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Nick Hogan Became The Hackers’ First Male iCloud Victim

Nick Hogan Became The Hackers' First Male iCloud Victim

Hackers have already spread around photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and Amber Heard like it was wildfire and then they threatened to go after male celebrities. Now, we’ve learned that they have set their sights on the likes of Nick Hogan.

Hacking photos of celebrities in the buff isn’t a funny thing, but what were they thinking going after Nick? They’ve hacked some of the most gorgeous female celebrities, but they go after Nick Hogan?!? They made it sound like they would be targeting Ryan Reynolds and then came back with Pee Wee Herman. It’s not fair, really.

I didn’t Google the pictures and we won’t be sharing them with you because we’re a classy publication like that. What was disturbing about the Nick Hogan iCloud hack was that it included some sexy pictures of his mother Linda. Umm, no thank you? It’s almost as if they all wanted the attention.

What do you think?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Nick Hogan involved in another car accident!


Nick Hogan was involved in a car accident on Saturday night, according to TMZ.

The reality star reportedly had a minor accident without any injuries involved in downtown LA. Police reportedly were on the scene but did not take a report.

Nick was on his way back from a charity event for Keep It On The Track, an organization devoted to safe driving.

The reality star, who appeared with his famous father, Hulk Hogan, and the rest of his family on VH1’s “Hogan Knows Best,” spent several months in jail in 2008 on charges stemming from a 2007 car accident that left his friend John Graziano with debilitating injuries.


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Hulk Hogan’s Son Nick Released From Jail


After serving 166 days behind bars, Hulk Hogan’s son Nick Bollea was released from a Florida jail around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday.

His sister Brooke rushed up and gave him a hug as he exited Pinellas County jail.

Nick, 18, was then taken immediately to his family’s home in Clearwater, Florida, E! News reports.

He had been serving eight months in jail after pleading no contest to reckless driving charges stemming from an August 2007 crash that left his best friend, John Graziano, in critical condition.

He was released three months early due to good behavior.

Brooke blogged Monday that she couldn’t wait to see her brother again.

“I’m gonna make him every kind of food you can possibly think of!” she said. “He’s been living on bread and potatoes so far and I know some Mac-n-Cheese is gonna hit the spot!”


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Brooke Hogan’s Blog: Nick’s release from jail.


Current mood: blissful

Hey you guys…as you all know, my brothers gettin out tomorrow…I cant even tell you, as a sister, how exciting this is for me! Nick and I are like best friends…and i cant believe how long Ive gone without him…. Not seeing him for 6 months has been really really hard. He always knows how to make me feel better or make me smile when I need it, and its been tough without having him there to hug me just at the right time, or crack a joke when im havin a bad day.

There have been a lot of supporters and a lot of haters that have come up to me and said things that have helped and things that made me feel like I couldn’t make it through another day… Some people wish terrible terrible things on us and say the the most nasty comments that I can’t even repeat on here… It really hurts. I understand people have their own opinion, but most of the people that come up to us don’t know the whole story, or how much we really really love John. Its really sad, because were not bad people….were just going through a really hard time, and so is John’s family. I feel sorry for the people who are misinformed because all they have to go off of is the media, which lets just face it, is NEVER a reliable source. Even the news, when that should be the most accurate…its probably the most far off. I didn’t come on here to vent, and I know this still wont change peoples opinion or what they think about my family. But I know that you never really know, until you actually walk in someones shoes. And that goes in all directions. All I ask, is instead of making this harder, and putting evil things out there, you pray for John and for us, and leave words of inspiration. I know- like I know -like I know- John is gonna walk out of that hospital and things will be ok again. I know his strength and I know he can do it with our prayers…… To all the people who have been supportive- It has helped MORE than you will ever know. I can not thank you enough…..Please pray for my brothers safety too… this is a really tough time he has gone through and I know all he wants to do is show you, John and his family how much he cares and understands.

ok. Back to the happy stuff! …….I just can’t wait to see my Nicky! Im gonna make him every kind of food you can possibly think of! Hes been living on bread an potatoes so far and I know some mac’n’cheese is gonna hit the spot! LOL Thanks so much for listening and keep praying! Every day will be better and better and better. God bless you! Have a safe day!

Love you guys!


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