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Scott Eastwood Opens Up About The Death Of His Ex Girlfriend

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Ugh, this is super sad.

Scott Eastwood‘s former girlfriend Jewel Brangman lost her life due to complications from defective airbags that led to the biggest recall in U.S. automotive history…and the loss still affects him (as it might, anyone)

The Suicide Squad actor opened up about the death of one of his first loves in the September/October issue of GQ Australia, and while he didn’t give her name you can kinda put two and two together.

The story goes that on Sept. 7, 2014, Brangman was driving from San Diego to Los Angeles when she rear-ended a van. The incident caused her air bag to inflate with too much force and spew metal shrapnel, killing the gymnastics coach and model via a brain injury that ultimately led to her death.  Brangman’s father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Honda, the airbag manufacturer and the rental company of the vehicle she was driving, a 2001 Honda Civic.

Eastwood called the cause of her death “f—– up” when speaking about it in his interview with GQ Australia. “It was a fender bender, and there was a recall on airbags,” he explained. “Her airbag exploded. It shot a projectile through her body. It split her spine.”

As of April 2016, 11 people worldwide had been killed by the exploding airbag made by Takata, the AP reports. At the time of her death, Brangman was the eighth casualty. So sad.

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Scott Eastwood And Adriana Lima Might Be Banging

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Three cheers to good genes!

Apparently, the newest hookup buddy/couple/who friggin’ knows is Scott Eastwood and model Adriana Lima. According to US Weekly, the pair were spotted getting cozy during a group dinner at NYC hot spot Catch on Wednesday night, and were “close and affectionate throughout the night,” adding that they “were always right next to each other and laughing at each other’s, assumingly, flirty jokes, and Scott had his arm around her every chance he could.” STEAMY!

So what makes this controversial, aside from all the facial symmetry and unfairly banging bods? Well, Adriana is VERY newly single, having separated from her husband of five years, Marko Jaric, this May. And Adriana’s people were quick to issue a statement, telling US that “Adriana had dinner that evening with a small group of friends and family; however, Mr. Eastwood was not in attendance.”

Not surprisingly, Scott has always been pretty into Adriana. Back in January, he posted a group shot from the IWC Gala Dinner in Geneva on Instagram where he definitely seemed distracted. He captioned the photo, in part, “You notice anything different about this photo? I’m the only guy looking left. Must’ve been looking at @adrianalima while the camera guys were yelling at me to look right.”

So hey, are they? Who knows. I want them to get together. They don’t have to get hitched, but a couple beautiful babies wouldn’t be a BAD thing, would it?

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Nina Dobrev And Scott Eastwood Might Be A Thing

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Coachella is the grossest, uh, I mean, coolest place to hookup in 2016!

According to UsWeekly, Scott Eastwood and former Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev are possibly banging and/or dating, as evidenced by this very, uh, brotastic pic of them taken at Coachella.

Dobrev is fresh off her split from Austin Stowell earlier this year, and clearly looking to grab some preppy man meat, and Clint Eastwood‘s son can be that dude for her, for sure. She’s apparently been friends with Eastwood for some time but judging by the way they were interacting at the music festival, the buddies have taken their relationship to bonetown, or at least, flirt city.

“Scott and Nina were getting very close,” one source told Us Weekly of the cute duo. “Very flirty.”

“[They] were super cozy doing the bumper cars,” added another.

Eastwood admitted he was “Having a fun time at Coachella with this vampire” in a caption to the above photograph he shared via Facebook of the two of them. I think they’re doing it, and I think they’re doing it in the indio valley, maybe as we speak.

What do YOU think of them as a couple?!

Photo: Facebook

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Scott Eastwood dating Charlotte McKinney

Scott Eastwood dating Charlotte McKinney

Scott Eastwood and Charlotte McKinney are dating! She’s a lucky, lucky woman!

The duo enjoyed a date while paddleboarding in Malibu earlier in the week. Reportedly, they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another.

A source revealed, “They were all over each other – holding hands and getting touchy-feely. They were really cute and would make a gorgeous couple.”

Another insider close to the couple said that they were still pretty new and aren’t yet serious with each other. Still, the hunky actor has previously said that he’d give up his career for the right woman, “the one”.

When asked if he would give up acting for the love of his life, he said, “Yes I would. I think that’s the ultimate sacrifice and if I couldn’t see my life without her then of course. She would have to be ‘the one’, though.”

He also revealed that his father used to try and set him up on dates when he was younger. When asked if his dad set him up, he said, “Yes, when I was sixteen he was rooting for me and this older girl. He wanted me to make it happen and it did. He was so happy. Would I trust him to pick me a girl? Yes sure. I absolutely would.”

Of course, he keeps a piece of advice his mother gave him in the front of his mind when dating a woman. He added, “I’ve been the guy who falls immediately but my mom always told me to, ‘Give it all seasons’. If you give it a year then you’ll know if it’s right.”

Sound advice!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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