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The Good Wife’s Ending in May And The Internet Is Not Happy

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Two pieces of bad news for The Good Wife fans: The Good Wife was not on during its regularly scheduled time, and the show announced during the Super Bowl that this season was to be its last!


Julianna Margulies and her team slipped an intense commercial into Superbowl 50’s programming, confirming that the current seventh season of the Emmy-winning series will be the last, and you can check out the trailer below for what’s in store. Ever since TGW became a one-woman show somewhere in Season Six, it lost the ensemble feel that made it a hit. Still, I’m sure there will be some surprise re-emergences in this final season.

Will you watch?

Posted Monday, February 8th, 2016 at 9:09am
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A Pseudo-Friends Reunion Happened Yesterday!

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Plus some Big Bang Theory people. Does that count as a reunion? Obvi, liquor was involved.

While a Friends reunion has always been in the works, it wasn’t as conventional as most of us thought (no TV special, anyway). This pic is about the closest thing anyone has to a reunion, which honestly, is enough for me.

Johnny Galecki posted this pic to instagram of the Friends and Big Bang cast, who  sat at the same table and said words together at NBC’s tribute to James Burrows which taped in L.A. Matthew Perry was  in London doing some play, so he couldn’t make it, which means it’s also an incomplete reunion, but a reunion nonetheless!

Photo: Instagram

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The X Files Reboot Had Better Ratings Than Its Original Airing!

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The original show may have gone off of the air in 2002…but it’s obviously still a fan favorite.

The  Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny sci-fi series went off the air when network television ratings were at an all-time high… which is why it’s so amazing that the show’s reboot debut (say that three times fast) had 16.19 million viewers. To put that into perspective,  that’s a higher rating than what the final two seasons of the original series were able to pull in, which is pretty freaking impressive.

According to PerezHilton, having a huge football game probably helped with the huge viewership,but honestly, I’m pretty sure Monday’s regular time slot will most likely also be a hit.

 Did you watch the new X Files?! Tell us your thoughts on if the show is better/worse/same as the original!

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Much Of The “Sex And The City” Plot Lines Were REAL?


I don’t know if I wholly believe this…BUT I LIKE IT.

According to Cynthia Nixon, AKA Miranda Hobbes, all of the insane and (in my opinion) cartoonish plot lines for the HBO show were inspired by actual events that happened to the show’s writers or people they were close with.

That makes me have pretty much no hope for humanity, but OKAY.

During a recent IMDb Asks interview (skip to 16:10 if you’re lazy), the actress came clean:

“Even though crazy and outlandish things happen in Sex and the City, fantastical things seemingly, they had a rule in the writer’s room that nothing — they couldn’t put anything in an episode that hadn’t literally happened to someone in the writer’s room or someone that they knew firsthand…The outlandish, physical, sexual things that happened, they really happened. They weren’t just tall tales.”

Woah. if this is true (and I’m not sure it is) TV writers and their friends certainly are FRISKY, aren’t they?

Do you believe it?

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Posted Thursday, January 14th, 2016 at 2:14pm
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