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T.J. Lavin has been released from the hospital!

A month after surviving a horrific crash that put him in a medically induced coma, BMX superstar TJ Lavin has returned home.

The host of MTV’s Real World Road Rules Challenge, 33, was released Friday.

He has “crawled out of a deep hole,” his mother tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

She says he is “he is now walking, talking, eating on his own and is getting his sense of humor back. He has some eye issues and balance issues, but as the swelling goes down, we hope they will go away.”

He occasionally has to wear an eyepatch.

“He has some eye issues and balance issues, but as the swelling goes down, we hope they will go away,” Barbara Lavin says.

What’s more, says mom: “He’s starting to get his personality back.”

Proof: Asked in a recent rehabilitation session to name three historical events, he cited 9/11, Pearl Harbor and, “Janet Jackson’s boob,” his mother says, referring to the singer’s infamous wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.


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T.J. Lavin is has pneumonia, but doctors give good news!

TJ Lavin is waging a war against pneumonia, likely because of the breathing tube that is assisting the injured BMX rider in his medically induced coma. But his family has received good news from doctors – his brain appears to be fine after his horrific crash last week.

“Everything is good there,” Lavin’s friend and business manager Chas Aday told PEOPLE on Tuesday. “Doctors are not expecting any [brain damage], but we’re just not going to know until he wakes up if there is any loss or how bad it is going to be.”

Doctors are hoping to have the pneumonia treated and the breathing tube removed by the weekend to re-evaluate his condition. As yet, doctors haven’t tried to remove either his breathing tube or feeding tube.

Once the tubes are removed, the host of MTV’s Real World Road Rules Challenge is expected to come out of the coma and slowly begin opening his eyes, something he has yet to do.

“Getting the tube out is the big thing. That’s what’s holding him back,” Aday said. “Once they get the tube out, he could be home two, three, maybe four days later. … They don’t know. It could be a week. It could be two weeks. It really depends on the antibiotics.”

The pneumonia has delayed surgery on Lavin’s shattered wrist. But generally, the prognosis is good. “He’s responding well,” Aday said. “He’s squeezing our hands, so he’s responding appropriately. … He is coherent, but not fully awake. He’s following simple commands.”

BMX athlete Anthony Napolitan, who has also been at Lavin’s bedside, adds: “He’ll pull through, for sure, and I guarantee you he’ll be back riding on the bike again.”


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UPDATE on T.J. Lavin’s horrible BMX crash!

Fellow BMX rider Ryan Nyquist told PEOPLE that T.J. Lavin is still in a coma, but expected to recover. “I talked to one of the guys from Dew Tour and they took an MRI and things looked all right and they’re slowly weaning him off of the medication to keep him induced. But I think he’s still not ready to be conscious. I think he’s got a breathing tube, and it’s unfortunate. I feel like TJ’s a pretty strong dude and he’ll pull out of it just fine. It’s going to take a little while.”

According to reports, Lavin was showing signs of improvement over the weekend.

Watch a video of Lavin’s crash here!

What’s sad is this was supposed to be T.J.’s farewell ride. This was his final ride before he retired from the sport. He was said to have been spooked before making the jump, and had indicated that he didn’t want to do it at all. A good friend and fellow BMX racer had attempted the same jump less than a week earlier, and had almost the same results. Ironically the two are now in the same hospital only five rooms apart.

“Basically, whatever TJ needs, BMX is going to support him,” Nyquist said. “That’s the way it’s always been. It’s always been one big family. We know that injuries happen and we know how much it hurts, so basically whatever TJ needs he’ll get it from us.”


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BREAKING: T.J. Lavin in critical condition after bike crash!

T.J. Lavin — a BMX star and host of MTV’s “The Challenge” — is currently in a medically induced coma after losing control of his bike and crashing during a jump at a BMX event last night.

Lavin was competing in a Dew Tour event in Las Vegas — when he hit a dirt ramp, lost control, and slammed down onto the ground. Friends and crew workers immediately rushed to Lavin’s side, but he didn’t appear to be moving.

Lavin was rushed to nearby University Medical Center hospital … where he was placed into a medically induced coma.

We’re told Lavin is also experiencing brain swelling and is listed in critical condition.

Watch the video of the crash below. 🙁


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