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Prints: Oscar 2016’s Biggest Enemy

88th Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 28 Feb 2016

Sure, there were some definite home runs when it came to Oscar fashion, but obviously, there are always some frocks that strike OUT.

I know all the ladies who wore these looks had the BEST intentions, but I gotta say, there are some really unbecoming prints on the red carpet this years. Aside from Heidi Klum‘s cotton candy debutant gown, the rest of these disappointing dresses (and one pant!) have a serious case of print confusion.

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Photos: People

Posted Monday, February 29th, 2016 at 7:07am
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Brie Larson Wins Best Actress, Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Best Actor And Best Picture Goes To…SPOTLIGHT!


YES. It’s true. Spotlight is the 2016 best picture, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Brie Larson took home the best actress Oscar for “Room,” while Leonardo DiCaprio took home best actor after being nominated five different times for five different movies. So those are the big acting results.  The highlight? Leo thanked everyone and said- IN PUBLIC- that climate change was real, which is news to…nobody, pretty much.

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Photo: People

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The Oscars Were A TRAIN-wreck


But in the best way.

Everybody’s wearing their TRAINING dresses…and they look fabulous. From Kerry Washington to Charlize Theron to Jennifer Lawrence to Brie Larson to Rachel McAdams, trains are the thing at this award ceremony, and not just cause it’s classic Hollywood and sexy as hell.

No, trains are good for tripping hot Michael Fassbenders and hiding an extra gift bag, but they make these actresses look BOSS.

Tell us which train you like best in the comments below!

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Alicia Vikander Wins Best Supporting Actress

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


The fan favorite, Alicia Viklander, won best supporting actress for The Danish Girl. This is her first nomination and obvi her first WIN. Here’s some of her speech:

I share this with our fabulous crew and cast. Eddie [Redmayne], thank for for being the best acting partner, I could never have done it without you, you raised my game. To my parents – thank you for giving me the belief anything can happen, even though I never would have believed this.

She won over Kate Winslet, Rooney Mara and Rachel McAdams. Was Alicia your pick? 

Photo: FameFlynet

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