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SHOCKING VIDEO: Tom Sizemore caught doing heroin and crystal meth in his bathroom.


A shocking new video tape has surfaced, showing actor Tom Sizemore doing hardcore drugs in his bathroom.

A “friend” of Tom’s secretly filmed the ‘Saving Private Ryan’ actor in late 2013, using both heroin and crystal meth in the bathroom of his Los Angeles home.

52-year-old Tom is married, and also the father of two children.

While getting high, Sizemore rambles on about Oliver Stone, claiming the director partied with prostitutes during filming of ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ in 1989.

Tom has had YEARS of addiction issues, which began when he was 15. He tried to get clean on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” back in 2010, but clearly it didn’t stick.

This is just so sad. What a waste.

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Tom Sizemore outside Mr. Chow yesterday

Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore was outside of Mr. Chow yesterday, smoking a cigarette.



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Tom Sizemore arrested…again.


Actor Tom Sizemore, still on probation for a drug rap, was arrested Tuesday for investigation of possessing methamphetamine as he sat in a car outside a Bakersfield hotel, police said.

Sizemore, 45, of Calabasas, was arrested after drugs were found in his car outside the Four Points Sheraton hotel, Detective Greg Terry said.

Officers were called to the hotel at around 7:30 a.m. by a report that a man had challenged an employee to fight while trying to check in, Terry said.

The man, believed to be an associate of Sizemore’s, had gotten into a dispute over whether he had a reservation, the detective said.

Jason Salcido, 33, of Whittier, was found to be on parole and officers found he was carrying a “narcotic smoking pipe,” Terry said.

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Tom Sizemore’s movie made $30.00!? Holy crap, how is that even possible?


The New Year hasn’t started well for troubled actor Tom Sizemore- his latest movie ZYZZYX Road has just been hailed the biggest flop of 2006.

In the final box office figures for the past year, the thriller earned just $30.00 at the US box office. The film, which also stars Katherine Heigl, only opened in Dallas, Texas, where it earned $20.00 in its opening weekend, and a further $10.00 the following week.

Sizemore is hoping to have more luck with his new reality TV series, Shooting Sizemore, which features home videos of the Black Hawk Down star shooting heroin at the height of his drug abuse problems.


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