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Mama June Shannon Took Daughter Anna’s Trust Fund To Buy Her Molester A Car

Mama June Shannon Took Daughter Anna's Trust Fund To Buy Her Molester A Car

Poor Anna Cardwell, this mess just doesn’t seem to be getting any easier for her. First, she had to go through the horrifying act of being molested at a young age. Then, after her molester is released from prison, her mother Mama June Shannon began dating him again… And as if it couldn’t get any worse, we’ve learned that Mama June took the $30,000 she had set aside for Anna and bought that creep a car. Oh the humanity.

It’s atrocious what June Shannon has put her family through. It’s sick and disgusting to have Mark McDaniel in her life and in the lives of her children after what he’s done. This is just beyond the worst thing possible and she is putting her daughters in harm’s way. What’s worse is that she took from the victim to give money to the perpetrator of this heinous act. Ugh.

Julie Tice Poulin has started a Go Fund Me account in order to help rebuild Anna’s trust fund money. You can check that out here and donate if you choose. As of this writing, there are only $65 in donations, but we’re guessing that will grow so that Anna can get past this nonsense with her mother and put all of it behind her.


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Clay Aiken Comes In Second Again…And Other LINKS!

Clay Aiken Comes In Second Again...And Other LINKS!

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Honey Boo Boo Was In Bed With Child Molester Mark McDaniel

Honey Boo Boo Was In Bed With Child Molester Mark McDaniel

There is so much to be outraged about in this situation that I almost don’t know where to begin. As if it weren’t bad enough that Mama June Shannon had her kids around her convicted child molester boyfriend Mark McDaniel, but new reports have surfaced stating that Honey Boo Boo was actually in bed snuggling with this creton:

Could Mama June Shannon be reality TV’s worst mother? Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s beloved uncle, Lee “Uncle Poodle” Thompson, has exclusively revealed to The National ENQUIRER that he witnessed the 9-year-old former pageant queen snuggle in bed with her mother’s convicted child molester ex, Mark McDaniel, while on a group trip to a Cherokee, North Carolina, casino in September. (As exclusively reported, McDaniel, 53, served ten years in prison for sexually abusing June’s daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, 20, multiple times when she was just 8 years old in 2002.) Uncle Poodle, 31, provided The ENQUIRER with tell-all photos from the shocking vacation.

I am just sickened. Someone needs to get CPS on the phone and make sure that this idiot doesn’t have the opportunity to molest another of this broad’s children. She doesn’t seem to be protecting her kids, so someone has to. Such a gross situation and I feel for Alana when it’s all said and done.

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It Costs What To Make Mariah Carey Beautiful?…And Other LINKS!

It Costs What To Make Mariah Carey Beautiful?...And Other LINKS!

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