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‘Survivor’s’ Russell Hantz lands his own reality show!

If you can’t get enough of ‘Survivor’ bad boy Russel Hantz, it’s your lucky day! The reality-tv “villian” just landed his own TV show! has learned exclusively that Survivor villain Russell Hantz will star in Flipped, a series following the three-time Survivor contestant as he and his family attempt to buy Houston-area houses cheap and re-sell them at a profit during this tough economy. “There are tons of reality TV stars sitting on their couches and twiddling their thumbs because they haven’t created anything else,” Hantz tell Entertainment Weekly, “I expect to be one of the biggest house flippers in Houston and I am here to bring Houston’s economy back on its feet.” A&E has ordered seven one-hour episodes from Departure Films and Flipped will premiere in the fourth quarter of this year.

Russell is single handedly going to bring Houston’s economy back! That’s quite a feat!


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Survivor winner Fabio arrested!

Judson Birza (aka Fabio), the winner of “Survivor,” season 21 in Nicaragua, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance, according to TMZ.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops noticed Birza at around noon riding a skateboard in the street — which is illegal. They stopped Birza, noticed he was acting strangely, and determined he was under the influence.

Santa Monica police arrested Birza and took him to the station, where he was booked and jailed.

Birza was also booked for an unrelated DUI warrant as well as a probation violation.

He quickly posted his $37,000 and was spotted leaving and hopping into a stretch white limo.

Fabio told TMZ, “Dude, this is such bulls**t … I got treated like a baby.”

Moments after he got into the limo — Birza and his buddies popped a few Tecates to celebrate his newfound freedom.

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Russell and Boston Rob are returning on the new season of ‘Survivor’!

I looooooooooooove me some Survivor! I’ve watched every single season, and loved every single one! I’m excited for the new season – and the new rules, and I have to admit, I can’t wait to see Russell (probably Survivor’s biggest villain) do his dirty work again! People has the scoop:

Earlier this week, the producers of Survivor announced the identities of 16 cast members who will compete on the upcoming season.

Now, in keeping with the season’s theme – Redemption Island – they’re revealing which former contestants will return for another chance at the show’s $1 million prize.

Get ready for drama: Villains Russell Hantz and “Boston” Rob Mariano will face off again on the show.

“Having never been awarded the title of Sole Survivor, Hantz and Mariano return to compete for the $1 million prize and one last shot at redemption,” CBS said in a statement. “They will each join a separate tribe of all new castaways at the start of the game, but it is the tribe who will ultimately decide if they will welcome the knowledge of an experienced veteran, or view these former castaways as a threat.”

Redemption Island, which returns to Nicaragua and premieres Feb. 16 (8 p.m. ET) on CBS, will be the first installment of Survivor that allows players who are voted out a chance to return to the competition.

Instead of leaving the game completely, booted contestants will go to Redemption Island, where they’ll live alone until someone else is voted out. Then, those two players will compete in a duel to determine which one stays and which one goes. The last person standing on Redemption Island has a chance to return to the game.


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Survivor: New Twists, New Night!

In the 21st season of the CBS hit Survivor, the contestants are headed to Nicaragua! There’s usually a twist in each season, and this season is no different! Rather than be men vs. women, fans against favorites or heroes vs. villains, this year it’s the older vs. the youngins!

The new 20 contestants will be split up into two tribes: The Espada Tribe for individuals 40 and older and the La Flor Tribe for those 30 and younger!

Joining Survivor: Nicaragua is legendary football coach Jimmy Johnson. The old versus young division is not the only twist this season. At the very opening, Probst will reveal to the contestants a brand new item: the Medallion of Power. The Medallion can be used by a tribe to give itself an advantage in an immunity challenge, but once used, it goes over to the other tribe to use when it sees fit. “The Medallion of Power is designed to give you power at challenges,” explains Probst. “And our job is to make sure that the advantage is enough to tempt you — not so much that it’s a landslide, but enough that you go, ‘I’m not sure we should take it. Maybe we should, maybe we shouldn’t.’”

Check out Survivor: Nicaragua, which premieres on a new night, Wednesday, Sept. 15 (8 p.m. ET) on CBS.’

I don’t think I like the fact that it’s moved to Wednesday! It’s always been on Thursdays, Thursday is a good night! What do you think of the move?

Check out the new cast here!

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