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Ellen Degeneres’ Halloween costume – hilarious or disturbing?


Elle DeGeneres let it all hang out this Halloween!  The 55-year-old talk show host dressed as Nicki Minaj, wearing the very same revealing outfit that Nicki wore on Ellen last month.

Nicki showed up wearing a little black jacket, with her breasts on full display. For Halloween, Ellen copied the look – which came complete with large fake breasts.

Joking about Minaj’s scantily clad appearance on her show last month, Ellen says: ‘Happy Halloween! Welcome to my Halloween Extravaganza! Let me start by saying, my eyes are up here.

‘This year I decided to go as something really scary – half naked. Of course I’m Nicki Minaj.

‘Nicki was on the show a few weeks ago. Her shirt was not. She took my show from a PG rating to a Double D.

‘Look how shocked she looks. She’s the one who decided to wear it.

‘I’ve got the whole look down. I even have the same shoes on. I think I do. I can’t see my feet, but I assume I do.

‘I don’t normally wear things that are this sexy. But when you’re dressed as Nicki Minaj I guess you have to. So here are my boom booms and back here is my Super Bass.

‘You know you want it… And in case you’re wondering – these are real. This is real. It’s all real….’

At first I was totally disturbed by Ellen’s costume, and now I think it’s pretty hilarious. What do you think?



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Nicki Minaj is in desperate need of attention, obviously.


Maybe Nicki Minaj is sick and tired of the fact that nobody is currently talking to her. She sees that sex is selling for Miley…. so why not?

Check out her latest Instagram pics!

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Nicki Minaj flashes some major boob – on purpose.


Nicki Minaj stepped out yesterday afternoon without a shirt on, and she meant to!

The singer stepped out in California yesterday with her boobs just hanging out. She was photographed arriving at the Ellen Degeneres show. The 30-year-old posted several pictures on her Instagram page, showing off her risque look. On the picture below she wrote “The last of the boob pics….Smile bitch!”

Nicki’s episode of Ellen will air this Friday.


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Nicki Minaj gets out of a ticket by writing a note to the officer’s daughter.

Nicki Minaj At 'American Idol' Auditions

These sorts of stories just make me sick! Next time I get pulled over – I’m going to say – “Do you KNOW who you’re talking to?? I’m Jocelyn with In Case You Didn’t Know. IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW!” See how far that gets me.

Nicki Minaj was on the verge of getting a ticket recently, when the police officer noticed who she was. Apparently by writing the cop’s daughter a note, she got out of her ticket. Her note read: “My beautiful barb Ayana! You and your mom are amazing! Love always, Nicki.”

TMZ tried to hunt down the policeman (in this case woman) who let Nicki off, but apparently they have too much on their hands to deal with something like this.


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