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Sam Mendes steps out with Rebecca Hall – the woman who broke up his marriage to Kate Winslet?

This is a long convoluted story, so I’m going to try and make it short and sweet. Sam Mendes has what we like to call a wandering eye. Way back in the day, he was with Rachel Weisz, when Kate Winslet came around. Kate “stole” Sam from Rachel, and the two went on to get married and have 2 (?) kids together.

They were married for 7 years before announcing their split in 2010. It came as a surprise at the time, because they really seemed so happy together. There were rumors that her “obsession” with her career was to blame, and that Sam was “bored.” Ultimately there were rumors that Sam was having an affair with actress Rebecca Hall (you probably recognize her from ‘The Town,’ but she’s been in many movies). Those rumors quieted down, and the two never stepped out publicly together, although the Mail “confirmed” their relationship back in 2011.

Anyhoo – here we are in 2013, and Sam Mendes and Rebecca Hall step out for the first time together, most likely a couple. They look coupled up, don’t they? I’m assuming they’ve been quietly together all this time. Maybe now that Kate is off and married to another man, (Ned RocknRoll) they feel like they can come out of hiding. No matter how you paint it – Rebecca would be a homewrecker IF the rumors are true.

Sidenote: I don’t know how any woman hooks up with a man like this. If he left her for you – then he’ll leave you for someone else. He’s a habitual cheater…. if all these rumors are true.

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‘The Town’ premieres in Boston!

I’m totally excited to see this movie, I think it looks really good! Ben Affleck hit the red carpet without wife, Jennifer Garner, while Mad Men hottie Jon Hamm brought longtime girlfriend, actress Jennifer Westfeldt. Also on the red carpet was Ben’s best friend, Matt Damon and his pregnant wife Luciana. Also pictured, Rebecca Hall, Blake Lively and Jeremy Renner.

PS: Love Blake Lively’s dress!


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Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm are Venice Film Festival hotties!

Director/actor Ben Affleck, actors Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner arrive for the screening of “The Town” at the 67th edition of the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy yesterday.

Ben is looking fine!

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Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall promote ‘The Town’ at the 67th Annual Venice Film Festival

I can’t wait to see this movie! He poured his heart and soul into this movie which he acted in and directed. Ben Affleck’s heist drama does not premiere until Wednesday (September 8), but anticipation is high based on the director’s past work and the new film’s impressive ensemble, including Jon Hamm, Blake Lively, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall and Chris Cooper.

“It’s hard to disavow a movie when you’ve written, directed and acted in it,” Affleck told The New York Times. “This is an emblem of the person I want to be going forward.”

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