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Nicky Hilton Is A MOM!

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A new Hilton is BORN.

Nicky Hilton Rothschild and her husband, James Rothschild, welcomed their first child yesterday, and obvi gave it the whitest name you could imagine:  Lily Grace Victoria Rothschild. According to ET, Hilton was surrounded by family when she gave birth on Friday morning, and baby Lily weighed in at 7 and a half pounds.

The 32-year-old socialite has been ALL OVER instagram, posting very bougie pics (I made a gallery so you could feast your eyes upon them). Just two weeks ago, she shared a sweet photo taken while she was prepping her daughter’s nursery. “Preparing for the little one’s arrival,” Nicky captioned the photo that showed cradling her belly. Well…she’s HERE!

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Paris Hilton Revealed The Gender Of Nicky Hilton’s Kid!

Paris & Nicky Hilton Enjoy A Walk In NYC Together


Paris Hilton spoke to Us Weekly Video on Facebook Live about her younger sister Nicky’s pregnancy and revealed that the Hiltons will be welcoming a baby girl to the family this summer. Ah, the next generation of Hiltons. What will they do? Who will they be? The answer to both of these questions probably has a lot to do with MONEYYYYY. Right?

“I’m so excited for the baby,” Paris, 35, gushed to Us about becoming an aunt at FIT’s Annual Gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on Monday, May 9. “She’s going to be such a beautiful little girl, and I can’t wait to meet her.”

The reality star turned DJ gushed about what Nicky and her husband, James Rothschild, have been doing to prepare for their first child together.

“They’ve been getting the nursery ready so I’ve been going to all the baby stores,” Paris said, adding that she is thrilled to be shopping for her niece. “Now that I know it’s a girl, it’s getting easier to buy things for her. I love all the dresses I got her. There are so many beautiful dresses and little princess outfits. So I can’t wait to see her in them.”

I’m just excited to meet her! And just do aunt things,” she enthused to Us. “I’ve never been an aunt so it’ll be something very new for me, and I love babies so I can’t wait just to see her.”

(via Us Weekly)

We allll can’t wait, Paris.

The question is: what’s the little Rothschild/Hilton baby going to be named?! WEIGH IN BELOW!

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No Pressure, Nicky Hilton’s Womb.

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

The glorious reign of of the entitled, fame-grubbing socialite lies in the hands of fate and the walls of Nicky Hilton‘s uterus.

Listen, I don’t really mind Nicky Hilton. In fact, I don’t think it’s crazy to say that she’s the most palatable of all Hiltonry. Basically, Nicky spends her time looking surly in large peacoats around NY and doing stuffy British things with her uber-wealthy European husband James Rothchild.  Already, she’s one-upping Paris Hilton who still thinks it’s 2003 and Conrad who has mental breakdowns on the reg. Barron? Probably doesn’t exist. His wikipedia page looks fake as hell.

Anyhow, Nicky is pregnant and in her, the Hilton’s only legit hope for an heir. I’m not discounting the possibility that there are little secret Hiltons running around who in 5-10 years come out of their woodwork, their mantis-like features revealing their true genetic makeup. BUT, I am saying that Nicky’s married, her husband is dreamy and it’s just the kind of thing Kathy Hilton imagined herself when she’d be thinking of her future and doing photo shoots with Nancy Reagan. People reports:

“Nicky is very excited to become a mom,” an insider tells People. “She is feeling great!”

The pair were recently spotted browsing at Pottery Barn Kids at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Says the insider, “They’ve just begun telling close friends and family. Nicky and James are over the moon!”

How many times do you think Paris called Nicky in that Pottery Barn, hoping to be godmother? I’m gonna say 5. Also, I’m making a Hilton Rothchild baby name bracket, with “Nigel,” “Henry” and “Isabella” as my top three. You want in on this? Yeah, you want in on this.

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Nicky Hilton’s Wedding Dress REVEALED!

Bride Nicky Hilton Heads To Her Wedding!

Nicky Hilton got married today and of COURSE, the fashionista and heiress looked fabulous…

Nicky married James Rothchild at the Orangery, located within the Kensington Gardens, but though the location was magical, everyone was looking at her incredible white Valentino gown. The dress- while beautiful- is also super traditional- featuring a long train, long sleeves, a high neck and veil.

What do you think of the dress- timeless or too traditional?

Photos: FameFlynet

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