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Tori Spelling wants to do another reality show

Tori Spelling wants to do another reality show

Has Tori Spelling caught the no-holds-barred famewhoring bug from the Kardashians or something? She just can’t seem to wait to dive into doing another reality show…

In her latest reality show, she put her personal life with husband Dean McDermott on display for the entire planet, and she is looking for round two!

A source revealed, “Tori is hoping either Lifetime or Oxygen will want to do another reality show as her family begins to live their lives after Dean’s three month stint in rehab. Dean has been filming ‘Chopped Canada’ in Toronto, but has been commuting back and forth.”

The source went on to say, “It doesn’t faze Tori that she is currently shooting her ABC Family TV show with Jennie Garth…Tori would do a 24/7 reality show of her life if she could. She is truly addicted to it. The last thing Tori’s kids needs are more cameras in their lives. Liam is clearly struggling as he has been acting out on the show. Thankfully, Hattie and Finn are young enough to not realize what is going on around them. Tori needs to take a year off from filming a reality show, or writing a book spilling all of the most intimate details of her life.”

The spy added, “It’s bad enough Tori decided to do the reality show as she was trying to repair the marriage, but to include the kids was not wise. In recent days, Tori told her close friends Liam was having major issues with appearing on camera, and that she had to bribe him with toys and candy.”

She just needs to give it a break already!

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Dean McDermott has Tori Spelling’s name tattooed above his junk

Dean McDermott has Tori Spelling's name tattooed above his junk

Well, isn’t this some information that we could’ve done without knowing for our entire lives? According to the latest episode of “True Tori”, Tori Spelling revealed that her hubby Dean McDermott has her name tattooed above his junk.

While hanging out with some pals on last night’s episode of the reality show, Tori revealed his intimate ink. Also, some of her friends suggested that she have Dean sign a contract stating that he would never cheat nor drink again, otherwise he would get nothing should they divorce.

Tori joked that she should get the contract tattooed on his body, but the tattoo of her name didn’t stop his cheating with Emily Goodhand. She revealed, “Should I have him do a tattoo on his body? I mean clearly that didn’t stop him. You know the tattoo he has, right? Down there it says ‘Tori’s.’ It’s above [his penis]. It’s above the pubis. It says ‘Tori’s.’ And then months later he cheated on me.”

The episode also showed the couple fighting over whether or not he would make his return to Toronto in order to begin shooting the new season of his show “Chopped Canada”. She was adamant that he should put their family first, but eventually gave in for the sake of his career.

Upon leaving, he vowed to be on his best behavior while away. He said, “You and the kids are more important than the show. I know what’s at stake here. But I will not let them down. I’m going to be Mother Theresa, I’m going to be so good. These babies are my life.”

Was all of this cheating stuff just for the sake of the show? What do you think?

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Dean McDermott’s son calls BS on ‘True Tori’

Dean McDermott's son calls BS on 'True Tori'

Dean McDermott’s son Jack is sick and tired of people calling his father Dean out for being such a douchebag to Tori Spelling. So, he has decided to take her reported lies on their reality show “True Tori” to task on Twitter.

“‘Reality’ show my ass!” the 15-year-old tweeted. “It’s all set up plz don’t buy into it. My father is not what the show makes him to be, he is a good man.”

On True Tori, Dean is portrayed as a compulsive cheater, while the Beverly Hills 90210 star is depicted as a long-suffering, devoted mom…and Jack has had enough. “Tori has proven she’ll do whatever it takes to support her lavish lifestyle and keep herself in the public eye,” an insider tells Star. “Jack’s not going to let Tori destroy his dad and his reputation with her fake, ‘I’m a victim’ show.”

Did anyone really believe anything that was coming out of “True Tori”? We were suspect the moment we couldn’t see any “Emily Goodhand” talking to the media or even existing… What do you think?

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Tori Spelling got revenge on Dean McDermott!

Tori Spelling got revenge on Dean McDermott!

Tori Spelling got some sweet revenge on her cheating husband Dean McDermott. According to reports, while she was hospitalized for having a migraine for six days, she let her nannies take that time off. In effect, Dean was left taking care of their four kids all by himself. Surely that doesn’t make up for all of his cheating, but it’s a good start.

A source said, “Dean was forced to take care of the kids on his own, at Tori’s direction. They employ two nannies, one part-time, who takes Liam and Stella to school, picks them up, and helps them with homework. The other nanny is full time and helps Tori at home with the younger children, Hattie and Finn. It was so typical of Tori to do, and extremely passive aggressive. She also told the crew filming to not help Dean at all with the kids, as they have done when Tori is home. As soon as Tori came home, the nannies reappeared.”

The snitch continued, “Once again it’s all about Tori being the victim, and not accepting any responsibility for her role in the breakdown of the marriage. Yes, Dean cheated, but they have had problems for years.”

The source said, “Tori demanded that he take care of the kids….there is absolutely no reason why Dean couldn’t have gone with her, or visited more. He very much wanted to, and the fact that the producer was calling to give him updates speaks volumes about the status of their relationship. The two of them are extremely messed up, and have tons of insecurities… The fact they have four innocent kids that they are exposing to all of this chaos with the cameras is just selfish and disgusting.”

Do you think they’ll end up getting a divorce when it’s all said and done?

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