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Twilight Cast at the MTV Movie Awards!


Peter Facinelli talked to us for quite a while (probably the longest out of everyone).  He was so nice, and so down to earth.  He said his wife Jennie Garth gets “more beautiful everyday” which makes you love him even more.  I think he was the friendliest, warmest person we met on the red carpet.  Love him!

Kristin Stewart (who looks like she’s in pain) Peter Facinelli, Cam Gigandet, Michael Welch, Christian Serratos, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene & Taylor Lautner. Robert Pattinson never hit the red carpet, grrrrrr!!


MTV Movie Awards: Arrivals, Part 5!


Danny McBride, from Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express.


Will Ferrell.

mtv_movie_awards_2009112.jpg mtv_movie_awards_2009303.jpg

Megan Fox


Hayden Panettiere


Leighton Meester.


Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.  So hot!

MTV Movie Awards: Arrivals, Part 4!


Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt. 

mtv_movie_awards_200995.jpg mtv_movie_awards_2009282.jpg

Sienna Miller. 


Johnathan Schaech.  Funny story about this one. His rep comes up to me, and says “Are you from Yahoo?” I said “What do I get, if I am?” She says, “Johnathan Schaech”.  So I say, “Yep, I’m from Yahoo!” She marches over to Johnathan, and brings him straight to me.  At this point, I’m not sure what the crap I’m going to say to him, so I just say something about him being nominated for an award for Best Villian.  We chit chat for a minute, I get my picture taken with him, and he moves on.


Zachary Quinto.  Zach didn’t stop  – or even look in our direction.  Some of the press was hurling names at him, but whatever.

mtv_movie_awards_2009258.jpg mtv_movie_awards_200973.jpg

Rumer Willis, in a really unfortunate dress.  When I asked if I could take her picture – she just sort of stared at me…it was a bit creepy, not gonna lie.


Mario Lopez hitting on hugging Rumer Willis.

MTV Movie Awards: Arrivals, Part 3!


My favorite, my lovely Bradley Cooper!  He was walking by us, and I screamed out “Bradley! Just one pic?” He stopped, flashed his baby blues and pearly whites, and gave us a great picture.


Billy Zane was awesome! I yelled out “Billy!” He paused, I took his picture, and then I said “I love you.” He said “Well, I love you more!” at the exact moment that second picture was taken.  He loves me. 🙂




Shawn Johnson


Ashley Tisdale, from High School Musical.

mtv_movie_awards_200984.jpg mtv_movie_awards_2009270.jpg

Anna Faris!


Miley Cyrus

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