Vin Diesel who has welcomed his third child with girlfriend Paloma Jiménez!

The actor shared the above photo on his Facebook page with the caption:

I hear babies crying,
I watch them grow.
They’ll learn much more,
Than I’ll ever know.
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world…


The actor captioned the photo with some sweet lyrics from Louis Armstrong‘s “What a Wonderful World”: “I hear babies crying/ I watch them grow/ They’ll learn much more/ Than I’ll ever know/ And I think to myself /What a wonderful world,” he wrote.

Diesel and the 31-year-old model are also parents to son Vincent Sinclair, 4½, and daughter Hania Riley, 6½. The longtime couple, who are hush-hush about their family life, have yet to reveal the sex or baby name.

What a gorgeous baby!


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Vin Diesel Is Going To Be A Dad For Third Time!

RIDDICK Premieres in LA

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel knows how to keep a secret!  The actor, who normally shares everything with his fandom, kept it under wraps that he and partner Paloma Jimenez are expecting baby #3 together!   The only reason it’s coming to light is because of a few schedule changes it poses for the upcoming release of Furious 7

As a result, Universal has nixed plans for a glitzy March 10 premiere at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

“He wants to be with his family at the birth; it’s a beautiful thing,” said an insider. “What human being wouldn’t?”

A new premiere date has now been set for April 1 in Los Angeles, said a source. Universal is reportedly “happy to premiere the film in LA, birthplace of the franchise, where a core fan base exists.”

Vin is also dad to Vincent and Hania.  Congrats!


Source Photo Credit: Fame/flynet

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