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TV TONIGHT: What to watch live, and what to DVR!

Tonight is going to be a good night of TV, so good, in fact, I may watch some of it live! I am a very impatient person, so watching TV live is actually physically painful for me. My DVR is my buddy. Sad, but true.


WATCH LIVE: Glee I’ll be watching Glee on Fox live tonight, because I can’t wait another minute for the highly anticipated Britney Spears episode! Heck yeah! Check back in tomorrow as we go over the whole show!

DVR: No Ordinary Family I’m not sure if I’m going to like this show, but it’s been getting a lot of great reviews! ABC debuts this new show, about a family with superhuman powers. Yeah, sounds hokey to me too, but slightly interesting. This fantasy show revolves around the Powells, a family that has grown apart. The father gathers his family for forced vacation, when their plane crashes (lots of planes crashing in these series premieres!) into a magical body of water in Brazil. They emerge from the water with mysterious powers. TV Guide’s Fall Preview issue: “There’s plenty to like in this muddled hybrid of family drama, supernatural adventure and slapstick comedy. It’s certainly unusual, but has a ways to go to become truly incredible. Or even exciting.”

9:00 PM

SKIP: Running Wilde at 9:30 on Fox. Yikes, that was a nightmare. It was the most un-funny show I’ve ever watched. Ever!

DVR: DWTS & Biggest Loser I say DVR Both DWTS (ABC) and Biggest Loser (NBC). You know why? I don’t watch either. DWTS makes me want to down a bottle of aspirin, and Biggest Loser is just not entertaining.


WATCH LIVE: Parenthood Parenthood (on NBC) is hands down my favorite TV drama right now. I love, love, love it! It’s going to be so good tonight as it returns for it’s third episode of the season. Woo hoo!

DVR: Teen Mom It’s just sick and wrong how addicted to this (MTV) show I am. I don’t know who I can’t stand more… Amber – or Farrah. Can you believe these women procreated? You should have a license to bear children, that’s all I have to say. And if one of you finds Caitlynn’s mom, and slaps some sense into her, I’ll buy you a twinkie.

PS: I’m gonna admit when I’m wrong. I should have started watching The Good Wife from the beginning. I know it’s a good show – from everything I’ve read. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. For one thing, I’m not a fan of CBS dramas. I prefer their reality shows, Survivor & The Amazing Race are my kind of shows.  And secondly, I’m not a huge fan of Julianna Margulies. I’ve never liked her for some reason! Even since ER, she just rubbed me the wrong way. Anyway – that premieres tonight at 10:00, so if you’re into that sort of thing – there you go!

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