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PICS: Nick Nolte leaves his doctor’s office using a cane!

PICS: Nick Nolte leaves his doctor's office using a cane!

Nick Nolte emerged from his doctor’s office looking a bit worse for the wear — and using a cane! He’s 73-years-old, so it’s not much of a shock that his health appears to be fading a bit…

PICS: Nick Nolte leaves his doctor's office using a cane!

Still, it’s sad.

PICS: Nick Nolte leaves his doctor's office using a cane!

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Nick Nolte shows up to the ‘Gangster Squad’ premiere looking pickled.

Seriously, does he not look pickled by alcohol? What did he do, throw on a robe and head to the premiere? Oy vey, this guy is ONE HOT MESS!

I was going to bundle all the premiere pictures together, but then decided that Nicky needed his very own post.

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Nick Nolte checks into rehab!

According the the National Enquirer, actor Nick Nolte has checked himself into a German rehabilitation clinic to battle his drug and alcohol addiction.

Nolte reportedly checked into the exclusive Privatklinik in Dornstetten-Hallwangen on May 18th with his girlfriend, fitness trainer Clytie Lane.

Nick, 69, was given alcohol and drug counseling in a clinic in 2002 after he was arrested for driving under the influence. He later confessed he had been taking the date rape drug GHB “for four years.”

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Nick Nolte’s Malibu Home Sustains $3 Million Worth of Damage After Fire


Nick Nolte suffered from “minor smoke inhalation,” after attempting to fight a fire with a garden hose at his Malibu home Tuesday, an inspector at the L.A. County Fire Department confirms to

The actor, 67, took action after an electrical malfunction started the blaze in his home office, inspector Ron Haralson told Us. The fire department responded at 11:34 a.m., as first reported.

By 11:59 a.m., the fire had been extinguished, reps told Us.

“Mr. Nolte was treated on the scene by LA Country Fire paramedics for minor smoke inhalation and abrasions to his right forearm,” LA Country Fire Department rep Frank Garrido told Us. “He was released, and will be under the supervision of his own physician.”

“He’s fine,” added Haralson.


Haralson says Nolte’s home suffered about $1.5 million in structural damage, and $1.5 million of his personal possessions were destroyed.

“The fire had spread to the living room and kitchen area,” Garrido told Us. “There is smoke damage throughout the entire residence.”

Nolte had words of praise for those who helped him extinguish the flames.

“Mr. Nolte is grateful to the Malibu Fire Department, and Sheriff’s Department, for their quick response and assistance,” a rep for the actor told Us in a statement.

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