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Patrick Stewart and wife Sunny Ozell share photo from their wedding!


Patrick Stewart married his third wife Sunny Ozell in Lake Tahoe on September 7. The wedding was officiated by Patrick’s friend, Sir Ian McKellan, who starred with him in the X-Men .

McKellen then amusingly paid tribute to them on Facebook after the Sept. 7 ceremony, perhaps making up for letting news of the wedding slip back in March.

Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Ozell wore a white French lace dress by Temperley London.

Stewart, 73, and Ozell, 35, have been dating since 2009, and are apparently a fun-loving couple. A day after the wedding, Stewart Tweeted a photo of the newlyweds neck-deep in a ball pit, with the caption “Yes, married.”

It really creeps me out how much older Patrick is than her. She’s younger than ME – and he’s nearly my grandpa’s age! Too weird

Beautiful picture, though…


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Patrick Wilson and Katherine Heigl are filming a movie together.

There goes my love for him. I’m sorry – but Katherine Heigl is the kiss of death. I know a lot of you love her, I just don’t share your adoration (I also kinda like Gwynnie, so sue me.)

Her new movie, called ‘North of Hell,’  is about a seductive and scheming new hire, who causes dangerous problems for a businessman who is married to a bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive woman.

The flick – due out in 2014 – also features Jordana Brewster and Patrick Wilson.

Next year she also voices the part of Andie in The Nut Job, as well as her parts in A Moment To Remember and Face Blind.

Just to be fair, I went and looked at IMDB to see if there’s been a movie starring Katherine Heigl that I like.  A couple of weeks ago I actually paid to see the HORRIFIC ‘The Big Wedding,’ another movie she killed (okay, it wasn’t all her fault….I’ll just blame her.) I forget I actually really liked ’27 Dresses,’ and she was good in ‘Knocked Up,’ but I have to cancel that out because of how badly she trashed that movie.

PS: That thing in Katherine’s hand is an electronic cigarette…. I’m surprised she’s still smoking them. Do they work??

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Charlize Theron looks amazing at the ‘Young Adult’ premiere in NYC

Charlize Theron looked absolutely stunning at the NYC premiere of ‘Young Adult’ last night! I love the orange leather dress!

PS: Patrick Wilson is sexy.

Photos: Fame


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Patrick Wilson works out with Details Magazine

Oh my Lord, I love Patrick Wilson. He’s so hot!

For about 20 years now, Patrick Wilson went to the gym like any other guy obsessed with how much he could lift.  Now, the star of this month’s horror flick Insidious focuses on having fun while at the gym.

The 37 year-old actor, who has previously starred in Little Women and Watchmen, says,  “I feel like I’m 15 again, and who doesn’t want that kind of fearlessness, recklessness, and physicality? I think that’s what everyone’s starving for.”   When the father of two hits the gym, he engages his entire body, lifts lighter weights, completes many more reps, and doesn’t do exercises that isolate muscles.  He says, “I don’t even care about weight anymore and weirdly I can see results in just a few weeks.”

To discover the key to Wilson’s full body workout, check out the full article and slideshow here.

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