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Scott Caan hospitalized!

Scott Caan, the 33-year-old star of a new ‘Hawaii Five-0’ TV remake, was hospitalized with a “serious knee injury,” say sources at the New York Post.

Caan apparently harmed himself filming a stunt for the action series on location in Hawaii. He was flown to LA to undergo immediate surgery on what’s rumored to have been a torn ACL.

The filming schedule has been adjusted to accommodate Caan. “His injury will be noted in the story line,” a spokesperson for CBS told the Post. “Partnering with someone like Steve McGarett, you’re bound to get a few bumps and bruises.”

Caan may return to the set as early as this week. The star recently told TV Guide he’s never seen the original 1960s series his show is based on. “I’ve made a point not to see it, because I want to keep it fresh and not have any old ideas,” he said.

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Scott Caan was spotted leaving Swingers Coffee Shop in West Hollywood, CA.



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