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Peter Doherty Talks Amy Winehouse

Archived Images Of The Late Amy Winehouse

Though she tragically died in 2011 due to alcohol intoxication, Amy Winehouse’s close friend and Kate Moss’ ex-Pete Doherty speaks of their history together in his new memoir, From Albion to Shangri-La.  Doherty, a drug-addict and singer of the Libertines, a British guitar band, has published a collection of his own journal excerpts from 2008-2013.

His confusing stream of consciousness definitely indicates a troubled and tormented soul.  On his relationship with Winehouse:

“The red tops were alleging that Amy and I were at it like rabid nymphomaniac dogs. The plot thickens… safe in the knowledge that that night was a… I was honestly able to defend myself, and sadly shook my head in pity and sadness that Blakey [Blake Fielder Civil, former husband of Amy Winehouse] should even for a second doubt my loyalty. Now then… after they divorced I still hadn’t even dreamed of upon the Winehouse making a move and yet it seemed that Blake was still threatening all manner of unspeakable acts upon my head, convinced as he was that I’d doinked his dearest ex-missus. Streuth! Now then at some point of course, particularly just after stage at V-Festival last year I had a too brief a jig of Humpty Dumpty with the Duchess and it all comes to a head now that they appear to be seeing each other again. He’s texting me thinly-veiled threats in his suitable state. Could turn nasty, nasty, nasty. Giving some big-house slag a back hander – probably two pence to bash me about like a plastic inflatable horses head. Possibly.”

His memoir was released today, and fans of the troubled Brit and late Winehouse might be curious to catch a rare glimpse of his private thoughts during this period?

Earlier this month, Doherty was quoted as saying:

“I would like to get rid of the damn drugs. It’s no longer fun. On the contrary, it’s just s**t and kills all my creativity. But it’s difficult to stop.

“My past life is a f***ing mess, a real mess.”

Hopefully he can get a hold of his demons at some point.

Pete Doherty Performs In London

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Pete Doherty didn’t enjoy Amy Winehouse jam session

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty has scrapped plans to work with pal Amy Winehouse after she ridiculed his “best” guitar riff.

The Babyshambles frontman enjoyed an impromptu jam session with Winehouse earlier this summer, but the experience left Doherty feeling downtrodden.

He says, “I’d like to collaborate with her. But last time I was round there and we were jamming she said, ‘Come on then, play me some of your new ideas.’ So I played her my best new riff and she said, ‘Well, you’re not inspired, are you?’ So she p**sed on my bonfire a bit.”



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Pete Doherty denies overdose claims

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty is adamant reports he recently suffered an overdose in Austria are untrue – because he struggled to find any drugs while in the country.

The troubled Babyshambles frontman was said to have been revived by medics after collapsing from a drug overdose shortly before a gig in Graz, Austria last week.

But the rocker insists the media stories are completely fabricated – because he couldn’t locate any illegal substances.

He tells MTV News, “I know that was absolute rubbish. I was in Austria (but), I mean, between me and you… it would’ve been lovely to have enough stuff but there was nothing about. To be honest it was a really clean week – and it was complete rubbish.”



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Pete Doherty’s gig at home angers his landlord

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty’s plans to stage a Babyshambles gig at his home have angered his landlord – who is determined to stop the concert going ahead.

Doherty’s notorious band was booked to play at Moonfest in Wiltshire, England later this month – but local police stepped in and put a stop to the planned appearance, amid fears thousands of youngsters will turn up and cause mayhem.

And the rocker vowed that the show would go on, offering to stage it at his home in nearby Marlborough instead.

But now the Earl of Cardigan – who owns Doherty’s country mansion – has stepped into the row, insisting he will not allow the band to play on his property.

In an email to local police, Lord Cardigan says, “Please advise your colleagues that ‘Pete’s house’ is actually Sturmy House. That house is the property of the trustees of Savernake Estate and any such thing would certainly constitute a breach of his lease of our property. So, should Doherty’s manager ever plan to carry out his threat, please be advised in advance that there are absolutely no circumstances in which the owners of that house where Doherty lives would ever sanction such a thing.”



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