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O.J. Simpson denies hooking up with Kris Jenner

O.J. Simpson denies hooking up with Kris Jenner

O.J. Simpson is squashing all of the rumors surrounding his reported paternity over Khloe Kardashian. In fact, he wants everyone to know that he never slept with Kris Jenner at all.

A former prison guard at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada who guarded O.J. Simpson is now writing a book about his experiences with the former football player. Jeffrey Felix said that he had long conversations with O.J.

He revealed, “O.J. picked me out. He ended up trusting me almost as much as Al Cowlings. He said, ‘You’re like a brother to me.'”

Make no mistake, though. Just because they have befriended one another doesn’t mean that he drank the O.J. kool-aid. He said, “He’s such a nice guy, but, come one, we know he did it.”

He revealed that O.J. has a shrine to Nicole Brown Simpson on the head of his bed.

The book is called “Guarding The Juice” and will talk about several occasions when Jeffrey protected O.J.

Page Six reports:

When O.J. cut in front of an Aryan Nation member on the cafeteria line, the neo-Nazi vowed to kill him. Felix went to the group’s leader and brokered peace.

Another time, Simpson’s two cellmates each tried to extort him for $300 a week. Felix anonymously reported the scheme, and one of the men ratted out the other, who was sent to solitary confinement.

“You can see why O.J. trusted me,” Felix said. “I kind of earned it.”

Is this something that you’re going to want to read?

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National Enquirer: O.J. Simpson Confesses To Murder

National Enquirer: O.J. Simpson Confesses To Murder

A couple of weeks ago, the “National Enquirer” claimed that O.J. Simpson contracted HIV during his time in jail from a transexual of whom he had relations. Now, the magazine claims that Simpson has finally confessed to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

We can all totally believe in some prison snitch that O.J. allegedly confessed to while incarcerated — and then ran to the Enquirer to spill the dish for some extra commissary money….

In a bombshell exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has learned the disgraced football great “came clean” to a “prison snitch.”

The “snitch” said: “O.J. believes he’s going to be dead soon and doesn’t want to go to hell.

“He was determined to get it off his chest.”

The prison insider told The ENQUIRER: “Now O.J., on his deathbed, has finally copped to the brutal slaughters of Nicole and Ron.

“He said, ‘I did it, so what!’

“O.J. added, ‘Yes, I killed the b—h – and I’d do it again if I had the chance!’”

Are you buying any of this?

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O.J. Simpson Trial Judge Says He Got What He Deserved

In a foot-in-mouth situation, the judge who was responsible for putting former NFL player  O.J. Simpson in jail recently spoke with TMZ about the accused killers karmic balance, saying that O.J. deserved to be in jail because he “killed those two people.”

The judge who put O.J. Simpson behind bars for robbing people in Vegas back in 2007 tells TMZ … she believes karma may have done in The Juice … you know, because he killed those two people.

TMZ spoke with Judge Jackie Glass — who’s set to take over for Nancy Grace on “Swift Justice” — when we brought up the Simpson case.

Clearly, Glass believes Simpson’s guilty verdict was cosmic retribution for his past sins.

Back in 2008, Glass sentenced Simpson to serve 33 years in prison for the Vegas incident … but he’s eligible for parole after 9 … unless karma really kicks in.


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Breaking News: OJ Simpson sentenced to 15 years in prison!!



O.J. Simpson was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping in a failed attempt to recover sports memorabilia from two collectibles peddlers.

There will be the possibility of parole after six years, Judge Jackie Glass said.

His co-defendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart received the same sentence.

Before the judge handed down his sentence, Simpson apologized to her and the Las Vegas court after learning he won’t be able to be freed on bail if he appeals.

Simpson appeared for his sentencing in a blue prison jumpsuit, shackles and handcuffs.

“I stand before you today sorry,” an emotional Simpson told Glass, fighting back tears. “I am apologetic to the people of Nevada. … When I came here, I came here for a wedding. I didn’t come to reclaim property.”

He said he thought he was taking advantage of an opportunity to retrieve items that were rightfully his.

“In no way did I mean to hurt anybody, to steal anything from anyone,” Simpson said. “I didn’t want anybody else’s stuff. I just wanted my own. I realize that I was stupid. I am sorry. I didn’t know that I was doing anything illegal. I thought I was retrieving property from friends. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for all of it.”


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