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Terrence Howard Has A Super Secret Divorce

The Global Gift Gala In Marbella

Hey, anyone wanna date Terrence Howard? Because now, you CAN.

Apparently, The Empire star has been secretly living apart since August 2014 and secretly divorced his third wife, Mira Pak, on Monday July 27, the New York Daily News confirms.

Pak, 38, started divorce proceedings (citing irreconcilable differences) back in March, while pregnant with her and Howard’s first child. Then they had their kid Qirin Love in May, and despite the fact that Howard claimed to be doing his share of baby night duty, Pak says in divorce papers that she and the 46-year-old actor had been living separately since August 2014.

This divorce only came out because of the closing arguments of a SEPARATE court proceeding relating to his second wife, Michelle Ghent, on Monday. Terrence is going through a lot of stuff with Michelle ALWAYS, as for years he he claims she blackmailed him. The Oscar nominated star says his ex threatened to release embarrassing recordings of him dancing naked and having phone sex with other women, if he didn’t agree to a giganto divorce settlement.

Yikes. Maybe wrap up one divorce before another, Terrence? Or hey, marriage isn’t for everyone.

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Terrence Howard is Broke

Terrence Howard Makes His Way About Cannes!

Oscar nominee, Terrence Howard, with nearly 90 credits to his name, claims he is too broke to pay his ex-wife her spousal support.  Michelle Howard has apparently threatened to blackmail the Iron Man star in order to get more money – but he’s fighting back.

Terrence filed new court docs … asking a judge to throw out his divorce settlement with Michelle Howard. He says they were only married a year and he was extorted and blackmailed into signing the settlement.

Michelle’s not backing down, claiming he owes her $325K in spousal support.

Terrence claims he could never pay her that money … because he only takes home $5,878 a month.

Howard claims the balance of his earnings are earmarked for another ex-wife, Lori McMasters, to pay spousal and child support.

Howard says he’s actually an employee on Lori’s payroll — his Hollywood movie money goes directly to her … and she cuts him his monthly check.

Well if what he’s saying is true- he’s only clearing about $70,000 a year- which isn’t nothing, but it certainly isn’t what we expect for our Hollywood stars.  I think there are two major points to make on this matter.  First- Lori McMasters clearly has an amazing divorce settlement of her own.  And secondly – Terrence Howard should stop putting a ring on it.

At least he’s keeping busy with work- as he has eight projects in the pipeline, including St. Vincent, a comedy out in October also starring Melissa McCarthy, Bill Murray and Naomi Watts.

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JUST IN: Terrence Howard accused of badly beating his ex-wife after recently reuniting!

Terrence Howard is in hot water this morning, after his ex-wife has accused him of badly beating her during an argument in Costa Rica.

According to TMZ, Michelle Ghent divorced Terrence in May but recently hooked back up with him. The couple took a trip with Terrence and several members of his family to Costa Rica last week. Apparently there was an argument, and she claims Terrence beat her up.

Terrence is claiming Michelle maced him, his adult daughter and another family member. Police were called to the scene and a report was taken. Multiple sources say Terrence made up the macing story to cover his brutality. Others say Michelle is lying about being abused.

Michelle is on her way to court to get a restraining order against Terrence. According to TMZ this isn’t the first time Michelle has accused Terrence of hitting her. She claims he started beating her 7 days after they were married.

If this story is true – what a POS. AND – if it’s true he’s always abused her…. then what is she thinking going on vacation with him!?


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Terrence Howard’s creepy comments about his sex scenes with Oprah.

This is a promo pic for Lee Daniels’ movie, ‘The Butler’. Terrence Howard starred opposite Oprah in the film. The movie is based on the life of Eugene Allen (played by Forrest Whitaker), a real-life butler who served eight Presidents of the United States in the White House until his retirement in 1986.

PS: This film has the most CRAZY cast. Hopefully it’s going to be good! Check out the talent in this film!

Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines
Alex Pettyfer as Thomas Westfall
John Cusack as Richard Nixon
Robin Williams as Dwight D. Eisenhower
Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan
James Marsden as John F. Kennedy
Minka Kelly as Jackie Kennedy
Lenny Kravitz as James Holloway
Jesse Williams as Rev. James Lawson
Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Carter Wilson
Mariah Carey as Hattie Pearl
Oprah Winfrey as Gloria Gaines
Liev Schreiber as Lyndon B. Johnson
Nelsan Ellis as Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan
Melissa Leo as Mamie Eisenhower
Terrence Howard as Howard
Vanessa Redgrave as Annabeth Westfall

Anyhoo,  it hasn’t be released yet, but here’s something you have to look forward to! Terrence Howard and Oprah apparently had a love scene, and he really….really…liked it. While doing an interview with Movie Fanatic, Terrence had this to say about Oprah.

“Oprah and I had such chemistry. To be able to make out with Oprah and to have love scenes with her and those tig ol’ bitties. I mean, she’s such a lovely and voluptuous woman. She’s very, very beautiful and that was wonderful.”

I can’t imagine Oprah in a love scene….like at all. She seems so completely unsexual it’s going to be weird to see her like that.

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