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Pauly D’s baby mama REVEALED – she’s a Hooter!


Pauly D’s baby mama has finally been revealed, and here she is!

The former ‘Jersey Shore’ star hooked up with Amanda Markert, a former Hooters waitress. The 33-year-old DJ met the 25-year-old hostess through a mutual friend at the Las Vegas club Rehab in August 2012. They hooked up for a one night stand, and that was that.

The two “didn’t have a previous relationship” according to E! News, but the new dad was “hoping to develop” one with his new daughter. “He wasn’t exactly planning for it to happen this way, but God works in mysterious ways.”

Of course, that was before the parents got into an alleged custody battle. According to TMZ, Markert is seeking child support from her hookup. Pauly D, meanwhile, is hoping to gain some level of custodial rights. So far, he’s yet to meet his daughter, who was born in May.

After Pauly D’s paternity made headlines, Markert accused the media of exploiting their daughter. “People should be ashamed involving an infant,” she tweeted. “I can’t understand how and why people are so cruel and negative! My goodness, give it up already!”

Whether she’ll receive child support remains to be seen, but Markert does have her eye on some holiday gifts for little Amabella. “All I want for Christmas is all the baby girl clothes, accessories and costumes in the world for my lil girl,” she tweeted on Saturday, Oct. 19.

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Pauly D and his baby mama hate each other. PLUS – first photo of his daughter revealed!


Meet Pauly D’s daughter, Amabella! The 5-month-old girl is the result of a one-night stand in Vegas back in 2012. Amabella means “lovable” in French, apparently. The lite girl was born on May 15th.

While Amabella may be the cutest thing ever, there’s a war brewing between Pauly D and his baby mama, over custody and moola.

Sources connected to the baby mama and baby daddy tell TMZ … Pauly doesn’t think the woman is a fit mother — he points to the fact that she once worked at Hooters. He’s also concerned because the woman, who’s only 25 years old, has another kid.

Pauly and the woman, who goes by Amanda, have filed dueling court docs. We’re told Pauly wants some sort of custody of his daughter — but the level of custody is unclear. Sources say Pauly has not seen the child, who was born in May, but obviously he’s looking to change that.

We’re also told the baby mama is demanding child support … and even though Pauly says he’s ready and willing to step up and take care of the kid financially … he feels like she’s treating the kid like a winning lottery ticket. Exhibit A … the woman recently posed the baby in a high chair that’s covered in $100 bills.

According to TMZ, Pauly and Amanda “hate each other” which is sad. That doesn’t help the little girl at all…

Cute though, isn’t she?



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Pauly D has a love child!


Snooki isn’t the only ‘Jersey Shore’ parent! DJ Pauly D is the father of a baby girl, according to TMZ.

The reality star (real name Paul DelVecchio) recently welcomed a child with a former hookup.

While the woman hasn’t been named, TMZ reports the girl is 26, and the two hooked up in Las Vegas. She currently lives in New Jersey with their daughter.

“I’m proud I’m a father,” Pauly D told TMZ. “I am excited to embark on this new part of my life.” TMZ claims Pauly took a paternity test, and has accepted responsibility for the girl who was born a few months ago.

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Pauly D on the Highest Paid DJ List

Pauly D isn’t just making bank as a reality star…now he’s making big money as a DJ!

According to Forbes magazine,  Pauly D has gone from Jersey Shore to being a bona fide, respected DJ. Well, at least that’s what his bank account says.  Pauly D ranked 7th on the Forbes list of highest paid DJs.  Over the last 12 months, he’s made $11 million dollars in gigs, appearances and whatnot, solely as a DJ!

Of course, his reality stardom doesn’t hurt.  Pauly D ranks just $500k behind his adversary DeadMau5. Top on the list? DJ Tiesto, who made a whopping $22 million dollars last year as a DJ! Dang!

And that’s not all. Pauly D has his little tanned hands in other endeavors:  he has his own clothing line, a spin-off reality show, a tanning lotion, his own line of cocktails, and a set of headphones with 50 Cent.

Paris Hilton, are you jealous yet?

Photo: FameFlynet

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