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Alexander Skarsgard Talks Emotional ‘True Blood’ Ending

Alexander Skarsgard Talks Emotional 'True Blood' Ending

Have you seen the series finale of “True Blood”? For our recap of the episode titled “Thank You”, click here. If you have yet to see the show, then you may want to come back to this post after seeing how it all ended. For those of you who are left — read on!

Alexander Skarsgard, who plays hot vampire Eric Northman, opened up about the emotional series finale to the hit vampire show.

“It was unbelievably emotional,” the star said of shooting his last scene. “That show has been such a huge part of my life. I’ve met some really good friends on that set, and there is no doubt that they will remain close friends forever.”

That said, Skarsgard knows it will “never be exactly the same” now that the series is over. “There’s something about going to a location like that and just having these people as your family, and their families as your family,” he told Us. “The last scene I filmed, I was just trying to take it all in and I started crying.”

He is happy, though, with how his character ended up. “I think how he ends fits with how he’s lived,” the Swedish-born star mused of Eric. “He’s always had a clear mission and a clear agenda on his mind…I guess we’ll have to see what the reactions are.”

I was of the mind that the series finale was a bit lackluster in the fact that it spent so much time building up Jessica and Hoyt’s wedding, yet didn’t allot any time for Lafayette. Despite that, I really enjoyed how Eric and Pam ended up — they were my favorite characters. If the powers that be decided to make a spin-off featuring only Eric and Pam, I’d totally watch. Would you?

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True Blood Spoilers: Have You Seen The Series Finale?

True Blood Spoilers: Have You Seen The Series Finale?

The series finale of HBO’s hit vampire drama “True Blood” was last night — did you watch “Thank You”?

This post contains obvious spoilers for what went down in our favorite Louisiana city, Bon Temps, on Sunday’s series finale, titled “Thank You”. If you have yet to see the show, then please return to this page afterward so that we can discuss just what happened.

After the jump for the goodies! (more…)

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True Blood: There Is A Cure For The Hep-V Virus?

True Blood: There Is A Cure For The Hep-V Virus?

“Karma” answered some questions for us on last night’s episode of “True Blood”. For those of you who have yet to see the show, please come back when you have because this post contains obvious spoilers for Sunday’s episode. For the rest of you, follow me after the jump for the goodies….


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Did you see last night’s episode of True Blood?

Did you see last night's episode of True Blood?

On last night’s episode of “True Blood”, Lafayette threw a celebration of life party for Alcide and Tara at Sookie’s house and told everyone they couldn’t say “I’m sorry for your loss.”

At first, Sookie wasn’t in the mood to party, but after a chat with Arlene, she gets in the spirit. Arlene tells Sookie that she sometimes wears Terry’s jacket when she wants to feel his arms around her. This is something that was overheard by Alcide’s father Jackson, who, at the end of the episode, leaves Alcide’s jacket on Sookie’s bed.

Jessica and James have a bit of a falling out, to which James seeks solace in the back of their truck with Lafayette. Jessica finds the two of them hooking up and goes ballistic. Lafayette doesn’t leave it alone and tells Jessica that he also deserves some little piece of happiness. Afterward, Jessica hooks up with Jason and Violet is lurking outside.

Meanwhile at the party, Andy proposes to Holly with Jason’s grandmother’s ring. She says yes, of course. After that, Nicole calls out the whole city for being so very messed up. Take her home, Sam, she’s had enough!

Eric summons Willa for her help in locating Sarah Newlin, but she won’t provide any until Eric releases her. Eric releases her and Willa tells him and Pam that Sarah had a vampire sister named Amber. They set out for Dallas with Amber’s help and dress up in evening attire in order to locate Sarah’s parents. Not only do they show up, but the high class Texas party gets stopped by the Yakuza, who end up shooting Sarah’s parents and giving chase to her. Sarah ends up in Eric’s grasp (as seen in the above picture), but he takes out the Yakuza guys most interestingly.

We saw a lot of Civil War flashbacks from Bill, which foreshadowed his discovery that he, too, has been infected by the Hep-V virus. Will Bill die? What about Eric? Who infected Bill?!?

I have a theory that maybe Sookie’s fairy blood will only cure one of them of their disease and perhaps rid her of her fae powers once and for all. If that’s the case, then who should she choose?

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