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BREAKING NEWS: RIP Natalie Cole – Dead at 65

RIP Natalie Cole - Dead at 65

We are very sad to report the death of legendary singer Natalie Cole has passed away at the age of 65-years-old at a Los Angeles hospital.

TMZ has the details:

Cole, whose hits include “This Will Be” and “Unforgettable” which she performed as a virtual duet with dad Nat King Cole — died from congestive heart failure, although we’re told the underlying medical issues were complications from a kidney transplant and Hepatitis C.

Natalie had been very sick recently, cancelling several tour dates in late December including a New Year’s Eve concert at Disney Hall in L.A. She also cancelled an upcoming February concert due to illness.

Natalie struggled with substance abuse and was plagued with health problems, suffering from liver disease in 2008. She also underwent chemo for Hepatitis C.

Natalie, who was married 3 times and has a son, was 65.

Such a shame! May she rest in peace!

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Natalie Cole feels ‘remarkable’ with her new kidney

Natalie Cole

While she does not know who donated the kidney that potentially saved her life, Natalie Cole is on the mend and “really doing well,” the Grammy-winning singer said at Thursday’s Harold Pump Foundation Gala in Beverly Hills to honor Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Bill Russell.

“It’s remarkable what a new kidney does to your life. I have no complaints … I’m pretty amazed. I have been working on my stamina.”

Cole, whose transplant surgery took place in May, says, “I just went to the doctor today. He is thrilled. I’m just really, really thankful. I’m thankful to the doctors, I’m thankful to the family that donated the kidney.”

In terms of the support she received, the Los Angeles-based Cole, 59, says, “My sisters who live in Florida, they came out, my son, oodles of friends. I got sick in New York, I wasn’t at home. I didn’t know how many good friends I had until this happened. It was beautiful. I had people come and see me everyday to see me in the hospital for 10 days.”

Having already announced a Hollywood Bowl comeback performance set for Sept. 9, Cole says, “I only wish for anyone to have to go through this, that they have a circle of friends like I did. I was very blessed.”

Was Hard to Find Match
When it came to the medical procedure, she says, “It is hard to find a match. A lot of people want to donate a kidney, but they’re not in a position to because they have health issues of their own, and a lot of people need them. That’s why the list is long and it takes a long time.

“My friend was on dialysis for six years before he got a new kidney. I was on dialysis for eight months. I’m almost not even the typical person who has kidney failure.”

Thankful as she is for the gift, Cole is prevented from knowing who donated the organ. “I don’t know who they are. I have not met them, it’s all anonymous,” Cole says.

One thing she did know, however: the family specifically requested that the organ go to Cole. “That’s what was so awesome, their family basically requested that the kidney go to me,” she says. “We are not sure how they knew.”

Would she like to meet the donor? “Absolutely, are you kidding? I would probably kiss them all over the place.”

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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Natalie Cole is beating Hepatitis

Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole is on the way to making a full recovery after a Hepatitis C diagnosis prompted her to cancel a string of recent appearances.

The Unforgettable singer, 58, was told she had the chronic liver infection earlier this year, and immediately set about trying to beat the disease.

And her efforts have paid off – she has been told she’s virus negative after responding well to treatment, and now she hopes for a full recovery.

Cole, a former alcohol and cocaine addict, credits her faith for helping her through her latest health crisis.

She tells America’s the Globe, “I am embraced by the love and support of my family and friends and I am committed to my belief in myself and in my abiding faith to meet this challenge with a heartfelt optimism and determination.”

Hepatitis C is spread by contact with infected blood. Pamela Anderson and country queen Naomi Judd have also been diagnosed with Hepatitis C.



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Singer Natalie Cole has hepatitis C.


She was diagnosed with the liver disease during a routine examination, her rep said in a statement to the Associated Press.

Doctors believe her drug use years ago played a factor. (In 1999, she told Ebony she once overdosed on heroin in a so-called “drug-den.”)

“I’ve been so fortunate to have learned so much from my past experiences,” Cole, 58, said in the statement. “I am embraced by the love and support of my family and friends.”

Although she is suffering from side effects (including fatigue, muscle aches and dehydration), her doctor said she has had a “terrific response to her medication and is now virus negative.”

“This gives her an increased chance of cure,” Dr. Graham Woolf, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA/Cedars Sinai Medical Center, said.

Said Cole: “I am committed to my belief in myself and in my abiding faith to meet this challenge with a heartfelt optimism and determination. This is how I intend to deal with this current challenge in my life.”

In February, Cole, the daughter of famed jazz musician Nat King Cole, slammed The Recording Academy for awarding Amy Winehouse five Grammys.

“It sends the wrong message, that even in the midst of her stupor of drugs she can get nominated for all these awards,” Cole said.

“I’ve been in this business over 25 years and I sacrificed five years of my own life on drugs and almost lost my life because of it,” Cole said. “So I take great offense to almost see someone getting glory out of being in the position that they’re in.”


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