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Meet the young Samantha Jones!

“The Carrie Diaries” has added Samantha Jones to Season 2!

The sexy role goes to Lindsey Gort, who will play the character made famous by the one and only Kim Catrall. Gort will join the cast as a series regular.

According to “Carrie Diaries” producers, Carrie Bradshaw (Annasophia Robb) will meet Samantha through a “surprising connection.” “The Carrie Diaries” describes the young Samantha Jones as “a ballsy, beautiful and sexy young woman from the panhandle of Florida who has made her way — and already a name for herself — in the rock ’n’ roll scene of 1980s NYC.”

Catrall played the character in six seasons of “Sex and the City” and the two films. She won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Samantha Jones and was nominated for five Emmys.

“The Carrie Diaries” returns for Season 2 on Friday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW

I don’t watch ‘The Carrie Diaries,’ is it any good? I’ll give her this, Lindsey certainly looks like a young Kim Catrall! Real question is, does she SOUND like her?


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Sarah Jessica Parker on another ‘Sex and the City’ movie: “I think there is one more small, important story to tell”

Really Sarah? Really?

Here’s to hoping that they DON’T decide to tell another ‘Sex and the City’ story, because the last movie was absolutely ridiculous. I adored the show when it was on HBO, and I even loved the first SATC movie. But the second? It was a joke. A third? Methinks that’s a terrible idea.

Since Sarah Jessica Parker’s pop-culture legacy is so tied to her portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City” and its two movies, whenever MTV News has the opportunity to chat with the actress, we have to get an update on the beloved series.

Thankfully, we caught up with Parker at the Cannes Film Festival and asked her to comment on the rumors about a “SATC” prequel, as well as her thoughts on returning to the famed role of Ms. Bradshaw one more time.

“I think it always comes down to story and what is the story people want to tell,” Bradshaw said of the rumored adaptations of “The Carrie Diaries.” “Obviously, I feel proprietary in the best possible way about that entire franchise as it were, but I think there are lots of talented storytellers and obviously lots of talented actors who might be a part of it. I think, like anything, you base your opinion on material and content, and I think that would be the only way for any of us to have an opinion.”

Regarding a future “SATC” installment, be it on the big screen or small, Parker revealed that there might be another tale to tell.

“I think there is perhaps one more small, important story to tell,” she said. “Whether or not we choose to do that and when we choose to do that remains, obviously, the unknown, but it’s nice to ponder.”

One more story, huh? We mentioned that it sounded like Parker has that specific story in her head.

“I don’t, but somebody else does,” she said with a knowing smile.

All together now – nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

On the other hand – I’m totally excited for the SATC prequel! Can’t wait for that!

Source, Photos (Fame): Sarah Jessica at the Montblanc party during the 64rd Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

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‘Sex and the City 2’ officially the worst movie of the year!

Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of her fellow Sex and the City 2 stars “won big” at last night’s 31st annual Razzie Awards!

Sarah, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis were all awarded Golden Raspberries last night for Worst Actress. The film also won worst sequel, worst ensemble and worst onscreen couple. Can I get an AMEN!?

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film, The Last Airbender, took home worst picture, worst director, worst supporting actor for Jackson Rathbone and the award for “worst eye-gouging mis-use of 3D.”

Ashton Kutcher was named worst actor for both Killers and Valentine’s Day.

Jessica Alba’s body of work for 2010 was also acknowledged. She won worst supporting actress for Machete, The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers and Valentine’s Day.

Love it!


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Blake Lively taking over as Carrie Bradshaw!

A new rumor is spreading online today, one that sounds intriguing! According to Grazia, Blake Lively is being considered to play a young Carrie Bradshaw in a prequel to the role Sarah Jessica Parker made famous.

Studio bosses are in talks to fill the glamour void with a prequel film, following the success of Candace Bushnell’s bestselling book The Carrie Diaries, about the teenage years of her heroine.

Candace has just finished a second novel called Summer And The City, which takes up where Diaries left off and follows 19-year-old Carrie’s move from Connecticut to NYC.

SATC producer Michael Patrick King has already expressed interest in adapting the book for the big screen – and he wants Blake Lively to play the young Carrie.

“There are no plans to bring SJP and the other girls back together in the old format,” says an insider. “The prequel is about breathing new life into the story and exploring Carrie’s first few months in NYC and the beginning of her relationship with an older man.”

What do you think about Blake playing Carrie? Love it or hate it?

Wonder what SJP will have to say about this!


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