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Bill Cosby Dropped By His Talent Agency

Bill Cosby Performing Live In Florida

Bill Cosby is losing supporters faster than you can say, “hey, I think Bill Cosby put something in my drink.”

Sure, old friends like Whoopi Goldberg and Phylicia Rashad are still on his side after his many sexual assault allegations, his agency (CAA) was as the end of its rope and fired him quietly six months ago.

CAA has represented Cosby since 2012, but as far as we know has now cut ties with the comedian.This reveal comes in the wake of revelations that Cosby FINALLY admitted to a portion of his crimes: namely, to purchasing Quaaludes to drug women.

Hey Cosby, people don’t like employing accused rapists, dude.

What do you think of this news?

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Ariana Grande Went Anti-Patriotic and A Little Bonkers In A Doughnut Shop

Ariana Grande Seeks Advice From Miley Cyrus Over The Diva Rumors

Why you hatin’ on America and its many doughnut lovers, Ariana Grande?

Police are investigating a video that appears to show the singer- whom I’ve always thought seemed pretty rude and entitled- licking donuts on display at a shop in Lake Elsinore, California. So, next time you have a hankering for carbs in SoCal, you may wanna think twice. Some inebriated celebudiva may have spread her saliva all over your chocolate sprinkles, just SAYIN.’ People reports:

Cops have teamed up with public health officials to investigate the incident, the Associated Press reports. Grande herself is not being investigated, but rather Wolfee Donuts, the donut shop where the incident occurred.

Health officials are looking into why the donuts were left exposed and whether the shop has a history of leaving food out. California health laws require restaurants to keep food protected from the public. Luckily for the shop, authorities found no further issues with the shop when they visited Wednesday.

“During the investigation, the manager did state they normally don’t leave donuts out like was shown in the video,” Dottie Ellis-Merki, a spokeswoman for the Riverside County Department of Environment, told the AP. “The employee went to the back to retrieve freshly made donuts by request of the customer and left the trays out while getting other trays.”

The video, first posted Tuesday, made waves because Grande also shouts, “I hate Americans. I hate America.”

She has since issued an apology for the harsh words. “I am EXTREMELY proud to be an American and I’ve always made it clear that I love my country,” she said in a statement Wednesday. “What I said in a private moment with my friend, who was buying the donuts, was taken out of context and I am sorry for not using more discretion with my choice of words.”

Mayra Solis, 22, a cashier at Wolfee, told the AP that Grande didn’t buy any of the donuts she appeared to lick, adding that the singer was “really rude.”

Of COURSE Ari was rude and doing weird crap to inconvenience the good people of Lake Elsinore. Remember that rumor that she had to be carried around like a baby? This seems like an extension of that.

Also, what kind of MONSTER only licks a doughnut, but does not buy or eat? That’s anti-American.

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Kanye West Versus Scott Disick And I Love It

Scott Disick Lying To Friends About His Substance Abuse

When there’s drama, you know Kanye West will be around to get inappropriately and weirdly furious.  Right, Taylor Swift?

While it’s expected that most of the Kardashian Klan has rallied around Kourtney Kardashian in the wake of her split with Scott 80’s bully Disick, West wants to get in on the dramz and he wants to be HEARD.

“Kanye is furious, maybe the most furious of everyone,” says a source close to West, 38. “He’s saying that a real man doesn’t abandon his family like Scott is doing.”

According to the source, West is most concerned about the couple’s three children: Mason, 5, Penelope, 3, and Reign, 6 months.

“He has made it crystal clear that he’s willing to step in and be a strong male figure to the kids if they need him to be,” says the source. “He feels strongly about that.”

But even West would consider letting bygones be bygones if Disick, 32, would make an effort.

“If Scott comes back and faces things like a grown man, he’ll be surprised how much forgiveness there can be – from every member of the family,” says the source. “He needs to have a healthy relationship with his kids, and he can’t have that unless he has a healthy relationship with Kourtney and her family. Everyone’s hoping he finally makes the right choice.”

(Via People)

Sorry, what? Face things like a grown man? Yeah, that’s like asking Kylie Jenner to stop loving bronzer and chicken wings. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Do you think Kourtney is better off? I do.

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