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Catfish’s Nev Schulman Is Engaged (And Expecting)

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Nev Schulman has a lot of stuff going on (aside from catching catfish on the internet).

Less than two weeks after the Catfish creator and girlfriend Laura Perlongo announced they were expecting a baby girl, Nev revealed the parents-to-be are now…enraged! Er, engaged. They were trying to be cute when captioning the photo (above) when sharing the news, I dunno, seems a little lame but whatev.

The MTV host Instagrammed a selfie with his pregnant bride-to-be showing them both making mock-upset faces while Laura posted her own photo showing off her ring. In it, she’s feeding Nev, who has his eyes closed, what appears to be deli meat of some sort. “It’s all v serious now,” she captioned the shot.

It is all very serious, isn’t it? Seriously cute.

Photo: Instagram

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This Would’nt Have Been Creepy At ALL. -And Other LINKS!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.27.07 AM

Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston‘s Hologram singing together would have been totally not creepy at all Dlisted

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Tyga‘s new girlfriend has a booty that doesn’t QUIT Fishwrapper

Sharon Stone thinks she’s still A-List Celebslam

Prince Harry enjoys tweaking a man’s nipple ASL


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Demi Lovato Keeps Coming After Taylor Swift. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Demi Lovato is attacking Taylor Swiftian “feminism.” Dlisted

David Schwimmer‘s kid loves beer Fishwrapper

The Hadids are taking OVER Celebslam

Zac Efron covers Men’s Fitness ASL

Ivanka Trump defends her dad Celebitchy

Ellen Pompeo goes makeup-free while hiking TooFab

Olivia Munn looks malnourished Dlisted

Bridget Marquardt speaks out about the Kendra/Holly feud! Fishwrapper

Dina Lohan is still a bad mom Celebslam

Nick Jonas kills it on Sesame Street ASL





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Now You Can Smell Like Sofia Vergara!

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Get on that fragrance train, lady.

On Tuesday, Sofia Vergara announced that she is partnering with Avon for a “fun, fruity and floral fragrance” launching this fall called “So Very Sofia.” Now I thought fragrances were reserved for reality stars and Diva musicians, but when I think of how Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey have like, a bunch of fragrances, Sofia kind of makes sense, no?

The perfume will be available for $36 through Avon representatives and has some super corny copy attached, kinda what you’d expect from Avon AKA “the fragrance is just as energetic and vivacious as the Modern Family actress herself.” And “So Very Sofia combines delicious notes of passion fruit and Flor de Maya Orchid for a scent that is unique, bold and intoxicating.”Apparently, the aroma is for “the woman who owns her femininity and strength. We’re strong, powerful and beautiful — and we should flaunt it!”

LOL, okay Avon.

But Vergara is all about Avon’s message, that is, making MONEY. “Avon’s mission is incredibly important to me. Since its founding, the brand has offered women a way to build themselves up and achieve financial security, and that’s something I strongly believe in,” she explained. “Making this fragrance available exclusively through Avon is my way of supporting that goal. I want to help empower each woman to take control of her life, and gain the confidence and ability to achieve her dreams.”

The actor,  who married Joe Manganiello in November,  is clearly super excited. And who knows- maybe it’ll smell awesome.

Would you buy Sofia Vergara’s fragrance?

Photo: Instagram

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