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THIS Is How Sharon Osbourne Found Out About Ozzy’s Affair:

The 2015 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party in LA

In a word: emails.

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osborne have split, and now we’re learning everything we can about what went down. And sadly, Ozzy’s affair with celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh was made known by such a common philandering misstep: leaving emails out to read! Not that I’d put it past soft, old, confused Ozzy to cover his tracks, but come ON. Sharon retraced the rock star’s digital footprints, and boom: found out about the affair AND that Ozzy was giving her sweet, sweet Black Sabbath cash. Us Weekly reports:

Pugh “was one of Ozzy’s mistresses” and was working as a colorist at the posh Mêche Salon in Beverly Hills, but “was fired last week” amid the cheating rumors. “Ozzy was supporting her,” the insider claims to Us.

“Sharon found out about the affair by searching through Ozzy’s emails. She was upset that he was supporting this woman!” the insider continues. “She and [daughter] Kelly both called the salon repeatedly for about two weeks before the news broke, trying to get in touch with Michelle. They were really angry. Sharon is the reason Michelle was let go.”

Ugh. Ozzy and Sharon have both made statements, but this still feels very real and very raw. 34 years of marriage ain’t nothing to scoff at!

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Ozzy Osbourne Was Cheating On Sharon With A Hairstylist

PICS: Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Shopping In Beverly Hills

Now we get some explanations!

After the abrupt and unexpected split of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, everyone was like, WTF could sully this 33-year marriage? Infidelity, that’s what. While Ozzy took the time to remind everyone that he was indeed still sober, apparently he wasn’t coming clean when it came to the SEX. According to Us Weekly, the rocker was having an affair with celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh. So now we know what really led to his wife, Sharon Osbourne, calling it quits on their relationship after nearly 34 years of marriage. US reports:

A source claims to Us that Pugh “was one of Ozzy’s mistresses” and was working as a colorist at the posh Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, but “was fired last week” amid the cheating rumors. “Ozzy was supporting her,” the insider adds to Us.

On the Tuesday, May 10, episode of The Talk, Sharon, 63, confirmed her split from the Black Sabbath singer, 67. The British TV personality sipped on a glass of lemonade as she addressed her marriage drama in front of the show’s studio audience. (Ahead of her appearance on Tuesday, Sharon’s daughter Kelly posted an Instagram of herself holding lemon in front of her right eye. “Guess who’s turning 🍋’s into #lemonade?” she captioned the pic.)

“I’ve been avoiding looking at any pictures or reading anything. I know what’s going on,” Sharon explained. “I don’t need to read about it and see about it because it’s like putting salt in a wound. So I don’t need to.”

“I honestly cannot thank people enough for their backing me. For saying they love me. For everybody here at my home, supporting me, sending me messages of love,” she continued. “I honestly am empowered and I have found this inner strength and I’m like right. OK. What’s next?”

The mom of three also revealed that she kicked Ozzy out of the couple’s Beverly Hills home. “It’s true,” she said with a laugh, but then admitted that the musician has returned, forcing Sharon to find refuge away from the couple’s mansion. “He’s back and I’m out of the house,” she noted.

This isn’t the first time Ozzy has cheated- apparently back in March, Sharon said she caught him in bed with two nannies. EEEWWWWW.

ONWARD, Sharon. To a dude who will keep his dick in his pants and won’t make you learn mumblecore.

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Ozzy And Sharon Are Osbourned OUT

2014 MTV Europe Music Awards - ArrivalsAnd an institution has collapsed…

Not that Ozzy Osbourne was doing a whole lot, but the news is Sharon Osbourne and OZ are no more. That’s a 33 year marriage breaking up!

You show me a longer marriage with a more identifiable couple, and I’ll show you a HOLLYWOOD UNICORN. The 67-year-old heavy metal rocker and the 63-year-old co-host of The Talk have broken up, and it’s seriously sad.

A source told E! News that the couple mutually agreed that Ozzy would move out of the house temporarily. Word on the street is also that the split has nothing to do with Ozzy’s sobriety (he’s been sober for three and a quarter years and has not touched drugs or alcohol in that time, which is good for him considering he’s practically made a career making drug-fueled metal). ANYHOW, the whole thing is a shame and I’m VERY curious if the two will reconcile, or if maybe there’s someone new in the picture for Sharon (for whatever reason, I’m thinking Ozzy wouldn’t really care/be capable of having a side piece. Is that weird?).

The two started banging in the early ’70s when he rose to fame with Black Sabbath and she was later his manager. The two wed on July 4, 1982 and had three children—Aimee Osbourne, 32, Kelly Osbourne, 31, and Jack Osbourne, 30.

RIP to this relationship.

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Kelly Osbourne Discusses Her ‘Fashion Police’ Exit

Kelly Osbourne Discusses Her 'Fashion Police' Exit

Kelly Osbourne recently announced her departure from Fashion Police following five years on the show. Since, she has appeared on her mother, Sharon Osbourne’s show, The Talk to discuss her infamous exit.

It was only after co-host Giuliana Rancic made rude comments about Zendaya Coleman’s hair that Osbourne decided that it was time to leave. In a segment that aired Tuesday, Osbourne sat down with her mother, Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler and talked about the whole situation.

When Chen asked how she was feeling about the recent news, Osbourne responded: “It was the five best working years of my life. I’m so grateful for the experience.”

The TV personality also saluted her late mentor and co-host Joan Rivers, who was replaced by comedian Kathy Griffin.

“Working with Joan Rivers for five years was incredible. I learned so much,” she told the hosts, also adding that she is looking forward to a new chapter in her life. “I’m excited for my future now. I want to try new things.”

The network announced on Feb. 27 that Osbourne would end her run after four seasons, saying that the star was leaving in order to “pursue other opportunities.”

Who do you think the network will get to replace Kelly Osbourne on Fashion Police? Have your say in the comments below.

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