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Samantha Ronson’s mom speaks out about Lindsay Lohan, saying “she was clearly out of control”

Samantha Ronson’s socialite mother, Ann Dexter-Jones, has opened up about why she “interfered” with her daughter Samantha Ronson’s relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

According to the Daily Mail, Ann said “I was seriously anxious about Samantha’s safety and wellbeing. I feared tragedy. It got to a point that I wasn’t sleeping very well.”

It came to a point where Ann couldn’t keep her mouth shut, when in 2008, Lindsay caused a scene at a party where Samantha had been hired to DJ. “Suddenly, without any warning, Lindsay flung herself on to the thick carpet and started to roll around screaming like a child,” said Ann, recalling the bizarre scene. “It seemed she was upset that people, including Samantha, were not paying her enough attention. To my mind, it was classic psychotic behaviour. I took Lindsay aside and told her not to make a spectacle of herself. She was clearly out of control and spoiling for a fight.”

The next morning, Anne, who was once married to Foreigner’s Mick Jones, faced down her daughter and Lohan.

“I told them I could no longer support them as a couple. I no longer approved on them being together and that Lindsay was no longer welcome in my home,” Anne told The Mail.

Dexter-Jones, who is now a successful jewelry designer, revealed that Samantha did not take the tongue lashing well, but her relationship with Lilo ended not long after.

“I saw how much pain my daughter was in and the she was suffering deeply. She is a very Zen person and not used to the kind of turmoil that Lindsay seems to thrive on,” said Dexter-Jones who has not seen Lohan in the years since.

Lindsay is obviously a mess, it makes sense that Samantha’s mom wouldn’t want the two of them dating. Any mother would be worried about their child dating Lindsay.


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Lindsay, Sam Ronson and Paris Party All Night

Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton did it UP last night!

Lindsay started her night out at an exclusive Hollywood club, X17 exclusively reports.  Then, she met up with Paris and her ex, DJ Sam Ronson.  The three ladies joined Paris’ younger brother Barron Hilton and Brandon Davis at a Hollywood Hills mega-mansion for some after hours partying that lasted until 7am in the morning!

Paris and Brandon walked out of the house through the garage, while Lindsay and Sam took a more direct route. Sounds like a rough night, but they don’t have to work in the morning.  ANY of them.  Oh, Hollywood!

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Samantha Ronson gets some Christmas shopping done in Los Angeles

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Samantha Ronson and new girlfriend Erin Foster

Lindsay Lohan‘s former flame, Samantha Ronson was spotted with her new girlfriend, actress Erin Foster enjoying a picnic with a mystery baby at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, California.

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