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Randy Travis in critical condition!

Randy Travis is in pretty serious condition this morning, as his friends tell TMZ that his health has declined rapidly in recent days after coming down with what he originally thought was just a bad cold.

Three weeks ago, 54-year-old Travis completed his court-ordered rehab stint stemming from a 2012 drunk driving arrest. The singer was finally back on the road performing, and shortly after came down with what he thought was a cold. Turns out it was pneumonia.

According to TMZ, Travis’ health deteriorated quickly, and on Sunday he was airlifted to a hospital where he’s being treated for complications stemming from viral cardiomyopathy.

One medical expert tells TMZ viral cardiomyopathy is not necessarily a death sentence … and some patients can survive, depending on the level of permanent damage to the heart muscle.

Travis’ camp hasn’t released the particulars about his medical situation — only to say he’s critical condition.

Still, we’re told Randy’s friends and family are “frantic.”

Hope he gets better soon!


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Randy Travis’ arrested last night after threatening to shoot and kill police officers! See his shocking mug shot here!

Randy Travis was arrested last night for drinking and driving, and according to the Grayson County Sherrif’s Office, the singer also threatened to shoot and kill the troopers who arrested him!

TMZ reports that police received a call around 11:18PM last night from a person who said there was a naked man lying in the road. When cops arrived, they noticed Travis’ 1998 Pontiac Trans Am had driven off the road and slammed into several barricades in a construction zone.

Travis was initially arrested for DWI — but once he was inside the cop car, officials say the singer threatened to “shoot and kill the Troopers working the case.”

As we previously reported, Travis was NAKED … and rode bareback while he was being transported to the station.

When he arrived to the jail, cops gave Travis a shirt to wear for his mug shot … and a paper suit to cover his man parts.

Travis is sporting a black eye and cuts in his mug shot — injuries we’re told he suffered when he crashed his car into the construction zone.

Travis was charged with DWI and retaliation for making the threats.

Randy has been released from custody after posting $21,500 bail.

Wow – look at that mug shot! Homeboy is TORE UP!! And what the heck’s he doing driving around in a ’98 Trans Am! He was cruisin’ for a bruisin’!

You know you’ve got a problem when…….


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