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PICS: Shia LaBeouf Stops For A Frosty Beverage In Sherman Oaks, California

PICS: Shia LaBeouf Stops For A Frosty Beverage In Sherman Oaks, California

“Fury” actor Shia LaBeouf stops to grab a cool drink to go in Sherman Oaks, California on August 26, 2014. Shia recently called 911 when he spotted a stalker by the name of Graciela Nahle trying to break into his home. The stalker plead no contest to charges of trespassing over the incident and was sentenced to 45 days in jail but was released in just four days.

PICS: Shia LaBeouf Stops For A Frosty Beverage In Sherman Oaks, California

That’s the justice system for you… Let’s hope that Shia gets a protection order against this woman before she does worse.

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Shia LaBeouf is Looking Well

Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth Get Some Mexican Food To Go

Fury star, Shia LaBeouf, seems to be looking well after his recent troubles.  He was spotted earlier today grabbing lunch in Sherman Oaks, with his girlfriend, Mia Goth.  Goth and LaBeouf met on the set of their movie Nymphomaniac.  After an arrest for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and harassment at a showing of Cabaret in NYC, LaBeouf attended treatment for alcohol issues.  He has since been focusing on maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

LaBeouf’s director in FuryDavid Ayer, gives LaBeouf high praise:

“He’s amazing, a freakin’ gifted guy.  He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with. People are going to be shocked by how strong his performance is.”

Fury will be released this October and stars Brad Pitt as well.

Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth Get Some Mexican Food To Go Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth Get Some Mexican Food To Go

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Megan Fox Defends Shia LaBeouf

Megan Fox Defends Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has been on quite the downward spiral lately, but his former hookup and “Transformers” co-star Megan Fox is sticking behind him. While promoting “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, Megan had nothing but kind words for Shia.

“I’m not worried about Shia. I love my Shia. He’s perfectly fine,” Fox, 28, told the New York Daily News. “I haven’t talked to him in a couple of years, but I don’t worry about him.”

“He’s a brilliant kid, talented and funny,” the mom of two continued. “There’s no reason to worry.”

So, basically she hasn’t spoken to him in quite some time, but thinks that he’s just fine? Perhaps her handlers have instructed her to try and keep anything not related to the promotion of the movie to a strict minimum.

Shia was arrested for going crazy during the Broadway production of “Cabaret” and proceeded to give the theatergoers and police that epic “Do you know who I am?!?” line. He’s a bit crazy, but at least he seems to be handling his demons.

Anyhoo, are you planning on going to see “Ninja Turtles” at the theater?

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More Bad News for Shia LaBeouf

PICS: Shia LaBeouf runs errands after an AA meeting

Fury star, Shia LaBeouf, has been publicly battling demons the past couple of years, and now the poor kid has Lethal Weapon star and inventor of the mullet, Mel Gibson of all people sympathizing with him.  I guess you know you’re in trouble when you have Gibson in your camp.

‘When I see someone like Shia LaBeouf with the bag on his head and stuff, my heart goes out to the poor guy,’ Gibson told Indiewire following his acceptance of a lifetime achievement award at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Czech Republic this weekend.

‘I think he’s suffering in some way,’ he added, referring to Shia’s appearance at the premiere of Nymphomaniac back in February, where he arrived on the red carpet with a paper bag over his head complete with the slogan ‘I Am Not Famous Anymore.’

He has since been reportedly attending AA meetings.

‘Why (else) would he do that?’ Gibson continued. ‘People are in line to sort of point the finger at him and say that he’s this, that, or the other. It’s easy to judge.

‘But I’m sure he’s going through some kind of personal, very painful, cathartic thing that he has to exorcise and get out there. And he’ll probably play it out and come back…He’ll be all right. I actually like the kid. I think he’s good.’

The Lethal Weapon star also appeared to sympathise with the high public interest in Shia’s behaviour.

‘You’re a target,’ he declared. ‘And you have to be really adept at tap dancing and dodging the bullets. And sometimes you get hit.’

Gibson makes a fair point, and I do think that LaBeouf is clearly going through some sort of a crisis right now.  Mel has had his own fair share of destructive behavior including a DUI and anti-Semitic rant in 2006, a high-profile divorce from his wife Robyn Gibson in 2009, and a confusing relationship with a Russian pianist, Oksana Grigorieva, with whom he fathered a little girl with. Their relationship ended and Gibson was later served a restraining order due to domestic violence accusations.  So… Shia… maybe steer clear.


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