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Here’s Another Headline With Miley Cyrus In It. -And Other LINKS!!!


Miley Cyrus is bisexual, I guess.  Dlisted

It would be great if Bethenny Frankel could consider not being awful for two seconds Fishwrapper

Kim Kardashian‘s nude selfies are pretty nude Celebslam

Nicholas Hoult is extremely attractive go buy whatever he’s selling ASL

Guess who is gonna get their billionth Oscar this year? Celebitchy

Reese Witherspoon‘s daughter is creeping me out EvilBeetGossip

Jennifer Love Hewitt is leaving Criminal Minds (to do what? WHAT?) INO

Blake Lively is going to be in a Woody Allen filmzzzzzzzzz boring Dlisted

Lady Gaga very close up is exactly what you’d expect Fishwrapper

I can’t keep track of who Elizabeth Olsen is dating Celebslam

Chris Hemsworth gets naked for the Vacation trailer ASL

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Lindsay Lohan Still Hasn’t Community Serviced. -And Other LINKS!!!

INF - Lindsay Lohan Shops With Friends In Milan

All that community service BS. Still an issue Dlisted

It’s Victoria Justice‘s sister Celebuzz

We’re really disappointed in you, Kylie Jenner Fishwrapper

This couple set a date for their GIGATING WEDDING!  ASL

Brandi Glanville has creepy eyes Celebitchy

More Royal Baby news! EvilBeetGossip

Ashton Kutcher surprises his mom with a home renovation INO

Zayne Malik got into a little twitter fight Dlisted

And the vapid train chugs on Fishwrapper

Kim Kardashian‘s nude selfies Celebuzz

Zac Efron looks preppy ASL


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The Olsen Twins Survey Their Kingdom. -And Other LINKS!!!

Met Gala - 'China: Through The Looking Glass'

The Olsens, gothed and ready to rule Dlisted

Katy Perry is a pro quoter Fishwrapper

Chris Brown is exactly the douche we thought he was. Celebslam

Some people think Princess Charlotte is fake and I LOVE IT ASL

Jeremy Renner still thinks Black Widow is a slut Celebitchy

Reese Witherspoon‘s kid is her tiny, slightly punk doppleganger EvilBeetGossip

Bruce Jenner told his kids about his gender transition on camera? INO

Working together made things messy for Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Dlisted

hello delicious Hugh Jackman Celebslam

The honest trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey is here and it is hilarious ASL

Sarah Stage‘s body is SICK (in a good way) Fishwrapper

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Tyga Wants To Bring His Underage Girlfriend Everywhere

Kim & Kanye Wedding Guests Arrive In Florence

Yeah, I know, just leave Kylie Jenner at home, Tyga. Maybe she could, I dunno, FINISH HIGH SCHOOL OR SOMETHING.

Tyga doesn’t want anyone to tell him where to bring his 17-year-old gf…so he ignored Cal State Fullerton’s request to keep her off campus during his concert. Classy! TMZ reports:

Tyga performed at Cal State Fullerton’s Spring Concert this past Saturday, and according to our sources … concert organizers told him he should NOT bring 17-year-old Kylie to the show.

We’re told not only did the university find their relationship questionable, but the show was 18 and older. Tyga must have known he had the school by the balls — they couldn’t afford to bring in another act at the last minute — because he went ahead and brought her anyway.

While he was performing … she was chilling at a table full of chicken wings and other appetizers — which we’re told Tyga suddenly demanded when he arrived … an hour late.

Organizers didn’t want to risk him bailing completely …so, we’re told they just let it go.

Kylie’s presence didn’t go unnoticed by the students, with one tweeting, “CSUF said guests must be 18 or over to enter spring concert but Tyga brought Kylie as his guest.”

If you remember, we reported that Tyga ran into the same situation during a gig in November, but opted to boycott the club.

Good lord, WHEN IN GOD’S NAME DOES KYLIE TURN 18?! This is getting ridiculous.

Photo: FameFlynet

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