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Valerie Bertinelli wants to put on that itsy bitsy teeny weeny slammin’ green bikini.

Valerie Bertinelli, 52, wants to shed those extra 5 pounds for summer and put on the famous green bikini she donned for the cover of People Magazine 3 years ago.

“The green bikini is in my drawer just waiting for me to put it back on,” the Hot in Cleveland star, 52, said at Thursday’s American Heart Association’s Wall Street Run & Heart Walk in New York. “When these 5 lbs. come off, then I will put that back on.”

“It’s like the 5 lbs. that creeps on and then you have to take it back off, creeps on and take it back off,” she said, “and I think that a lot of people go through that before the summer.”

“They want to get a little bit more off because they know they have to put a bathing suit on,” Bertintelli continued, “but what inspires me to take it off, it’s that bikini!”

And the swimsuit is giving her more than just a little motivation to have her body in tip-top shape for the season.

The Jenny Craig ambassador says, “It’s calling my name! It’s saying, ‘Valerie, it’s time.’ “

She is beautiful and already has a great body.  I am sure she would look gorgeous in any bathing suit.

Would you like to see Valerie put that bikini back on?

Source  Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Valerie Bertinelli’s Next Goal: “To Run the Boston Marathon”


When Valerie Bertnelli joined Jenny Craig in March 2007, she had one goal in mind: lose 40 pounds. Not only did she shed the weight, she showed off her svelte new body in a bikini on the cover of People magazine!

Since then, the actress has written two books and released a fitness DVD. So what’s left? “For me, my 2010 goal, believe it or not, is to run the Boston marathon, four days before I turn 50!” says Bertinelli, who revealed her plan during a Jenny Craig press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Last year Valerie reached a previous goal of completing a half-marathon, but she’s still feeling the jitters when it comes to crossing the finish line at 26.2 miles. “I’m a little nervous. I’m a little excited. Just keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck,” said the actress, who was quick to offer encouragement to her fellow Jenny Craig spokespeople. “I wanted to take this opportunity to say to the gorgeous Sara Rue, congratulations. Girl, you go! I’m so very proud of you. And Jason [Alexander], Dude. I so knew you could do this and congrats to you too. And congrats for starting the new year off right.”

Source, Fame Pictures

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Eddie Van Halen got married

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen married his longtime girlfriend on the grounds of his seven-acre manse Saturday night. Wearing flip-flops, the iconic guitarist wed Janie Liszewski, in his estate’s garden after she came down the aisle to a performance of Van Halen’s ‘When It’s Love’ by the Sonus Quartet.

According to People, Eddies 18-year-old son, Wolfgang, served as best man for his second marriage. The 54-year-old guitarist’s drummer/brother Alex Van Halen, an ordained minister, officiated at the 20-minute, non-denominational service. Van Halen’s ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli — who he divorced in 2006, after 25 years of marriage — was among the 100 or so guests who sipped non-alcoholic beverages from the lemonade bar in honor of Eddie’s year-and-a-half of sobriety.

For their first dance, Van Halen chose ‘You Are So Beautiful’ by Joe Cocker, followed by his wife’s selection, Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time.’ The couple intends on honeymooning in New York, Germany and Eddie’s birthplace, the Netherlands.


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Valerie wants to help Kirstie


Valerie Bertinelli has told Kirstie Alley she would love to team up and help Kirstie overcome her difficulties with her weight. Kirstie recently admitted that she has been struggling with the weight she regained after being spokesperson for Jenny Craig and is jealous of Valerie’s weight loss. “It’s like the student surpassed the teacher, who is now over there in the corner, fat!” says Alley.

Valerie, though believes Kirstie is the reason she is where she is today saying that Kirstie is “a mentor and a motivator. She’s part of the reason I’ve come this far”

Valerie wants to offer Kirstie a friend is she needs it, and says “She should come work out with me! She should remember you can’t do everything in one day [and] her exercise has to be consistent. She can do this. There’s no doubt in my mind.”


photo: fame

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