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Tori Spelling relying on her kids for cash?

Is Tori Spelling so strapped for cash that she is pushing her four kids into show business in order to stay ahead of her bills?

Reportedly, the mother of four is turning into the new momager in town and has even hired an agent for her children. She is in hopes that they will all get jobs in commercials. Look out, Kris Jenner!

A source close to the situation said, “Between the reality shows and paparazzi snapping them, the kids are already around show business all the time. They’re very theatrical at home, and Tori thinks the kids are ready for show business.”

Is she that hard up for money that she can’t run to her mom Candy for some support? Or perhaps that’s what Candy wanted to do with Tori when she was a baby and Tori doesn’t know any other way. Surely her days as a reality star were limited, so why not put the kids to work. If Vivienne Jolie-Pitt can make $3,000 for a movie, then Tori’s kids should be able to rake in something less but still decent.

What do you think? Should she throw them into show business at such young ages?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott’s marriage is getting better

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott's marriage is getting better

Following the media circus surrounding Dean McDermott’s alleged affair with Emily Goodhand, Tori Spelling has revealed that her marriage is doing much better these days.

These two played up all of the drama for their reality show, but things have turned out for the best — at least if you believe what Tori has to say about the whole thing.

She was cheated on by this jerk who obviously showed little to no regard for her feelings and now, everything is just peachy keen? We are going to go ahead and call BS on the entire cheating story. There was more to the reports that we’ve seen on camera. Either he didn’t cheat at all and they made it all up for the sake of ratings or this Emily chick needs to come forward and confirm that she’s hooked up with the Deaner. No one comes out of a cheating scandal as unscathed as these two fakers.

Of her marriage, Tori said, “Some people approved of it, some people didn’t. It was my personal journey and I have no regrets. I feel like all relationships are a work in progress and we’re working on it right now. We’re trying.”


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Tori Spelling Appearing in Something Other Than Reality TV

Tori Spelling Enjoys The Spa With Her Children

For months, we’ve been watching or avoiding watching Tori Spelling’s real life drama unfold before the camera as her husband, Dean McDermott’s infidelities and skeevy ways are relayed ad nauseum on Tru Tori. However, Spelling has been up to much more than rearing her four children and parading her loser husband into couples therapy in front of the camera to shame him in front of America. She has been creating a new TV series… a fictional TV series, for ABC Family, called Mystery Girls. Even more fun? She costars in the drama with her fellow 90210 alum, Jennie Garth.

Spelling and Garth were at a special screening for the show in NYC last night.

The event was not a premiere but rather a screening hosted by ‘The Moms’ at the Park Avenue Screening Room.

The ABC Family show – which premieres on Wednesday – is about two former detective

TV show starlets who are ‘brought back together by a real-life mystery.’

Jennie plays Charlie Contour, a suburban housewife and mother.

Tori is Holly Hamilton, who ‘longs for her glory days in the nineties when she was on television.’

When a witness named Nick insists on only speaking to these two blondes about a crime he has seen, they are pulled into breaking the case.

Miguel Pinzon from A New York Love Story also stars. Spelling is the one who created the story line with Shepard Boucher.

Tori Spelling Enjoys The Spa With Her Children

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Tori Spelling accuses Dean McDermott of not allowing her time to grieve for her father

Tori Spelling accuses Dean McDermott of not allowing her time to grieve for her father

Tori Spelling is really trying to extend her time in the spotlight…and this time she is using her dead father in order to do it. She’s taking us back to 2006 when her father Aaron passed away and using that against Dean McDermott in one of their craptastic confessions shows.

In 2006, Tori was devastated when her father passed on. She now claims that in the weeks following his death, Dean was a jerk who demanded all of her attention. So basically she couldn’t grieve because her husband made it all about himself and was needy.

She said, “I remembered when my dad died, that night, back at our house, you made it all about you. I wasn’t allowed to grieve because I had to take care of you and you took that away from me…you took away the grief for my father.”

She went on to say, “You were feeling really bad, you didn’t have the chance to get to know him. And you wouldn’t have that chance, everyone would be judging you and it turned into a fight.”

She should really let sleeping dogs lie already. For the guys reading this, you were probably right in thinking that anything you have ever done wrong in your relationship is completely admissible in an argument — even YEARS after the fact.

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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