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Even Supermodels Get DUIs

The 19th Annual ACRIA Holiday Dinner

Celebrities are just like (the worst of) us!

Supermodel Stephanie Seymour got a DUI on Friday night after going the wrong way at a stop sign in Greenwitch, Connecticut.

According to TMZ, Stephanie was stopped on an off-ramp from I-95 when another car came up and stopped behind her. Instead of going forward, the police cops say Stephanie threw her 2015 Range Rover into reverse and rammed right into the other vehicle.

Yep, sounds like a DUI was in order.

Seymor refused to take a field sobriety test, even though the officer on the scene said she smelled like booze, was unsteady on her feet and had bloodshot eyes. Nobody had any injuries (thank god) but Stephanie- you aren’t fooling anybody. You been DRINKING.

The 47-year-old was booked and the rest was a Friday evening in Connecticut.

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Stephanie Seymour poses for an “inappropriate” picture with her sons in Harper’s Bazaar


I don’t know if you remember, or not, but back in 2011 a series of pictures were released of supermodel Stephanie Seymour on vacation in St. Bart’s with her two sons. There were several photos of Stephanie kissing her son Peter Brant Junior (then 17) on the lips as it looked like he was grabbing her boob. Her son came out and said the photos were fine, he explained that he’s gay – and he and his mom have a “special relationship.” (That’s not weird at all.)

Well, they’re at it again. Stephanie and her sons have posed for the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and some critics are calling the photos inappropriate. I don’t think I’d go that far…. but they are provocative, which I guess is exactly what she’s going for.

Oh, mama! Those aren’t any random male models clinging to Stephanie Seymour’s leg — those are her sons. The 45-year-old supermodel posed for Harper’s Bazaar wearing sexy lingerie, and had her boys — Peter Brant II, 20, and Harry, 17 — pose with her.

The provocative spread comes three years after she was photographed in a tiny bikini on a St. Bart’s beach, frolicking and kissing Peter, who said people were “gross” for insinuating he had an inappropriate relationship with his mom.

“They are fearless kids. They grew up surrounded by art,” a family friend told me. “They decided to combat silliness with silliness.”

Harper’s Bazaar Editor-in-Chief Glenda Bailey said, “It’s a coup to have captured Stephanie Seymour’s first photo session with her sons. They are a family that puts the fun into fashion.”

The boys grew up in Greenwich, Conn., with a life-size nude bust of their mother on the wall — a work by Maurizio Cattelan, who was inspired by the taxidermied hunting trophies of their father, polo-playing art collector Peter Brant.

When the beach photos caused a stir three years ago, Peter II — who describes himself on Facebook as “a designer, art collector, socialite and model” — stated: “My mother and I are very close as she is with all her children . . . We have nothing to hide and with that in mind I would like to say that I am openly gay . . . and yes, our relationship may be different because of my sexuality.”

Seymour, who was once engaged to Guns N’ Roses rocker Axl Rose, is a marvel of motherhood, with two other kids as well. She’s looking good. She can’t help being hot.

What do you think of the pictures – did she go too far?



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Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt film scenes for “The Hills” at ‘Recess’ nail salon


Flynet, PCN


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Victoria’s Secret & supermodel Stephanie Seymour at the beach





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