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Steven Tyler Admits To Spending 6 Million on Drugs!

Sure, Steven Tyler has been living like a rock star life, but this seems…excessive (even for Steven Tyler!)

Famously rumored to have spent more than 20 million on drugs, Tyler wants to set the record straight for everyone…that it’s less (but you know, still a LOT of money).

“Realistically, 5 or 6 [million]. But it doesn’t matter. You also could say I snorted half of Peru, but it doesn’t matter,” he revealed during an interview with Australian show 60 Minutes.

So, what matters? His sobriety, of course!

The Aerosmith singer became addicted to drugs in the late 1970’s and it wasn’t until he sought treatment in 1986 that he turned his life around. A minor bump in the form of a prescription pill addiction and made him reenter treatment in 2009. Since then…he’s been drug free and doing well.

So, where does the money all go now that it isn’t spent on drugs? That’s a LOT of free dough…

Photo: FameFlynet

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Is Randy Jackson also leaving American Idol?

Two judges down and one to go!

It looks like Randy Jackson may be following Steven Tyler’s lead and be leaving American Idol.  Jennifer Lopez has also been hinting that she may exit the show as well.

Rumors are spreading that there may be whole new judging panel on American Idol next season.  Randy Jackson may continue on as a mentor to contestants but not as a judge.

“[Show producers] think they need to freshen everything up now,” the source explains.

One very likely new judge? Mariah Carey, whose manager is Jackson himself, and who could fill a similar judge’s role assumed by fellow superstar Lopez, 42.

“They are in serious talks with Mariah and it’s very close to being a done deal,” the source says. “And they will move Randy into a more mentoring role.”

Insiders are speculating that Fergie and Adam Lambert my join the judging table of American Idol.

Do you think they would be a good fit?  Will you miss Randy Jackson as a judge?

Source, Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Dude looks like a granny!

Woah!  He looks more like my grandma than a world famous hard rocking superstar.

Steven Tyler celebrates his birthday on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii on March 26, 2012 looking quite dainty.

Photos by Fame/Flynet

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Steven Tyler butchers the National Anthem?

Steven Tyler sang the National Anthem at the NFL Playoff Game yesterday, and by most accounts he “butchered it”. I watched it – and I don’t know if he necessarily butchered it. He just sang like he normally sings. I mean what are you expecting when you ask Steven Tyler to sing the National Anthem? I think for his style of singing – this is as good as it gets.

What do you think?

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