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Michelle Rodriguez Is Jealous That Paul Walker Died Before She Did?!

Evan Rachel Wood at An Evening With Women in LA

Michelle Rodriguez, you are literally TRIPPING.

A new clip from the brunette beauty’s appearance in the controversial documentary The Reality of Truth was recently released, and it goes deep n’ pretty controversial about costar Paul Walker‘s death.

The actress confesses to having a hard time with the actor’s passing, saying:

“I have to say, you know, when I lost Paul, I went through about a year of just being like an animal. Like, what could I do physically to just get my mind off of existentialism, get my mind off how transient life is and how we just come here and we can disappear at any moment?”

So what’d she do? Take some drugs. To get over her costar’s death she decided to go under the influence of a psychedelic plant called Ayahuasca, which is supposed to be like 10 years of therapy in one, weirdo trippy evening. Apparently, the expeirence made her realize she was, um, jealous that the late actor died before she did:

“I did everything I could possibly do to hide from myself. And I’ll tell you that my Ayahuasca trip made me sad that he left me here. It wasn’t a sadness that he’s gone. It was more like a jealousy that he’s there first.”

Oof. She doesn’t go deeper than that, but that is one DARK, weird comment. Maybe she needs to go to actual therapy, and not just work through things with psychedelics, no?

What do YOU think of her comment?

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Paul Walker’s father files a lawsuit against Porsche over fatal accident

Paul Walker's father files a lawsuit against Porsche after fatal accident

Paul Walker’s father has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche on Wednesday. He claims that the car that his son was riding in had lacked the proper safety measures that could have saved his life.

As you know, Paul Walker died in a fiery crash in November 2013 along with his friend Roger Rodas as they rode in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. Paul’s father is the executor of his estate and this lawsuit is similar to the one filed by Paul’s daughter Meadow.

She claimed in her lawsuit that the car that Roger drove lacked the proper stability control system and lacked other safeguards that could’ve prevented the car from catching on fire after the accident. Meadow’s lawyer said in a statement, “The bottom line is that the Porsche Carrera GT is a dangerous car. It doesn’t belong on the street. And we shouldn’t be without Paul Walker or Roger Rodas.”

In response to Meadow Walker’s lawsuit, the car company has claimed that it was Roger Rodas’ fault and the car was not to blame for the death of the two men.

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Porsche says Paul Walker was responsible for his own death

Porsche says Paul Walker was responsible for his own death

As Porsche responds to Meadow Walker’s lawsuit, they are laying the responsibility for the actor’s death solely on Paul himself. In the lawsuit, Meadow claimed that it was a lack of proper stability control along with a defective seat belt that contributed to her father’s death in November 2013. Now, they have issued a response to her claims.

Porsche said that “Mr. Walker knowingly and voluntarily assumed all risk, perils and danger in respect to the use of the subject 2005 Carrera GT, that the perils, risk and dangers were open and obvious and known to him, and that he chose to conduct himself in a manner as to expose himself to such perils, dangers and risks, thus assuming all the risks involved in using the vehicle. Mr. Walker’s voluntary assumption of the risk should bar the plaintiff’s recovery or, in the alternative, should reduce the plaintiff’s right to recovery from PCNA in an amount equivalent to Mr. Walker’s fault.”

People reports:

In short, it claims Walker knew the potential dangers involved in driving or riding in the vehicle.

Despite referring to the actor as “a knowledgeable and sophisticated user of the 2005 Carrera GT,” Porsche also points out that the car “was misused and improperly maintained, and that the misuse and improper maintenance proximately caused or contributed to the incident and to Mr. Walker’s death.”

Can she move past those claims and have them prove that he knowingly assumed a risk of death before getting into the Porsche with his friend? What do you think?

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Porsche responds to Meadow Walker’s wrongful death lawsuit

Porsche responds to Meadow Walker's wrongful death lawsuit

Just yesterday, we told you of how Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow has filed a lawsuit against Porsche for wrongful death. Now, it appears they’ve issued a public response.

Her lawsuit claimed that her father survived the initial crash when Roger Rodas crashed the Porsche, but afterward, he became trapped inside the vehicle as a result of faulty seatbelts.

Read their response:

“We are saddened whenever anyone is hurt in a Porsche vehicle, but we believe the authorities’ reports in this case clearly established that this tragic crash resulted from reckless driving and excessive speed.”

At this point, it’s hard to know if the car company is at fault or not, but other reports have said that the Coroner’s office found soot in Walker’s lungs meaning that he was breathing when the car caught on fire.

Do you think she has a chance of winning the lawsuit?

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