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Stephen Collins’ Reported Suicide Was Fake

Stephen Collins' Reported Suicide Was Fake

Former “Baywatch” actress Donna D’Errico caused quite the fuss last night on Twitter when she claimed that the “guy from 7th Heaven” lives down the street from her and just offed himself on Tuesday night. Apparently, she did not have all of the facts in the situation before putting that news out there.

As you may know, Stephen Collins is in a lot of trouble for allegedly molesting young girls. His wife came forward with a taped recording of the actor admitting to his crimes and now the NYPD is investigating him.

The LAPD responded to the 911 call of someone claiming to have heard gunshots near the actor’s home. People reports:

“He’s not dead. He’s alive,” an LAPD spokesperson tells PEOPLE. “He was not at home at the time of the alleged incident, and there’s no evidence of any gunshot.”

I am of the mind that his wife is at fault in this situation, as well. She confronted him many, many years ago and when he gave her some BS excuse, she believed him. She reportedly sat on this taped recording for years and allegedly used it to get money from him. It’s sad all the way around and I just hope that the victims in this case can find some sort of closure.

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Teresa Giudice Blames Her Lawyers…And Other LINKS!

Teresa Giudice Blames Her Lawyers...And Other LINKS!

Teresa Giudice blames her attorneys for her jail time – DListed

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Val Chmerkovskiy is shirtless and dating for votes – ASL

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PICS: Ariana Grande Greets Her Fans In Heathrow Airport

PICS: Ariana Grande Greets Her Fans In Heathrow Airport

Young singing sensation Ariana Grande arrives on a flight at Heathrow airport on October 7, 2014 in London, England. Ariana seemed to have ditched her perceived diva persona she posed for pictures with fans- though her two huge carts of luggage might suggest otherwise.

Ariana was recently pictured kissing Big Sean on the Revenge of the Mummy rollercoaster at Universal Studios, proving the pair are more than just friends.

PICS: Ariana Grande Greets Her Fans In Heathrow Airport

Ever since rising to fame as the newest pop star of the moment, Ariana has battled the diva rumors. We’re not sure if the rumors are true, but I still think that she is still too new of a face to have that kind of attitude in this business. What do you think?

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Stephen Collins From ’7th Heaven’ Is A Real Creep

Stephen Collins From '7th Heaven' Is A Real Creep

Stephen Collins from “7th Heaven” is actually a complete and utter creep — and a criminal and should get tossed into prison for what he’s done! He confessed to his wife Faye Grant that he had some ten, eleven and twelve-year-old girls touch his penis way back in the day. Not only that, but when they went to therapy to work out his confessions, she recorded them!

TMZ has learned … the NYPD is in possession of the tape, and last Wednesday 2 NYPD detectives from the Special Victims Unit flew to L.A. to interview Grant. We’re told they asked her about the tape and about other potential witnesses.

An NYPD official tells TMZ … there is a current, active investigation. The official says there are “at least 3 victims” and the nature of the investigation is “inappropriate sexual contact with minors.”

I can only hope that the judge throws the book at this guy for what he has put those young girls through. You have to be one super nasty creep to play a pastor on television and then go home to have some young girl touch your junk. What kind of world do we live in?!?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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