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Bai Ling, What A Classy Way To Honor Chinese New Year. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Bai Ling, you are truly a lady. Dlisted

A consensual boob grab between a couple Fishwrapper

Eli Manning seems not excited at all for his big bro Celebslam

Wanna stare at Tom Hardy‘s naked butt? ASL

Margot Robbie messed up somebody’s tattoo TooFab

Taraji P. Henson messed up Coldplay and Maroon 5 WHOOPS Celebitchy

The time Beyonce turned down a Chris Martin song because it was awful Dlisted

Gigi Hadid on the cover of VOGUE Fishwrapper

Carmen Electra is looking okay Celebslam

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are really a thing. ASL

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The Secret Of Tom Cruise’s Beauty. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Cuba Gooding Jr. spills the secrets of Tom Cruise’s luscious luscious looks Dlisted

Nicki Minaj, isn’t it about time you knew what’s good? Fishwrapper

Hilary Duff is on vacation Celebslam

Henry Cavill‘s shirtless body ASL

The Coen brothers whitesplain diversity Celebitchy

Sean and Katherine Lowe talk about what they hate about themselves TooFab

Katy Perry‘s date with Orlando Bloom almost got crashed by Jon Mayer Dlisted

What a horrible show of parenting by Dinah Lohan. Fishwrapper

Penelope Cruz and Kristen Wiig almost kissed Celebslam

Ryan Reynolds talks about his daughter’s name ASL

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Coco Austin Has A Lot Of Creepy Things To Say About Dressing Up Her Daughter

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Coco‘s all about butt shots and bedazzling her baby, and she doesn’t care what you think!

Ice-T‘s wife took to her brand new mommy blog to address the haters for oversharing photos of her newborn baby girl, Chanel. The 36-year-old goes from sounding like a concerned mom who just wants to do her thing, to like, a woman screaming from her trailer into the night about her baby’s countenance:

“Of course I know she’s a real human being. Don’t you know I know that? In these pictures, you can see how much love I have for her. Should I just dress her up in a normal T-shirt? Is that better? Why can’t I just have my moment of dressing my daughter up? Why is that such a negative thing? Does she look like she’s really mad in these pictures? She actually looks very happy dressed up. I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. No matter what I post on Chanel, people are going to find something negative about it. It amazes me. If you’re really not liking the way I do things, get off my page. I just avoid them.”

But, dear readers. It gets so much better…

“This little girl is already so stylish. You should see her closet—all about the shoes and she has an amazing shoe collection. She’s now becoming this headband Princess. She doesn’t have long hair yet, but she rocks them bows. A lot of her fans send her gifts so she has an overload of headbands and outfits. She’s like my little doll. This is my very first doll ever because I never owned a doll in my life and this is my real-life doll. Now I get so much flack for saying that and it bothers me.”

If you wanted a DOLL, Coco, you could have just bought one. This seems a little, uh, well, a lot. I fear for how little Chanel (yes, her name is CHANEL) will grow up.

What do YOU think about Coco’s parenting skills?

Photo: Instagram

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Wait, THIS DUDE Gave Peyton Manning His First Victory Kiss (Even Before His WIFE?)

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Yes, this dude. Who goes to show that Peyton Manning is SO up in the pockets of advertisers, it’s kinda siiiick.

Peyton Manning and the Papa John’s guy are super tight (what with Peyton being a spokesperson and all), so much so that the pizza mogul swooped in and gave Peyton a victory kiss, even before Peyton’s own WIFE.

As everybody knows, the Broncos sealed their victory Sunday night and though Peyton played less than a stellar game (he’s 38, which is practically ancient in football years) Papa John- real name John Schnatter– made sure he got to congratulate his favorite pitchman with a gentle (but congratulatory!) kiss on the QB’s cheek.

I don’t know how much money Peyton was getting from the kiss, but I hope a LOT.

Photo: CBS

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