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PIC: Rihanna Posts Provocative Photo On Twitter

PIC: Rihanna Posts Provocative Photo On Twitter

Rihanna has always been known for taking things a step too far in the realm of being provocative, but this may take the cake. Bad girl RiRi posted the above crotch grabbing photo on her Twitter account – simply captioned “school. kills.”

The photo shows the Barbadian singer grabbing her girl parts while wearing a see-through skirt that says “school kills”, “role model” and “shady” all over it. You can see that her hand is placed down there as parents, teachers and students are all gearing up to get back to school for the year.

It’s not the first time that Rihanna has tried to shock and awe all of us and it likely won’t be the last. Her Twitter account should come with a warning label, perhaps?

Either way, she’s just being Rihanna. What do you think of the racy picture? Hit the comments and have your say!

Photo Credit: Twitter

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PICS: Rihanna & Eminem Perform At The Rose Bowl

PICS: Rihanna & Eminem Perform At The Rose Bowl

Rihanna and rapper Eminem kick off their Monster Tour at the Rose Bowl on August 7, 2014 in Pasadena, California.

PICS: Rihanna & Eminem Perform At The Rose Bowl

The duo are planning to play the Rose Bowl again tonight before heading to East Rutherford, N.J. on Aug. 16-17 and Detroit on August 22-23.

Last year, Rihanna spoke of working with the rapper. She said, “The moment I worked with him on ‘Love the Way You Lie,’ I wanted to work with him again, and we did ‘Love the Way You Lie Part 2. And then I wanted to work with him again. I just love working with Eminem. He’s just one of my favorite rappers, and his lyrics—he’s a true poet, and I enjoy that about him.”

She continued, “For this song, I needed someone with not only his skill, but his personality. And I needed someone who really understands the perspective and the metaphor in the song of going numb and being numb to everything around and to say, ‘F*ck you.’ Eminem is definitely the perfect guy for that.”

Are you going to one of their three-city concerts?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Karrueche Tran Has Broken Up With Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran Has Broken Up With Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran has finally seen the light and has decided to call time on her relationship with Chris Brown — and it has a little bit to do with Rihanna.

Chris recently liked two photos on Instagram showing himself and RiRi together, causing Karrueche to explode with anger. But that’s not the only thing that has caused their split — sources say that she has been unhappy for a while now. A spy revealed that “Chris acts immature, like a child” and she thinks he is ruining his life by partying instead of working on his music career.

TMZ reports:

Chris’ reaction to the break up has been breathtaking. He went to St. Tropez this week and took a very good friend of Karrueche’s along for the ride. And he made a point to be photographed with her … making sure Karrueche would see it.

Karrueche’s reaction was not jealousy. We’re told she’s changed her phone number … specifically so Chris couldn’t contact her.

That’s Chris and Karrueche’s friend in the photo above. Let’s hope that he doesn’t try to go crawling back to her and she takes him back. The woman needs to wise up already and stay away from this loser!

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Rihanna’s Stalker is Arrested

PICS: Rihanna leaves a NYC studio in a nightgown

Having loads of looks, money and fame isn’t always as fabulous as we might think.  Lots of the attention can be creepy unwanted.  For example… Rihanna’s latest stalker.

A homeless man was arrested in New York for stalking and harassing Rihanna … by delivering super creepy hand written notes to her home.

Kevin Mcglynn was allegedly caught on surveillance video 3 separate times this month … delivering the notes calling her a bitch and threatening to bum rush her home.

The New York Daily News reports he also allegedly sent at least 4 letters to her California home.

On his 3rd visit earlier this month — the homeless man dropped his benefits card in the singer’s SoHo building … leaving his address, so cops easily tracked him down.

Mcglynn, who is being held without bail, testified in court that Rihanna, as well as Jay Z and Kanye West had been stealing his creative ‘material.’  So… he’s clearly a talented guy.  Scary scary scary.

Photo: FameFlynet, Source

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