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Was last night Justin Timberlake’s best performance ever?

Justin Timberlake had last night’s best performance, if you ask me. I thought his 15+ minute performance will go down as one of his best-ever! It was ridiculous. I lost count of how many songs he performed, but he NEVER missed a beat, and danced his way through the perfect set!

‘NSYNC joined him on stage, as predicted, for a very brief (and slightly awkward) reunion. The rest of ‘NSYNC obviously was hurting… they couldn’t really get it together. Justin was obviously SO much better than any of them. You could tell JC was really trying to perform to the best of his ability, but even that wasn’t very good.

After his performance, Justin accepted the well-deserved Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

The 32-year-old Timberlake led the awards show with six nominations, tied with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The singer was up for Video of the Year, Best Male Video, Best Pop Video, and Best Editing for “Mirrors,” and Best Collaboration and Best Direction for “Suit & Tie” with Jay-Z.

Both “Mirrors” and “Suit & Tie” were featured on Timberlake’s 2013 comeback album, “The 20/20 Experience.” The album performed well for Timberlake, hitting No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and getting certified platinum. He will release his follow-up to the project, “The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2″ in September.

Below watch Justin’s incredible performance!

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga makes her MTV Video Music Awards return!

Everyone is talking about Miley Cyrus this morning, and her performance pretty much trumped everyone else’s, Gaga’s included. But other stars DID perform, we’ll get to the rest in a bit.

Lady Gaga opened the ceremony last night, by performing her new single, “Applause.”

Gaga began her performance wearing a bizarre white outfit with a huge white blockhead. It sounded like she was being booed – but that could have been part of the performance. She then stripped down to an all-black ensemble, and changed wigs a handful of times.

I thought her performance was okay, but honestly, I was expecting more of a WOW moment. I thought it was a bit boring…. and after the show was over, she was eclipsed by other performers like Miley, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry.

What did you think of her performance?

Here are some new pictures of her in NYC (including two of her and Terry Richardson).

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Miley Cyrus went full skank on last night’s VMA’s!

As I was sitting there last night watching Miley Cyrus‘ VMA performance in HORROR, I thought to myself, there’s….like….something really wrong with her, right? That was hands down the worst performance I’ve EVER seen at the VMA’s. Not only was her voice a nightmare, but the “performance” she put on absolutely made me cringe. She “twerked” around on stage like a stripper with her mouth hanging out, grinding against anything that held still. She rubbed her face in the butt of a large woman. She backed up her junk and rubbed against Robin Thicke, she grabbed her crotch, she rubbed herself with a foam finger. Need I go on?

While I was watching it,   kept thinking, she should be embarrassed for herself. It was almost like she was so cracked out she forgot how to dance, so she just decided to constantly grab herself and act like a stripper.  I also thought – what is her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, thinking right now? Were they thinking the same thing as the Smith family? Check out this screenshot of their faces during her performance. Yeah, this is exactly what my face looked like the entire thing.

Is it wrong that I just want her to BITE her tongue off one of these days? Put that DAMN THING back in your mouth where it belongs!

Everyone’s talking primarily about her performance last night – and everyone seems to be on the same page. She was a HOT MESS. Everyone is saying “WTF was she thinking” this morning…

Here’s her painful performance, in case you missed it.

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MTV orders a reality series about virgins. This will end well.

MTV has ordered 12 episodes of a new docu-series that follows a group of virgins.

The untitled show will follow the lives of several abstinent young people (ages 18 to 25) who must handle their love lives, sexually active friends, and the pressures to give into temptations. During each episode, MTV will follow cast members who are “plagued with the overwhelming question of keeping their virginity… or losing it.”

The show will include messaging from MTV’s Peabody-winning “It’s Your (Sex) Life” campaign, which aims to empower young people to make better decisions about their sexual health.

I feel like MTV’s shows ruin people’s lives…. very rarely do you see someone coming from an MTV show, who has had a better life on the other side of it. Creating a show about virgins just really feels like an all-new-low…. As my mom would say, is NOTHING sacred anymore?

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