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Padma Laskhmi Was Told She’d Never Have A Child Naturally

Padma Laskhmi Was Told She'd Never Have A Child Naturally

Padma Lakshmi suffered from undiagnosed endometriosis as a young girl, but it was something that people didn’t speak out about. She said, “I had to stay home several days a month from school. I missed a week of my life for 23 years. It’s embarrassing. It’s something that is deeply private and personal.”

Her symptoms included cramping, bloating, excessive bleeding and severe abdominal pain. At the age of 36, she was diagnosed with endometriosis.

It wasn’t until she was 36 that Dr. Tamer Seckin identified her symptoms as endometriosis — which occurs when the uterine lining cannot be expelled with a woman’s period and grows outside the uterus — and performed surgery to remove the excess tissue. From there, Lakshmi partnered with Dr. Seckin to found the Endometriosis Foundation of America.

She said, “I wanted to raise awareness so that no girl has to wonder what is wrong with her like I did for so many years. I was told I would never have children naturally, that I only had a ten to fifteen percent of having them in vitro. When you’re staring down the barrel of your 40th birthday and you hear that you can’t have kids because this disease went unchecked and undiagnosed for so many years, it’s devastating.”

That is why she calls the birth of her daughter, Krishna, in 2010, “a miracle.” She says, “I’m so lucky to have her. Her middle name is Thea, which means ‘gift from God.’ ”

At just 5-years-old, Lakshmi’s “miracle” is getting in on her mom’s efforts. While Lakshmi plans the upcoming April 13 Blossom Ball to benefit the EFA, Krishna is also trying to do her part.

Recently, the proud mom says, “she was separating the coins from her piggybank and she said, ‘Mommy, you can have my money for your charity.’ She knows that Mom has a charity for women with ‘tummy aches.’ She wants to help.”

Good for her for raising awareness on such a sensitive women’s issue!

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Padma Lakshmi & Richard Gere Call It Quits

Padma Lakshmi & Richard Gere Call It Quits

Padma Lakshmi and Richard Gere have called it quits following six months of dating.

The two first started seeing each other this past spring, amid Gere’s divorce from his wife of 11 years, Carey Lowell. Neither star ever acknowledged the relationship, nor were they photographed together in public, but a source told Us at the time that they were “having fun.”

“It started very recently and quietly. It’s very new,” the insider said in April. “I wouldn’t even go as far as calling them a couple. They are dating. It’s the first time Padma has dated anyone since Teddy [Forstmann, who died in 2011], and it’s something she’s been approaching very, very delicately.”

The source added: “They’re just getting to know each other. They’re just having fun.”

So far, no information has been released as to why the former couple have gone their separate ways, so we will have to see if anything comes out in the wash. Do you have any theories on their split? Leave your comments below!

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PICS: Padma Lakshmi & Her Daughter In NYC

PICS: Padma Lakshmi & Her Daughter In NYC

“Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi and her daughter Krishna Dell going for a stroll in New York City, New York on August 30, 2014. Padma was recently verbally attacked by a group of picketers while filming the upcoming season of the show in Boston.

PICS: Padma Lakshmi & Her Daughter In NYC

Krishna is adorable, isn’t she?

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Padma Lakshmi Talks About Her Fertility Struggles

Padma Lakshmi & Her Daughter Walk Through The East Village

Top Chef host and model, Padma Lakshmi, has a four year old daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell, with whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Adam Dell.  However, bearing her child wasn’t an easy task, as she had been diagnosed in 2006 with endometriosis, a uterine disorder.  Now a speaker for the MIT Center for Gynepathology Research, she speaks of her difficulties:

‘I went through five surgeries and a very painful divorce, and I was alone. And in the process of all these tests, I was told that I probably wouldn’t be able to have children. I just got so mad…  I was angry because I did have access to great healthcare. I was fortunate; I wasn’t living in a remote area of the world—[I was in] New York, LA, London. And like many women of my generation, you don’t investigate your fertility, then you don’t know until it’s too late.  I thought, How could I have gone through my life and not known about it? I thought other women should know about it.’

Lakshmi and Dell did not have an amicable parting- to the degree that Dell sued Lakshmi because she refused to put his name on the birth certificate and even told him that she hoped her then boyfriend, the late Teddy Forstmann was Krishna’s biological father.  Yikes.  Forstmann, who passed away in 2011 due to complications with brain cancer, left Krishna with a trust fund, despite the lack of official paternity.  He was a billionaire who had once dated Princess Diana.  Incidentally, Lakshmi was also once married to Salman Rushdie – author of The Satanic Verses.

The good news is that she has a healthy and beautiful daughter, despite all of her difficulties.  The romantical-side on the other hand… well let’s just hope she’s getting a handle on all of that.

Season 12 of Top Chef Boston premieres this fall.  I feel like the Voltaggio season was the peak for this show… and BTW… I love Michael Voltaggio AND his restaurant ink. in LA.

Padma Lakshmi & Her Daughter Walk Through The East Village

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