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Sasha Baron Cohen on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards!


Sasha Baron Cohen
hit the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards in his “Bruno” character, and he had us all dying of laughter. Have you seen the trailer for Bruno yet? Go here!

That’s Frankie from The Hills interviewing him.  Watch the funny video we captured of the interview!


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MTV Movie Awards: Arrivals, Part 2!


Zachary Levi (left) from NBC’s Chuck.

mtv_movie_awards_200932.jpg mtv_movie_awards_2009224.jpg

Shane Sparks from SYTYCD and Trista.

mtv_movie_awards_200927.jpg mtv_movie_awards_200928.jpg

Brett Ratner, director of Rush Hour (and much more).


JC Chasez.

mtv_movie_awards_2009228.jpg mtv_movie_awards_200935.jpg

Kings of Leon, who were AWESOME on the show! Love them!


Robert Hoffman, star of the new MTV show, Aliens in the Attic.

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MTV Movie Awards, 2009 – MTV Reality Show Stars!


Justin Bobby, from the Hills.  He was actually really personable, and admitted “No, Audrina and I are not together.”


Casey Patridge, Audrina’s sister.

mtv_movie_awards_2009229.jpg mtv_movie_awards_2009230.jpg

Rob’s cousin Drama, from MTV’s Fantasy Factory – with my sister-in-law, Trista.

mtv_movie_awards_200943.jpg mtv_movie_awards_200944.jpg

Stephanie Pratt, from The Hills.

mtv_movie_awards_2009242.jpg mtv_movie_awards_200959.jpg

Stacey & Holly Montag from The Hills.  I thought it was odd they showed up together… but whatev.


Brody Jenner from The Hills.

mtv_movie_awards_2009274.jpg mtv_movie_awards_200988.jpg

Lo Bosworth from The Hills

mtv_movie_awards_2009325.jpg mtv_movie_awards_2009324.jpg

Lauren Conrad from The Hills!

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Sorry for the delay in getting these pictures…I was out of commission all day yesterday, with flying home and whatnot.  I hope you enjoy my MTV Movie Awards pictures. I had such a great time! My spot on the red carpet was PERFECT! I got to talk to most of the Twilight cast, except for Robert Pattinson, who didn’t hit the red carpet at all!

There were several highlights – of course there was Sasha Baron Cohen, who was hilarious! I hope to have a video up of us seeing him.

Here they come!


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