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Conrad Hilton is Going To Jail

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Conrad Hilton, you might be an heir but you ain’t above the LAW.

The 22-year-old has been sentenced to two months behind bars for violating his parole, as in- he used drugs when he was NOT supposed to. Hilton admitted in court to using marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids and cocaine, which is pretty classic- an unstable heir guilty of doing whatever he wants, drugs included? Man, this story writes itself.

The hotel heir has until noon Wednesday to report to authorities, and has been on probation since 2015, when he plead guilty to going bonkers on a London to LAX flight, and threatening innocent people. Classy, Conrad. Very classy.

And believe you me, this isn’t the first time Hilton has royally messed up. He was sentenced to at least 90 days in a substance abuse treatment center after allegedly failing drug tests and violating his parole, and the dude got into some VERY weird ex-girlfriend stalking this time last year. Clearly, the guy needs some help.

Maybe a little jail time will straighten him out and sober him up?

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A Paris Hilton Documentary Is In The Works.

Paris Hilton Is The 'Queen Of F---ing Everything!

LOL. Of course it is.

I remember watching Paris Hilton‘s E! True Hollywood Story, and thinking about her obnoxiousness, and also what an interesting life she’s led. Later, I had a press pass to her Christmas Party, which was an animal unlike any other (in short: lots of pictures of Paris and LOTS of Chick-Fil-A. But that’s a blog post for a different time). ANYHOW, there’s going to be a film about Paris’ life, that promises to “reflect on how the spotlight has contributed to the person she is and examine the impact her image has made on young women today”. To tear off the mask covering Paris’ long 35 years of life, documentarians Don Argott and Sheena Joyce are apparently going to interview Paris about all things Paris. It’s what she like to talk about best, so why not?

Anyone who has turned on a television or looked at a computer screen over the past decade may well assume they know everything there is to know about Paris Hilton.

Apparently not.

9.14 Pictures and XYZ Films on Wednesday used Cannes to announce an as-yet untitled documentary peering into the life of the “businesswoman, entrepreneur and media icon.”

Don Argott and Sheena Joyce are set to direct the project, which will kick off production in Ibiza at the end of summer, with Hilton, Jamie Freed and 9.14 Pictures producing. XYZ Films, which also is executive producing, is handling worldwide sales and will be introducing the doc to buyers at the Cannes film market.

Billed as a “unflinching, authorized documentary,” the project will see Hilton discuss the thing that made her famous, reflect on how the spotlight has contributed to the person she is and examine the impact her image has made on young women today.

“Paris Hilton is a modern day-Marilyn Monroe — beautiful, iconized, world famous, shaped by mass media and misunderstood,” said Argott and Joyce. “We are thrilled to work with Paris to explore her complicated relationship with the public, the press and the politics that shape our perception of a modern celebrity.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

“Hilton will discuss the thing that made her famous” – would that be her great grandfather’s last name or her first authorized documentary? And to compare Paris Hilton to Marilyn Monroe is a STRETCH.

The production is set to film this summer in Ibiza, where Paris is resident DJ at Amnesia. Now, these documentarians have a pretty good pedigree for making good stuff (they made Rock School and The Art of the Steal) so who knows?

Would you see a documentary about Paris Hilton?

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Paris Hilton Revealed The Gender Of Nicky Hilton’s Kid!

Paris & Nicky Hilton Enjoy A Walk In NYC Together


Paris Hilton spoke to Us Weekly Video on Facebook Live about her younger sister Nicky’s pregnancy and revealed that the Hiltons will be welcoming a baby girl to the family this summer. Ah, the next generation of Hiltons. What will they do? Who will they be? The answer to both of these questions probably has a lot to do with MONEYYYYY. Right?

“I’m so excited for the baby,” Paris, 35, gushed to Us about becoming an aunt at FIT’s Annual Gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on Monday, May 9. “She’s going to be such a beautiful little girl, and I can’t wait to meet her.”

The reality star turned DJ gushed about what Nicky and her husband, James Rothschild, have been doing to prepare for their first child together.

“They’ve been getting the nursery ready so I’ve been going to all the baby stores,” Paris said, adding that she is thrilled to be shopping for her niece. “Now that I know it’s a girl, it’s getting easier to buy things for her. I love all the dresses I got her. There are so many beautiful dresses and little princess outfits. So I can’t wait to see her in them.”

I’m just excited to meet her! And just do aunt things,” she enthused to Us. “I’ve never been an aunt so it’ll be something very new for me, and I love babies so I can’t wait just to see her.”

(via Us Weekly)

We allll can’t wait, Paris.

The question is: what’s the little Rothschild/Hilton baby going to be named?! WEIGH IN BELOW!

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Paris Hilton Is Single Again


Paris Hilton’s back on the market, and this time…it’s for legit reasons.

Every once in a while I like to check in on Paris Hilton…she’s kind of the gauge for how celebrity has changed since I was young, and what can I say? I have some affection for her/that. Apparently, between DJ gigs Paris got herself into a pretty serious relationship with an Austrian “entrepreneur” named Thomas Gross. They were together for much of 2015, and late last year, Paris announced that she was moving to Switzerland full-time to be with Gross. In classic Paris fashion, the socialite made a big deal about it and announced the move and did this magazine cover etc. etc. etc. BUT: four months later and the whole thing is done. Paris! You’re not so lucky in love, are ya?

“They are both friends and remain close but with their busy work schedules and the long distance it just got too difficult,” sources close to the pair told Life & Style.

Paris, 35, who has built herself a global empire of fragrances estimated to be worth over $2.5 billion is an in-demand DJ traveling all over the world for her shows and running her business empire.

“Paris is very close with her family and her sister Nicky Hilton is about to have a baby. She really wants to be there for her and be an aunt. It broke her heart being so far away from family,” the insiders continued. Friends of the couple know they met in Cannes, France in 2015 and spent the summer in Ibiza together when she performed as a DJ.

“They remain close friends and care for each other but work and the distance just got in the way. She will be back in Ibiza for her DJ residency all summer and he has to be in Switzerland for his work, it’s an impossible situation,” the sources added.

(Via Life & Style)

This kind of rings…sad to me (emotions, UGH). Why? Because it’s kind of mature that she’s focusing on her own work and family, and he just can’t make it work anywhere else. And now she’s back at Coachella being Paris, the way we like her.

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