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Drug Dealer Reveals Prince’s Extensive Painkiller Addiction

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Ugh, so sad…

Prince‘s former drug dealer says the superstar was hooked on powerful opiates for over 25 years…which is like, news to EVERYBODY. News was that Prince od’d on Percocet, but that’s not all…he had a long history with this type of very addictive drug.

Prince’s long-time dealer – who asked to be called only by the VERY CREATIVE name Doctor D- revealed the singer would spend up to $40,000 at a time on six-month supplies of Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches which are both highly addictive opioid pain killers. Dailymail reports:

Doctor D said the musician, who he described as ‘majorly addicted’, regularly bought drugs from him between 1984 and 2008.

The dealer, often to the stars, said Prince suffered crippling stage fright and could not get on stage and perform without the drugs – but had a phobia of doctors so could not obtain a prescription legally.

Tragically, Doctor D suggests it could have been a physician that unknowingly contributed to Prince’s death – by prescribing strong pain killers to the singer for his hip condition without knowing the extent of his secret opiate addiction.

He said: ‘I first met Prince in 1984 while he was filming the movie Purple Rain and he was already majorly addicted to opiates – I didn’t hook him on drugs he was already a really heavy user.

‘In the beginning he would buy speed as well as Dilaudid.

‘I would sell him black beauties which were a black pill and cross tops which were also speed pills.

‘He would use that as a counter balance to get back up again from taking opiates.

‘That lasted for a couple of years then he would just buy Dilaudid, which is a heroin based opiate. It is highly addictive.

‘As far as I knew he never took heroin – as that would leave you out of it for days whereas Dilaudid gives you an energy buzz as well as making you feel relaxed – so he preferred it.

Woah, that’s some heavy stuff for someone who didn’t drink and who wouldn’t swear or sing the dirtier lyrics to his own songs. It’s weird to see Prince’s dark, private life emerge post mortem. It’s still so sad…

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And Then This Happened. -And Other LINKS!!!

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PRINCE: Percocet Triggered OD Days Before His Death.

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And now, some more answers about Prince‘s deeply upsetting death…

The new info about this tragedy is that Prince OD’d on Percocet days before his death. In fact, sources say he ingested so much EMTs had to administer a “save shot” at the airport where his plane made an emergency landing to save his life. Now, we had NONE of this news before, as most of the information the public received about his emergency landing was that it had something to do with his “flu.” People called BS, as he was less than an hour away from his Minnesota home.

Sources in Moline, Illinois say Prince’s entourage told responders he had taken the painkiller after his Atlanta concert which triggered the emergency. Obvi, the painkiller is highly addictive and TMZ reports Prince was taking painkillers for a hip problem (he had corrective surgery on his hips in 2010). I guess things got out of control, because this has to be part of the reason Prince is no longer with us.

So sad.

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FKA Twigs Takes A Crap On Pop Stardom


For those of you who forgot who FKA Twigs is- she’s I guess still engaged to Robert Pattinson and is still doing her thing in the indie/underground music scene. Oddly enough, she’s ALSO on the cover of the May issue of Allure.  You can read the full interview here, but mostly she talks about how she defines herself from the mainstream. And hey, it’s pretty interesting. Here are some highlights:

She just found out she could get expensive facials: “I didn’t realize until about six months ago that people, if they’re singers or actors, they go and have facials and massages and stuff like that. I only just found out.”

Whether she’s okay with nudity: “Yes, when there is a purpose behind it. I feel frustrated when there isn’t. It’s also sad. Trust me, I could take a picture and my bum could look crazy, like a hip-hop honey, but that’s not reality. I used to get anxiety because of that…of what women think it is to be a woman.”

She knows she’s cryptic: “I don’t mean to be a tough interview but I can understand why people might think that.”

Realizing she didn’t have to ask for permission: “I think one of the most painful things I went through making my record is realizing that you don’t have to ask permission. You don’t have to ask permission to do a video saying something that you want to say. All you can do is follow your instincts…”

She can still do her own hair & makeup: “I’m a traditional showgirl in a sense. I spent years of my early 20s working among performance artists. That’s rule one of being an underground artist: You do your own makeup, hair, and costumes.”

Some shade for artists who don’t know how to do things: “Imagine if you were an artist that wasn’t being herself. Imagine you’re an artist that didn’t know how to do your own makeup, didn’t know how to do your own hair, didn’t know how to put an outfit together, didn’t write your own music, didn’t direct your own videos, didn’t produce your own music. They’re not artists. They’re vehicles, vessels. The majority of them are like that… Imagine how hard that must be.”

Don’t label her. “I don’t want to be described as anything. It’s like hashtags. Hashtag this, hashtag that. Hashtag blue, hashtag pink, hashtag cute dogs. Do you know what I mean? Everything has a hashtag.”

She gave away her necklace at the end of the interview: “Here. I want to give you this. The quartz helps with clarity.”

(Via Allure Magazine])

The Allure writer makes note of the fact that they did not ask Twigs directly about Robert Pattinson because it felt “sexist, heteronormative, retrograde, wholly beside the point, and frankly insane to ask about her famous beau.” But…most people get asked about their famous partners, so, I dunno, it’s just kind of part and parcel to being in the spotlight. I love her tone, and her take-no-prisoners attitude about fame. Hear, Hear, FKA.

Photos: Allure

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