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Samaire Armstrong returns (briefly) to Dirty Sexy Money!


They said she’d be back, and they weren’t lying.

An ABC spokesperson confirms that Samaire Armstrong will be returning to Dirty Sexy Money for a special Thanksgiving-themed episode to air on Nov. 26.

The change-of-pace hour takes place while the Darlings are away celebrating Turkey Day. Back in New York, Clark the chauffeur sits down with a reporter to offer his take on the clan’s many scandals, including Juliet’s globe-trotting adventures with her lover, Kai.

This marks Armstrong’s first appearance since being taken off contract last spring.

PS: I wish they would have gotten rid of her twin (on the show) Jeremy. I find him SO annoying, you just don’t even know.

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Samaire Armstrong: I Had Hit Rock Bottom


Reformed party girl Samaire Armstrong — who entered outpatient treatment for three months last October for “personal issues” — says you have to be “willing” to get help.

“What made me willing was hitting a bottom,” the actress, 27, told at the Los Angeles premiere of Bra Boys Monday.

“It can be a spiritual bottom, it can be a financial bottom,” she added. “It can be a combination of all of those.”

She told Us she had gone to treatment before and “was on the right path, then I got off.”

So she turned to her “wonderful family and people around me who helped me overcome all of this,” she said. “People who loved me showed me what was at stake. Then I put myself fully into it. I stayed there for three months and did the work.”

For those who don’t have support, “find it,” she urged. “Figure out where it is for you. You need someone to pull you back when you can’t do that for yourself.

“Also, believe that you have a positive future,” she added. “People see through the mirage. They see your pain. People wanted me to be happy.”

The actress — who will be appearing part-time on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money next season — told Us she now takes life “one day at a time. That’s all you can do.”


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Actress Samaire Armstrong Leaving Dirty Sex Money


Despite reports that Samaire Armstrong would not be returning to ABC hit, Dirty Sexy Money full-time, the 26-year-old actress, who plays Juliet Darling, will be back on a recurring basis, her rep tells

“The actress will therefore be free to pursue other projects in film and on television,” her rep said on Monday.

In early October 2007, Armstrong missed work because she was receiving treatment for “personal issues.” At the time, her rep said: “Samaire Armstrong decided to enter an outpatient facility to deal with some personal issues in a therapeutic atmosphere and is doing very well. She continues to work on her show and will be completing her treatment in a matter of weeks.”

The show, which airs on Wednesdays, follows the travails of the Darling family, a wealthy New York family who has a knack for getting into trouble. It stars Donald Sutherland, Peter Krause, Jill Clayburn and Seth Gable, who plays Armstrong’s twin. The drama returns in the fall after the writer’s strike truncated its season this year.

Armstrong has had roles in The OC and Entourage.


Can’t say I’ll miss her on the show.  She was REALLY annoying.

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Another Eating Disorder


It is being revealed that Samaire Armstrong, star of “Dirty, Sexy Money” and past star on “The O.C.” checked into rehab last week for “extreme eating disorders”. ICYDK reported this last week, however the reason for her rehab stint was still a mystery.

It was being talked about that she entered rehab for drug or alcohol problems, but insiders say that she has never done drugs and that she rarely ever touches alcohol. Her eating disorders stem from where a lot of them stem from in emotional instability. I’m sure the pressure in Hollywood isn’t any help either. I hope she gets better soon. My question is what is “Extreme eating disorders”? Notice the plural in disorders.

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