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Usher Stopped Traffic With Some Mad Ping-Pong Skills!

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If you were driving on NYC’s 6th Avenue in Manhattan….sorry!

Usher stopped traffic but not how you’d think (music, fashion show, those sexy abs). He stopped traffic…for the love of ping-pong!

Firstly, the R&B superstar definitely needs to work on his serve (and subtlety. What, there are no indoor tables in NYC where you won’t obstruct traffic?), but more importantly, the dude ate it in a quick match with Mr. Flawless. If you don’t know, Mr. Flawless is the jeweler to the stars. Along with making jewelry, the dude also makes it a habit to block off the busy one-way street for photo shoots right outside his shop, which is why the tourney went down in the first place.

Usher proved to be a good sport though, taking photos and generally showing the world he was in good spirits about the whole thing. But, were the busy New Yorkers who he inconvenienced? I’m not so sure.

May your weekend be as fun as a ping pong game with Usher in the middle of NYC! GET IT!

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Usher’s Stalker Just Can’t Stay Away…

Victoria Beckham's A-Listers star studded bday bash!

Usher needs to USHER this woman outta his LIFE.

It’s gotten so bad, that the stalker at large- Darshelle Jones– was arrested standing outside a recording studio trying to film him.

TMZ reports that Usher was at an Atlanta recording studio earlier this month when his good friend Darshelle showed up  across the street trying to record the singer with an iPad. Lots of problems with this: one, she found his whereabouts. Two? recording music across the street with an iPad? Get real. And three: Usher’s got a big ‘ol restraining order against her. No BUENO.

According to the arrest report, Jones was only 100 feet away from the studio and the restraining order says she’s gotta be at least 200 yards away from the singer, so the woman was booked for aggravated stalking and is still in custody.

Sorry, Usher. The downside of your industry is dealing with INSANE PEOPLE.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Usher Snapped A Nude Selfie Yesterday And The World Went WILD.

Usher Has A Sex Tape

Yep. Sorry, did I mention this was NSFW?

Usher needs to learn how to take a sexy naked selfie, but at least he’s practicing! The dude tried his best when he threw up a Snapchat Story this morning that included a tour of his house and a naked selfie with the caption, “Blowing off steam.”And no, this isn’t some euphemism for something dirty he does with the Biebs. Usher meant that he was in the steam shower, and made a big deal about a lot of steam….?

Pretty much everything about his snap was NOT sexy, even the one where he shows his jumblies (below). The angle is bad, the facial expression is bad, pretty much all of it begs pity, not lust. That being said, enjoy this hot “Tip,” and don’t trust any more of Usher’s snaps.


Photo: FameFlynet, Snapchat

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Usher’s Ex Allows Their Kids To Be In Wedding

Victoria Beckham's A-Listers star studded bday bash!

Ah, here’s Usher and Ex Tameka Foster, back in the good old days…

Foster is happy for Usher and Grace Miguel, so happy in fact that she’s allowing their two kids to be in the Usher/Miguel wedding!

“Nasty” is the understatement of the century in describing the war between Usher and Tameka over their two boys. Yet now TMZ reports that Foster is more than fine if their kids see him swap vows with the woman Tameka claims Usher hooked up with him while their youngest was only 3-months old.


Even if they’re just empty words, it seems as though the two are taking steps in the right direction. Maybe she’ll get an invite (doubtful).

Photo: FameFlynet

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