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Cara Delevigne Talks Modeling, Sexuality And A New Chapter Of Her Life!

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 1.20.03 PM

I’m fairly convinced that Cara Delevigne is going to take over the world.

The model, actress and personality opened up to Vogue about all kinds of things- and let me tell you- her interviews are both colorful and insightful. In short, the girl’s NOT boring and smart as a whip. Here are some snippets:

On being over modeling: “Modeling was an amuse-bouche, an hors d’oeuvre, never the main dish. Acting is and always was the thing: “The thrill of acting is making a character real. Modeling is the opposite of real. It’s being fake in front of the camera.”

On her mother’s heroin addiction: “It shapes the childhood of every kid whose parent has an addiction,” she believes. “You grow up too quickly because you’re parenting your parents. My mother’s an amazingly strong person with a huge heart, and I adore her. But it’s not something you get better from, I don’t think. I know there are people who have stopped and are fine now, but not in my circumstance. She’s still struggling.”

On her girlfriend, the singer Annie Clark:  “I think that being in love with my girlfriend is a big part of why I’m feeling so happy with who I am these days. And for those words to come out of my mouth is actually a miracle.”

RIGHT?! Check out more of her interview HERE and some hot photos below!

Photos: Vogue

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Chris Pratt Wants To Be Objectified More! -And Other LINKS!!!


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Conrad Hilton Isn’t Getting Much Punishment For Freaking Out On That Plane

Conrad Hilton Was In A Car Accident After Found To Be Speeding

Everything’s fixable when you’re filthy, filthy rich.

Remember when we reported that Paris Hilton‘s youngest brother, Conrad, went insane on a flight from London to LA and made it his mission to make everyone on the plane live out a Hilton-style rung of hell? Well, it happened. And now, Conrad is getting away with like, not much punishment for it.

The heir has been sentenced to 750 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine plus mental health and substance abuse treatment. He pleaded guilty in March to misdemeanor assault, and basically all he got was a slap on the wrist and an order to spend more time with common folk and docs. Dailymail recaps the news for ya: 

Authorities say Hilton was on a British Airways flight in July when he called other passengers “peasants” and threatened to kill crew members. Flight attendants handcuffed him.

In court, the hotel fortune heir apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Yep, he apologizes and all he has to do is some community service and pay 5,00?! That’s like pennies to a Hilton. That’s like 1/32 of a purebred pet to a Hilton.

OH BTW, Hilton still faces Riverside County charges of reckless driving and evading police for an August chase that ended with him breaking a hand when his BMW hit a car and a big rig.

Paris and Nicky must be SO proud!

Photo: FameFlynet

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Sean Penn, Consider Yourself DUMPED.- And Other LINKS!!!


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