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Cara Delevigne Loves HARD. -And Other LINKS!!!

Topshop Topman New York City Flagship Grand Opening

Cara Delevigne is getting crazy hickeys from her new man Dlisted

This model has stunning new photos! DAYUMMMNNNN Celebslam

Snooki and JWoww can’t NOT be gross fishwrapper

Charlie Hunnam is KILLING it in the new issue of Men’s Health ASL

Jennifer Aniston‘s “Cake” poster is total Oscar bait Celebitchy

Archer season 6! YES Popbytes

More about Amanda Bynes.  You know you wanna.  Evil Beet Gossip

Jennifer Lopez looks FIERCE INO

Chad Kroeger needs a reality check Dlisted

Nicky Hilton has a new book out celebslam

Want the info on that ridic selfie book by Kim Kardashian? You won’t believe this. fishwrapper

This is what having sex with Nick Jonas is like ASL

Photo: FameFlynet

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are Weirdos -And Other LINKS!!!!

Nicole Kidman Makes An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Super weird red carpet pictures of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Dlisted

Paris Hilton has sold HOW MUCH PERFUME?!?  Celebslam

Angelica Houston‘s new memoir is BONKERS Fishwrapper

Zac Efron and girlfriend Sami Miro seem like they’re doing okay ASL

These stars are totally into a “surprise wedding” Celebitchy

Here’s the cast of the new celebrity apprentice Popbytes

Taylor Swift is still messed up from which ex of hers? EvilBeetGossip

So what in the dickens DOES Robert Downey Jr.’s daughter’s name mean? INO

The most dangerous celebrity dog IS… Dlisted

Sofia Vergara might be off the market.  Celebslam

Jennifer Lopez still pines for this ex… Fishwrapper

Oh man, this star is definitely, definitely engaged. Boo.  ASL

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Don’t Hassle The Hoff’s Wax Figure…And Other LINKS!

Don't Hassle The Hoff's Wax Figure...And Other LINKS!

David Hasselhoff’s wax statue is terrifying – DListed

Sofia Vergara might be engaged – Celebslam

Get it, Jessa Duggar! – Fishwrapper

PICS: Charlie Hunnam has a funky hair day – ASL

Jennifer Aniston wants to do a surprise wedding with Justin – Celebitchy

The new “Celebrity Apprentice” cast has been announced – Popbytes

Selena Gomez releases a song that’s obviously about Bieber – Evil Beet Gossip

Lupita Nyong’O stars in a new Lancome ad – INO

John Travolta ALWAYS wears it better – DListed

Paris Hilton has sold $2 billion worth of her perfume – Celebslam

What is Josh Hutcherson talking about?!? – Fishwrapper

Daniel Radcliffe shows off his airport style – ASL

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Mama June Shannon Took Daughter Anna’s Trust Fund To Buy Her Molester A Car

Mama June Shannon Took Daughter Anna's Trust Fund To Buy Her Molester A Car

Poor Anna Cardwell, this mess just doesn’t seem to be getting any easier for her. First, she had to go through the horrifying act of being molested at a young age. Then, after her molester is released from prison, her mother Mama June Shannon began dating him again… And as if it couldn’t get any worse, we’ve learned that Mama June took the $30,000 she had set aside for Anna and bought that creep a car. Oh the humanity.

It’s atrocious what June Shannon has put her family through. It’s sick and disgusting to have Mark McDaniel in her life and in the lives of her children after what he’s done. This is just beyond the worst thing possible and she is putting her daughters in harm’s way. What’s worse is that she took from the victim to give money to the perpetrator of this heinous act. Ugh.

Julie Tice Poulin has started a Go Fund Me account in order to help rebuild Anna’s trust fund money. You can check that out here and donate if you choose. As of this writing, there are only $65 in donations, but we’re guessing that will grow so that Anna can get past this nonsense with her mother and put all of it behind her.


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