As you may have heard, Diddy and Drake haven’t been playing nice lately…

Diddy punched Drake at LIV nightclub in Miami Beach on Monday, and TMZ reports it went down was because Diddy felt disrespected by the rapper because of his use of a song. Producer Boi-1da had given both Diddy and Drake a song to record more than 8 months ago, and Diddy sat on the song while Drake wanted to record it. So recently Drake said to hell with it and recorded the song on his own, which TOTALLY pissed Diddy off.  The song in question? “0 to 100/ The Catch Up,” which was just nominated for two Grammys — Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.

Sorry Diddy!

Diddy saw Drake at LIV Monday for the first time since the song’s release. Sources close to Diddy say that Drake blew him off when Diddy confronted him, and that’s when Diddy said, “You’ll never disrespect me again,” …and then punched him.

According to TMZ, Drake ended up at an ER because in the ruckus he hit his shoulder and exacerbated an old injury. Wow, very mature, P Diddy. Drake- I hope you make a TON of money off of the song.