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This is why you need to kiss before your wedding day…

This video has been making the rounds today, I’ve seen it on half a dozen sites. I finally stopped and watched it – and now I know why!

TLC has a new TV special coming out called Virgin Diaries. The show is about a couple who have never had sex – and never kissed anyone before. The camera catches their stomach-turning first kiss.


Posted Monday, November 28th, 2011 at 1:13pm
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Michelle Duggar is 45 and pregnant with her 20th baby!

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Wow, I’m a bit shocked at this news. Michelle Duggar is pregnant – for the 20th time. Michelle and her husband Jim-Bob believe that God control’s their family, and every child they create deserves to be born. While I agree every child deserves to be born, I do think it’s high time they invest in some birth control.

Michelle’s last pregnancy almost ended in tragedy. Their 19th baby, Josie, was born at 25 weeks, and spent four months in the NICU.

Michelle, Jim-Bob and the rest of their large clan made the announcement on the Today Show this morning (in an interview I hope they were paid for!).

Michelle Duggar and her husband Jim Bob made the surprising announcement Tuesday that they are expecting their 20th child.

“We are so excited,” Michelle Duggar told the Today show in an exclusive interview.

Michelle — who’s three and a half months pregnant — says she was surprised to discover that she’s expecting again at 45. “I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful.”

Michelle says she’s over her first-trimester morning sickness and has been craving dill pickles. She says she hasn’t had any health issues and that she’s been working out five or six days a week for the past year. “I’m really in better shape than I’ve been in 20 years,” she said.

The kids thought their dad Jim Bob was joking when he told them they would have a new brother or sister, Michelle said. They lined the family up on the staircase for a photo, she recalled, and Jim Bob said, “Smile — Mom’s going to have another baby!”

“Their mouths dropped,” Michelle said. “They all looked at me to see if he was joking.”

Jim Bob says he’s thrilled for their 20th child. “Michelle and I both feel like some of the most blessed parents in the world. Our children are so sweet… we are so grateful to God.”

And, he adds, “We didn’t want to stop on an odd number.”

Michelle says she’ll find out the gender of the baby around Christmas.

Their last child, Josie, suffered from gall-bladder problems as well as preeclampsia and was delivered three and a half months prematurely in order to save her life. (Josie is now a healthy toddler who will celebrate her second birthday in December.)

The Duggars’ 19 children, who range in age from 23 years to 23 months, are: Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, Josie.

At the very least they gotta be running out of names that start with J – right?

I wonder how Jim-Bob provides for all these children.


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A ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ ALL NEW LOW…..

What in the tarnations is wrong with people! As if ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ wasn’t bad enough already, now some a**hole mother dressed her toddler up as a hooker! Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ to be more specific.

Seriously – how was this allowed? This makes me cringe.

Naughty naughty TLC.

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Toddler & Tiaras: Kids Performing With Fake Breasts

This show has been out of control for quite some time, with little girls performing with false eyelashes and teeth, caked with make-up and bad attitudes…but this takes the cake. On top of spray tans and thousand dollar custom made outfits, little 4-year-old Maddie Jackson dressed up like country star Dolly Parton – and her costume came with fakes breasts and butt pads.

“I want to show the judges how beautiful I am,” little Maddy says. “I love dressing up like Dolly!”

“When she wears the fake boobs and fake butt it’s an added bonus,” her mom Lindsay says about the costume.  “It’s really funny when she comes out on stage they think it’s hysterical. They realize not only is she Dolly but she has the added enhancements just like Dolly has.”

Some viewers have been outraged by the fake enhancements, but they’re not the ones who get to vote.

So do the pageant judges like the little girl with the grown up body?

“We tend to score really well with it,” Maddy’s mom says.

Am I the only one who’s outraged and disgusted? Poor child…


Posted Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 11:11am
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