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Usher Snapped A Nude Selfie Yesterday And The World Went WILD.

Usher Has A Sex Tape

Yep. Sorry, did I mention this was NSFW?

Usher needs to learn how to take a sexy naked selfie, but at least he’s practicing! The dude tried his best when he threw up a Snapchat Story this morning that included a tour of his house and a naked selfie with the caption, “Blowing off steam.”And no, this isn’t some euphemism for something dirty he does with the Biebs. Usher meant that he was in the steam shower, and made a big deal about a lot of steam….?

Pretty much everything about his snap was NOT sexy, even the one where he shows his jumblies (below). The angle is bad, the facial expression is bad, pretty much all of it begs pity, not lust. That being said, enjoy this hot “Tip,” and don’t trust any more of Usher’s snaps.


Photo: FameFlynet, Snapchat

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Usher’s Ex Allows Their Kids To Be In Wedding

Victoria Beckham's A-Listers star studded bday bash!

Ah, here’s Usher and Ex Tameka Foster, back in the good old days…

Foster is happy for Usher and Grace Miguel, so happy in fact that she’s allowing their two kids to be in the Usher/Miguel wedding!

“Nasty” is the understatement of the century in describing the war between Usher and Tameka over their two boys. Yet now TMZ reports that Foster is more than fine if their kids see him swap vows with the woman Tameka claims Usher hooked up with him while their youngest was only 3-months old.


Even if they’re just empty words, it seems as though the two are taking steps in the right direction. Maybe she’ll get an invite (doubtful).

Photo: FameFlynet

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Usher’s Engaged!

Usher Has A Sex Tape

Congrats Usher!  A good business partnership bodes well for your ROMANTIC partnership!

US Weekly reports that Usher just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend and business partner Grace Miguel. The couple have been together since 2009, following Usher’s split from his ex-wife Tameka Foster.

“She’s happy but they’re trying to keep it quiet,” an insider tells Us Weekly of the private couple, who looked cozy with one another at the Golden Globes Art of Elysium Heaven Gala in Los Angeles on Jan. 10. Miguel’s ring finger was noticeably adorned with a giant diamond ring at the event.

Usher’s wife-to-be’s ring is so massive, Page Six previously reported “you wouldn’t think it was an engagement ring because it’s so big,” after the couple were spotted ringing in the New Year together at E11even nightclub in Miami.

The 36-year-old singer only recently started opening up about his longtime love. “I have an incredible partner and manager,” he told Billboard magazine in October 2014. “She has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and my career. She’s someone who’s been able to support and understand all of who I am. Not just as a dancer or as a performer or as a singer, but as a humanitarian and a business man and as a person.”

Dang! Again, this sounds like a partnership that is rooted in healthy respect and constructivism. All the best to you crazy lovebirds/partners/business soulmates!

Photo: FameFlynet

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Usher Has A Sex Tape

Usher Has A Sex Tape

You may have heard that Usher’s car was broken into in Atlanta in 2010, but now someone is trying to push Usher’s sex tape with Tameka Raymond onto the market via blogs. They aren’t trying to hit up Vivid or any other peddlers of celebrity sex tapes because they would need the R & B singer to sign off, so they are trying to get a pay day from bloggers.

Someone tried selling the tape shortly thereafter but no one would touch it. But in the last few days the tape has resurfaced and someone is trying to hawk it.

Whoever’s trying to sell it is not going to adult film companies … there’s no way they would touch it because they would never get a sign-off from Usher. So the sellers are going right to the blogs.

We know famed lawyer Mark Geragos is repping Usher and is aggressively on the hunt to find the person who’s trying to cash in.

Are you interested in seeing Usher and Tameka getting it on?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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