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The Film Society’s 36th Gala Tribute Honors Tom Hanks

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The Film Society’s 36th Gala Tribute honoring Tom Hanks with The Chaplin Award, held at Alice Tully Hall, in New York City, last night.

Pictured: Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron,Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, Christopher Walken, Sally Field, Glen Close, Christy Turlington & Ed Burns, Steven Speilberg, Jeremy Irons & Adrien Brody.


60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, September 21 (PART 3)


Pictured: January Jones & John Slattery of Mad Men, Kate Walsh, Kevin Bacon and wife Kyra Sedgwick, Jon Hamm and girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt, Laura Linney, America Ferrera, Brooke Shields, Emilie de Ravin, Joey Fatone & Lisa Rinna, Rachel Griffiths and Sally Field.


Sally Field is still looking for love at 61

Sally Field

Sally Field insists she hasn’t given up on love – but suitors have a tough job of wooing her. The 61-year-old Oscar winner has been divorced twice but she’s still open to marrying for a third time. She tells Ladies Home Journal, “It’s not that I’m difficult. I just have such a full life. I don’t have any room to let someone else in. I don’t look for it (romance), I don’t go out, so whoever my soulmate will be, if he’s out there, he’ll have to come up here and find me.”

And the Forrest Gump star admits she still craves sex, adding, “The feelings are still alive and thriving. And certainly, feeling that excitement with someone, that heated attraction – I miss that a lot.

“But too often in my life I’ve give up things for that. Women often give up pieces of themselves to feel the rush of excitement that comes with sex, usually because they mistake it for true intimacy, and they end up losing. I won’t do that again.”

Field’s ex-husbands are Steven Craig and Alan Greisman, who she divorced in 1975 and 1993 respectively. She also romanced Burt Reynolds for many years and turned down numerous proposals.



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Sally Field is seriously considering plastic surgery

Sally Field

Sally Field is seriously considering plastic surgery, because the 61-year-old thinks her peers all look great and young after going under the knife.

The Places In The Heart star admits her ego has started to get the better of her – and she’s not happy about looking older.

She tells Ladies Home Journal magazine, “I think about it all the time because I see friends who’ve done it and they look great and younger. I have an ego but it’s an actor’s ego more than a woman’s ego. It’s about roles.”



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