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Are Kevin Federline & Shar Jackson back together?

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline has sparked reports he’s back with his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson after taking her to Las Vegas for a birthday weekend.

Federline split from Jackson, the mother of two of the rapper/dancer’s kids, to romance ex-wife Spears. But now it looks as if the former lovers are an item again.

Federline and Jackson were spotted enjoying each other’s company on Friday afternoon in a private cabana at Tao Beach, before partying at Sin City’s Prive nightclub on Friday night.

According to, Federline even “went to the club’s DJ booth to publicly wish Shar a happy birthday”.

A source says, “Shar joined Kevin in the DJ booth, where he proceeded to sing along on the microphone to Put On by Young Jeezy and Welcome to Jamrock by Damien Marley.”



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Shar Jackson gets a birthday hug from Kevin Federline

Shar Jackson

Among Shar Jackson’s guest list for her 32nd birthday party: family, friends and Kevin Federline.

The father of four – including two children with Jackson – was at Las Vegas’s Blush Nightclub on Friday helping his ex celebrate, and even giving her a birthday hug.

“We were friends before we were a couple and we’re always going to be friends,” Jackson told People at Wynn Las Vegas before entering the party. “We have two amazing kids together. Kevin is my boy.”

She’s not kidding. Their reunion came only a few hours after the two hung out together in a VIP cabana at Tao Beach with friends and family.

Jackson, however, insists that there is no talk of rekindling the flame. “We have passed that stage.”

Jackson’s party was the first stop for Federline in night that saw him dropping by newly opened Lavo, Tao and Prive Las Vegas, where Jackson also joined him.

After seeing each other for the third time in 12 hours, Federline took a break from partying at a table in the club’s kitchen, then headed to the deejay booth to publicly wish Jackson a happy birthday into a microphone.

While rumors persist that Federline’s other ex, Britney Spears, may be planning a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards next month, she has a backer in Jackson.

“I hope she does it, I hope she goes for it and kills it,” Jackson said.



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Kevin Federline & Shar Jackson celebrating his birthday at Pure on Friday

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson arriving separately at Pure Nightclub on Friday to celebrate his 30th birthday.



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Shar Jackson works it all out

Shar Jackson

As a single mother of four, Shar Jackson has her hands full. The 31-year-old is usually tied up tending to her children, Donnie, 15, Cassie, 12, Kori, 5, and Kaleb, 3, and while that may leave little to no time for “me time” for other moms, Shar is not one of them. The aspiring rapper takes time out of her busy schedule to take care of her health and fitness and tells OK! sometimes you just got to find the time for yourself.

I do what I can when I can,” she says. “When my kids are at school, I have to work. But I try to take 15 minutes during the day and meditate. During the day, that’s Mommy time.”

Meditation is not the only thing Kevin Federline’s ex does. Armed with a fourth-degree black belt in tae kwon do, jujitsu and kung fu, she warns, “Don’t mess with me!”

As for time with her kids, Shar cannot get enough, telling OK! she’s a “dorky mom.”

“I have so much fun with my kids. We laugh all day long together. But don’t get me wrong; they know Mom will lay down the law and must be respected.”

And how does she feel about another famous mom she’s tied to — Britney Spears?

“I feel like that is her journey,” she says. “What she is going through at the moment, that’s what she needs to go through and work out in her own way. I’m one of the few people who actually feels that way. Leave the girl alone.”


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