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Sheryl Crow rocks an eye patch on Instagram!

This is what happens when you have sons! I have two boys, ages 13 and 11 (as of 2 days ago, sniff, sniff) and I’m constantly being tortured. Someone call the authorities! Does farting count as torture?

Sheryl Crow feels my pain. She shared this photo on Instagram, saying “So this is what happens when you play tennis with your kids … Someone has a good forehand!”

Sheryl’s boys are 3 and 6.

Her new album, “Feels Like Home,” is set to be released in September. At least one song talks about motherhood. She co-wrote “Waterproof Mascara” with Brad Paisley. She told the AP, “I made Brad Paisley write a chick song about being a single mom.”

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Sheryl Crow plays on the beach with her two sons, Levi and Wyatt

Sheryl Crow hit the beach yesterday afternoon in Venice, California, with her two sons, Levi and Wyatt. I think this is the first time in years I’ve seen her out and about like THIS – with the paparazzi capturing every moment. Feels like a staged photo shoot to me, which seems weird. Her timing is odd too. She’s been under some pressure this week to comment about Lance Armstrong, and what she knew about the doping. She’s not saying whether or not she knew anything (she totally did), she’s just making vague comments about the whole thing.

Singer Sheryl Crow, who dated Lance Armstrong from 2003 to 2006, is talking about her former boyfriend’s revelation that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Her comments will air Tuesday in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight.”

“I think that honesty is always the best bet and that the truth will set you free,” Crow said. “It must be really hard to walk around knowing you are not telling the truth about something. So I always contend that the truth is the best way to go.”

Crow said she watched part of Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey last week. She was with Armstrong during his final two Tour de France victories.

“I know how hard he worked to win those titles, and you know, it was hard to watch,” Crow said. “I felt bad. I felt bad for him, I felt bad for his family, and I kinda felt like the rest of America. He is a hero that we watched and looked up to and admire.”

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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Sheryl Crow finally comments on Lance Armstrong and his admitted doping.

Entertainment Tonight sat down with singer Sheryl Crow, and asked her about her ex-fiance, former Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, and his recent doping confession.

“I think that honesty is always the best bet and that the truth will set you free,” said Crow. She claims to only have caught “bits and pieces” of Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. “To carry around a weight like that would be devastating in the long run.”

Armstrong, 41, and Crow, 50, began dating in 2003 — the same year that Armstrong divorced his wife of five years, Kristin — and split in 2006.

Last year, a report from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency led to Armstrong’s downfall. The shamed cyclist was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and, until now, vehemently maintained his innocence.

During a series of rapid-fire yes or no questions, the retired cyclist confirmed to Oprah last week that he had blood transfusions and used the banned substance erythropoietin (EPO) during his career — particularly during all seven of his Tour de France victories.

I’m not buying for a second that she didn’t watch his entire interview. She only caught “bits and pieces” of the interview? Girl, please. I feel like she KNEW about his doping from back when they were together, and I also believe she lied to authorities when asked about it.


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Did Sheryl Crow know about Lance Armstrong’s doping?

Lance Armstrong has now admitted in front of the whole world that he did, in fact, dope during his career, and lied to cover his tracks. How many of you caught his Oprah interview last night? I didn’t catch it (had a Jr. High science fair to attend), but I’ve got it set to record today. From what I’ve read he DID come clean about using drugs during his career, and shockingly, he doesn’t think what he did was wrong. Is this guy delusional? There are some clips from the interview with Oprah below.

Anyhoo – Sheryl Crow dated Lance from 2003 – 2006, which would be the height of his doping. He won two Tour de France competitions during their relationship, so did Sheryl know what he was up to?

Seems everybody in Lance Armstrong’s world knew the truth about the cyclist — that he was cheating his face off — which begs the question … how much did Sheryl Crow know?

Armstrong dated Crow from 2003 ’til 2006 — when they broke off their engagement. During the relationship, Armstrong rode in the Tour de France twice — and won both times.

During Armstrong’s interview with Oprah, he admitted to using every single PED under the sun and blood doping … and acknowledged that everyone who came after him for cheating was right.

Which brings us to Sheryl … who reportedly was interviewed by the feds in 2011 and allegedly provided info in the doping investigation. The Wall Street Journal reported … two sources claimed she knew a lot about the doping situation. Crow has never spoken publicly about the matter.

We reached out to Crow’s agent, who didn’t have a comment … and we tried to find a publicist for Sheryl, but were unsuccessful.

What do you think – did Sheryl know what he was up to? Do we think Lance tried to hide what he was up to?


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