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Princess Kate Might Not Be In Pippa Middleton’s Wedding. Here’s WHY:

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Kate Middleton is excited about her sister Pippa Middleton‘s engagement– but she doesn’t want to steal her sister’s thunder!

Princess Kate said she is “absolutely delighted” with the news that her sister is engaged to hedge-fund manager James Matthews, and I guess we all assumed she’d be maid of honor, like Pippa was with her wedding. But…will she? Royal experts say maybe not!

Kate faces an age-old royal conundrum of not wanting to cause an upset by having her princess status overshadow her sister, and everyone’s weighing in.

“Kate would upstage her sister,” says veteran royals author Judy Wade. “It’s a tricky situation for Pippa. She would want her sister by her side, as who else would she trust to make things go well?

“But if your sister is a future Queen, she is going to upstage the bride and draw attention. Kate would want to be in the background as much as possible.”

(Via People)

I don’t know- I feel like my desire to have my sister be in my wedding would be more of a priority than “feeling upstaged,” but that’s just me.  What role do YOU think Kate should play in Pippa’s wedding?

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Check Out Pippa Middleton’s Gigantic Engagement Ring!

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Yesterday we confirmed Pippa Middleton‘s engagement to financier James Matthews, but we didn’t get a gander at the giant diamond that is the couple’s engagement BLING.

Duchess Kate‘s sister, 32, unveiled her vintage-y looking engagement ring outside her London home on Tuesday, looking (obvi) incredibly happy and already in a bridal-y white lace dress and brown satchel bag. Girl, you ain’t married yet- but I like your commitment.

The ring has a huge center stone framed by an octagonal halo of smaller diamonds, and it’s again, extremely large. I like it, though I think it’s a little much. The question is- what do YOU think of the ring? Weigh in in the comments section below!

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Pippa Middleton Is Engaged!

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And it’s OFFICIAL.

Pippa Middleton got popped the big Q by her boyfriend James Matthews yesterday, and while we reported that EVERYONE saw it coming, it is weird to think that little sis Pippa is off the market. End of an era (remember all that tanner and those party pics? Sigh).

Girl started dating the handsome hedge fund manager less than a year ago (though they did date briefly in 2012) and now the two are gonna be married! And if this seems like the whitest engagement in history, you are right! Matthews, 40, even asked Pippa’s father for permission for his daughter’s hand before popping the question.

“James is a traditionalist and very much wanted to do things properly. That meant getting his future father in law’s consent,” a friend of the couple tells DailyMail.

Another family friend says: “Mike and Carole are very happy. They like James and they are sure he will make Pippa very happy.”

Another friend told me Pippa was “completely and totally surprised” by the proposal but accepted it at once.

(Via DailyMail)

Not much more to report except I’m sure that horses, more collard shirts and fancy hats will be involved in this engagement/wedding. Like I said…the WHITEST news ever!

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Pippa Middleton Might Be Getting Hitched Soon

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It’s Pippa Middelton‘s time to shine!

Last fall, Pippa and her longtime boy Nico Jackson finally ended their relationship after months of drama, only because Pippa was seen having a “sleepover” at James Matthews’ house. Suddenly, the two were done and Pippa was like, solidly with rich, very in love James Matthews. We haven’t heard much from Pippa this year, until NOW:

I’m loathe to spoil a surprise, but is Pippa Middleton’s boyfriend about to propose? Sources tell me that James Matthews is whisking her away to the Caribbean island of St Barts in September – where he might pop the question at his parents’ exclusive hotel, Eden Rock.

A ‘save the date card’ is already circulating among close pals with the message: ‘Don’t Tell Pippa,’ while mum Carole is in on it, too. As Pippa’s brother James is now back with Donna Air, could it be a race to see who walks down the aisle first?

(Via The Daily Mail)

To be fair, this happened with Nico and of course, with Kate Middleton. I know it’s just me, but I kind of want someone in the royal family to go rogue: shave their head, denounce the institution of marriage and like, start a weird app company and buy their own island. Who knows? Pippa- you want in on one celeb blogger’s dreams?

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