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Demi Moore Met Ashton Kutcher’s Baby…And Other LINKS!

Demi Moore Met Ashton Kutcher's Baby...And Other LINKS!

Demi Moore met Ashton’s baby & didn’t suck out its soul…yet – DListed

Christina Hendricks is wearing a turban – Celebslam

Jessa Duggar can’t stop being ignorant – Fishwrapper

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Benedict Cumberbatch is looking quite snazzy these days – ASL

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Faye Grant Denies Extorting Stephen Collins For Millions

Faye Grant Denies Extorting Stephen Collins For Millions

Stephen Collins is in a world of trouble following the release of the tapes where he is heard confessing to the molestation of three young girls. Now that the taped confession is out in the public, his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan insists that his estranged wife Faye Grant used the tape to extort the “7th Heaven” actor out of millions of dollars.

Grant said in a statement, “This is a deeply sad situation for everyone involved. With regard to the divorce proceedings, I am seeking no more than that to which I am legally entitled under the laws of the State of California. The recording of Mr. Collins has not been part of family court proceedings or any negotiations related to that action at any time.”

Her lawyer, Larry Ginsberg, said, “Contrary to the efforts by Mr. Collins’s lawyer to infer that my client tried to extort a settlement from Collins with the recording, neither my client nor any of her representatives ever made the recording part of the family law proceedings. As stated previously, neither Faye nor any of her representatives had any part in providing the audio tape or any part thereof to the media.”

He continued, “From the very beginning of the dissolution of marriage matter, Faye has worked diligently to get this matter settled and to put it behind her while coping with the distress and trauma suffered as a result of the revelations about Mr. Collins’ life. Faye requested that Mr. Collins create a trust fund for their daughter, and further requested that he make a contribution to a charitable organization benefiting sexually abused children. To falsely characterize these requests as extortion threats is reckless and constitutes yet further abuse.”

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Stephen Collins’ Reported Suicide Was Fake

Stephen Collins' Reported Suicide Was Fake

Former “Baywatch” actress Donna D’Errico caused quite the fuss last night on Twitter when she claimed that the “guy from 7th Heaven” lives down the street from her and just offed himself on Tuesday night. Apparently, she did not have all of the facts in the situation before putting that news out there.

As you may know, Stephen Collins is in a lot of trouble for allegedly molesting young girls. His wife came forward with a taped recording of the actor admitting to his crimes and now the NYPD is investigating him.

The LAPD responded to the 911 call of someone claiming to have heard gunshots near the actor’s home. People reports:

“He’s not dead. He’s alive,” an LAPD spokesperson tells PEOPLE. “He was not at home at the time of the alleged incident, and there’s no evidence of any gunshot.”

I am of the mind that his wife is at fault in this situation, as well. She confronted him many, many years ago and when he gave her some BS excuse, she believed him. She reportedly sat on this taped recording for years and allegedly used it to get money from him. It’s sad all the way around and I just hope that the victims in this case can find some sort of closure.

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Teresa Giudice Blames Her Lawyers…And Other LINKS!

Teresa Giudice Blames Her Lawyers...And Other LINKS!

Teresa Giudice blames her attorneys for her jail time – DListed

It’s just Paris Hilton being Paris Hilton – Celebslam

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Kelly Clarkson gets a special visitor on set – INO

Michael Phelps got suspended from swimming for six months – DListed

Kesha is hot now I guess – Celebslam

Eric Johnson wins the creepiest husband award – Fishwrapper

Val Chmerkovskiy is shirtless and dating for votes – ASL

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