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Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Covered Up The Molestation

Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Covered Up The Molestation

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have covered up their son Josh’s molestation against his sisters, according to new reports. These clowns waited 16 months to tell the authorities that their son was molesting people.

TMZ reports:

According to the report, obtained by In Touch, Josh confessed to Jim Bob on 3 separate occasions that he molested at least one sister. Here’s the worst part … after the first confession, Jim Bob did nothing and the molestations continued. And after the second confession, Jim Bob again did nothing to notify authorities or even get him help and again the molestations continued.

After the third confession, Josh’s parents enrolled him in a treatment program, but they did not notify authorities until at least 4 months after the last confession. And get this … the delay was at least 16 months after Josh’s first confession.

Put another way, had Jim Bob and Michelle notified authorities immediately after Josh’s first confession, they might have taken action that would have prevented the subsequent molestations.

It’s possible the Duggar parents could have been prosecuted for permitting abuse of a minor, but the statute of limitations has long since passed.

TLC should probably cancel this steaming pile of crap already, don’t you think?

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Ben Flajnik Met His Girlfriend On Tinder

Ben Flajnik Met His Girlfriend On Tinder

Former reality star Ben Flajnik needed a TV show to find “love”, but in this day and age, he has found a girlfriend using Tinder.

“I found [love] on a dating app,” Flajnik told HuffPost’s Here To Make Friends podcast, joking, “Swipe right, swipe right.” To clarify, yes, Flajnik met his girlfriend of a year and a half, Stephanie Winn, on Tinder.

Tinder has gained a reputation as more of a hook-up app, but it looks like it can lead to love after all. The couple now lives together in San Francisco — with a dog, of course. “Nice, normal life,” said Flajnik. “Live in a quiet neighborhood in the city and, you know, friends all around.”


Have you used Tinder for dating?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Tracy Morgan Settled UP! -And Other LINKS!!!!


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