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Tyson Beckford Might Be Dating Karuecche Tran…Let The Drama Begin

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Tyson Beckford posted a pic of himself with Karrueche Tran, which probably put  all of Chris Brown‘s anger management classes to good use…kind of.

It started Sunday when Chris saw this pic of Tyson and Karrueche , and then went a little insane on the internet, saying things like, “U wanna keep walking them runways.  I need ta legs for that.  Keep playing like I ain’t wit the bulls***.”

Chris deleted the tweets, not before Tyson said, “It’s all about fun in Vegas, come thru papa.” Not sure what that means but I DO know what Tyson’s second video on twitter means- a video of himself shooting a gun range, saying, “Just in case your forgot!”


Of course that egged Chris on. Late Sunday night, Chris posted a pic of Vegas cops behind a building, saying, “This n**** Tyson got the whole Vegas PD out here.  Suckah!  This fruitz!”

(via TMZ)

Yeah, I can’t say I fully understand all these strange threats that are half jokes, but I can say that this feud got extreme really fast- as in, I’m not even 100% sure Karrueche and Tyson are dating. I kind of hope they are so Chris can go ballistic and we can send him back to JAIL, where he belongs.

Photo: Instagram

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Tyson Beckford still looks like he did in my college calendar.

Tyson Beckford Showing Off His Muscles In New York

Before going away to college in 1995 (ugh) someone gave me a Tyson Beckford calendar as a joke. Did I hang it? Course! Looking at these new pictures of Tyson I can see that nothing has changed since 1995. Does he age? Does he survive off of virgin blood or something? What gives!?

Here he is walking around shirtless in NYC yesterday afternoon.

Tyson Beckford Showing Off His Muscles In New York

Photos: FameFlynet

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Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford leaving the launch of the new Bravo television series ‘Make Me A Supermodel’ at NBC Experience Store


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