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Ryan Gosling Gets Sentimental About GF Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes' pregnancy was "unplanned"


Despite weird rumors about Ryan Gosling and his fairly reclusive GF Eva Mendes, the actor couldn’t help but gush about his personal life to Hello! magazine. The hottie admitted:

“I know that I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with.”

And the one trait he’s looking for in a woman right now is:

“That she’s Eva Mendes. There’s nothing else I’m looking for.”

Woah, no getting around it, the dude is SMITTEN. But the 41-year-old actress isn’t the only girl in his life! Ryan dished about their one-year-old daughter, Esmeralda, saying:

“This will be our first Christmas where [Esmeralda is] sort of taking it all in, so that’s exciting. She’s obsessed with the Hanson Christmas album! No disrespect to Hanson, they’re very talented kids, but I think I’ve heard that record enough. I’m sure it will be on a loop this Christmas as well.”

Ah, family life. Is that friggin’ adorable or WHAT?

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Eva Mendes looking to breakup with Ryan Gosling?

Eva Mendes looking to breakup with Ryan Gosling?

Eva Mendes is reportedly looking to break things off with Ryan Gosling after giving birth to their one-year-old daughter Esmeralda.

A source told “OK!” magazine, “It’s typical Eva – she has to be in control. They’re still living together, but already she’s trying to organize her future as a single mother.”

The spy went on to say, “Family and friends are telling her she’s not thinking straight, that she’s pushing Ryan away. But she’s got blinders on.”

The source continued to say that they’ve been at each other’s throats over their daughter. The source said, “[Ryan] kept convincing himself that Eva would relax once Esmeralda was out of her newborn phase and Eva was getting more sleep. But now he can see that their problems are more deep-rooted than that.”

The tabloid said that she has been secretly talking to lawyers about getting full custody of their daughter.

I’m going to go ahead and call BS on this report right now. She landed Ryan Gosling and wants to get rid of him? Unheard of! NEXT!

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Eva Mendes Forced Ryan Gosling’s Dog To Wear Her Clothing Line

Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Attend 'The Place Beyond The Pines' Premiere

I guess this is funny…but who knows?

Eva Mendes posted an Instagram update yesterday where she forced Ryan Gosling‘s beloved dog, George, to wear a dress from her clothing collection:

“My new #evamendesnyc @nyandcompany collection is out in stores today!” the Hitch actress, 41, wrote, alongside a snap of George wrapped in a silk dress and surrounded by various footwear. “Here’s a shot of my first customer. He can’t decide between the gray suede boots or the burgundy. What do you guys think?”

Though the designer’s boyfriend and their baby daughter Esmeralda were MIA, Eva decided to have a little fun with the dog.

“I keep telling him to just go with what feels right,” Mendes joked. “He’s such a little fashionista though. Won’t leave the house until everything’s perfect. Hope you guys love it as much as we do!”

Now, I know this isn’t THAT bad, but Ryan has talked about his dog as being the love of his life, how interesting he is, etc. And Eva’s been known to be super possessive and kinda weird in their relationship (which people are always speculating about).

What do you think- is this a cute post or just kinda…awkward and sad?

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Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes At War Over Their Prenup?

Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes At War Over Their Prenup?

According to reports, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are battling it out over their prenuptial agreement. Apparently he wants them to be able to split their combined fortunes right down the middle should they split, but she makes more money than he does and feels differently!

A source said, “It’s just business, but it’s a real tug-of-war – she has more money than he does. Ryan just wants 50/50 all the way, end of story, but it’s not as simple as that.”

Friends of the couple feel that Ryan is using the prenuptial agreement as a stalling tactic so that he can avoid a wedding with the actress. Despite that, close pals insist that marriage isn’t a huge priority for them.

The source revealed, “Neither felt the need to get married, it’s just not a huge priority for either of them. They know what they have. Ryan and Eva are super super private. The last thing they’d do is bring a baby…to a film set teeming with paparazzi. Ryan specifically wanted it like this – with paps following them in Atlanta, they’re mostly leaving Eva and the baby alone.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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